World Troubled by Expansionism: PM Modi’s Dig at China on Diwali in Jaisalmer | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 14 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday, 14 November, arrived in Jaisalmer to spend Diwali with the Border Security Force (BSF) and the Indian Army troops deployed at the Longewala post. Taking a dig at China, he said that the world is troubled by expansionist forces.
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Video: Narendra Modi
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  • Indian army 🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏

  • Are you high quint??

  • Yahan natak mt karo sena कि pension na kaato tab hogii koi baat

  • When he wears plain clothes, people comment and when he wears sunglasses, then also people comment.

  • PM has crossed all limits of fake acting, in exchange for fame ,name, votes ,real issues like GDP, economy, health, farmers , education,are never spoken, soldiers are neglected in every way , please stop this drama and face the wrath of people of INDIA.Spitting upward will hit back to you alone.

    • What happened to education. Education has already been regulated. Don't you have knowledge about that. Have you heard of NEP

  • Sir its okay you want to celebrate with them but why are you giving speech even on Diwali??

  • FENKU !

  • Sir none of your stunts are complete without Army.

  • No matter what you hate him or like him... Trust me none could ignore him😂😂😂 He sets the bar high💮 I doubt if papu would copy him me me others too would have definately ignored papu😂 only rem papu in memes. I don't like MODI tho...I appreciate his love towards his country is far better than we have.😬 Trurth is bitter you see.

    • @Prerna Kapoor cool let's talk to your sense then. Instead of commenting here like me and call young to understand. What necessary steps have you taken in life to be that change you wanna create? w.r.t this political scenario? (aprat from commenting..we all do commenting) The perspective I have seen or experienced is highly different than you have seen or experienced regarding the politics or it's agendas. Cool. Tho I support none the parties. What I look in a person I can learn to appreciate atleast. Thus most of the comment section talks about MODI as ill and one comment on Rahul you shared your opinion. And if so your so humane, Kindly play justice for modi or rahul similarly on their ground of work basis. But if you stick to one's(rahul) discrimation. Then I guess I bring no harm standing for our PM then(well if you have observed many has opposed him in this video...please research yourself...well when you can't stand for same ...that means your PM's opposer or Rahul's bhakt..if your in both the supports or appreciater at first this comment wouldn't have affected you much and you would have quietly minded your business...your sympathy to rahul or whatever speaks...if my empathy for modi's love for his country is discrimination for rahul?lol) I hope this makes lot of sense to you too. I hope your not too young to comment me again.😂 😇

    • @Prerna Kapoor See every party has its own agendas. If bjp is hindu appeasement then congress is muslim appeasement. That's why in Maha they are planning to give reservation for muslims. This is total bullshit. Muslimss aren't minority. They are the second larget majority

    • Atul, I can't speak anything about papu because that's mean but Prerna Mam state say bjp is ill. Her opinion counts. She is fighing for justice in comments section. Respect her man. Chill😊

    • @Prerna Kapoor What problem you have with Hindutva?? Following hindutva and loves towards Hindu doesn't mean that they hate muslims. Even in bjp there are muslims. Everyone can follow according to their mindset. They are Hindu so they follow that. And same like Owaisi is a muslims so he follow Islam. What's wrong in that.

    • Good prerna...its affects you much. I pray you bring the change. All the best girl 😊

  • Naxalite is the future of India.

  • Why leftist have that much hatred for pm modi. Also in this speech he don't say anything wrong. If we want to criticize then it should be constructive not destructive.

  • He is ashamed to change as many as costumes being utterly failed PM

  • Anyone on how much his designer sunglasses are worth 😎?

  • Tirchi topi wale... babu bhole bale....pucca hero hiralal lagriya hai.

  • Itna saal diwali nahi manaya kya?

  • Is admi ko pakka pata he ke logoko chutiya kaise banaya jata he....😂

    • tera to ban gya

  • dislikes are for modi or quint?

  • NaMo❤️.. LEADER 🙌

  • nutanki baaz...........................feku

    • @Vineet Mittal tera baap lagta hai

    • Hmmm" jali na jali" 💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • Nikal laudey

  • Swag👌

  • Dugal Sahab 😂😂😂

  • PM modi is the best. JAI HIND🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Baki sab fekna Chhod vir saputo ko one rank one pension dede agar itni hi mohabbat h inse

  • Yaha pe gareeb logo se leke middleclass mar rahe hai due to unemployment. And is ko sirf soilders soilders ki pafi hai. Sirf dusro ko dikhana hai.

  • Looks like a B grade 70s African safari movie actor .....

    • Hmmm" jali na jali" 💥💥💥💥💥💥 bangali baba bh*sdk

    • 👍

    • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Thali bja k corona bhga dia to chinese army ko b bhaga do thali bja k plz

    • Chutiye thaali bajaya tha appreciate karne ke liye frontline warriors ko

    • That thali thing was to appreciate and praise the frontline workers who rendered service to us in the hard vividh times ..

    • @Rishit Bhagat bhai to tu bja na thali tko mana kon kr rha h mra comment pad to sahi dubara se m thali bjane ko hi to bol rha hu

    • Agar thali bja k b na bhage to jumle h jhooth h lambi lambi fekne ki practice b h usi se kaam chla lna

    • @Rishit Bhagat we will tu ek aadmi h chutiye sirf apni baat kar

  • Modi asked his PR team. What next. Can I dress up like soldier and speak the lies as usual. What is the cost of his clothing??

  • First give soldiers proper food, clothing and pension. Then talk.

    • @Mindvoice Lol where were you when army killed 40+ Chinese soldiers and captured various mountains. 😂😂

    • @Upmanyu Dubey is this government respecting other faiths. Border control bullshit. China killed 20 of our soldiers and all this government did was to ban the apps...hahah...

    • @Mindvoice Lol idiot where Ram Mandir came in this.😂 Building Ram Mandir is associated with faiths of many hindus. We remember our struggle for 500 years. Don't you dare to call Ram Mandir an unneccessary waste of money. The parliament? Supreme court better knows about this issue. You can take the matter to supreme court. No one is stopping you. And you've to accept that this Govt is far better than other govts in terms of border area development .

    • @Upmanyu Dubey yes building ram mandir, a statue for 3000 crores and an unnecessary parliament ...have u seen even one AIIMS hospital being opened?? Border control bullshit. 30 soldiers died in pulwama and 25 soldiers in ladhak..

    • Lol for your kind information this is the only govt which is taking interest in border area development and infrastructure development. 😂

  • Look at number of dislikes.. i wonder how BJP is winning elections.. Andh bhakthi ki jai ho 😁😄😁😆

    • Yeh koi neutral channel thodi hai. Aur yeh channel India ko thodi represent karta hai. Yeh chamchon ka channel hai. Koi bhakt ka channel dekhega toh likes jyada dikhenge

    • @Rishit Bhagat Rofl 😅🤣😅🤣

    • @Rishit Bhagat jaane de bhai jab inssaan ko criticise karne ke bajaaye usse nafrat karne lage koi to yehi sab bolenge naa.Yehi Refugee ek din kabil bankaar inke ghar ghuse danda karenge tab akal aayegi

    • MRslow is available worldwide my Prend DoLund...Andh bhakts and BJP guys talk only about Hindu-Muslim, Pakistan, CAA, blah blah blah.. True Andhbhakts.. Gaandus ki jai ho

    • Same utube is available to people in Pakistan also . Its not just for Indians

  • Dislike=??????kon he ye log?? Kaha se aate he ye????pakka hindustani to nahi hi hoga. Bharat Mata ki jay HAPPY DIWALI

  • modi ji bsf crpf itbp crpf asam rifle ki pension lagu karke unko bhi deepawali ki subhkamnaye dijiye

  • Fancy dress First prize holder🏆. He has prepared a nice speech also.

  • 🙂🙏

  • But chamha ' ll say Rahul Gandhi (Pappu international wale) is best .

  • And the best actor forgets the people of the hour - doctors and frontline workers.

    • @Atul Shetty I didn’t bang plates,nor light candles. No disease has ever gone with symbolism. The best thing you could do for doctors and frontline workers,is wear a mask OVER your nose as well and reduce their work load.

    • Accha aur jab unke liye thaali bajaya tha tab tum hii log the na jo keh reh the kii isse kya corona chala jayega. Don't be a hypocrite

    • @Happy Me he is after all just a normal human. Flawed like the rest of us,but during a pandemic he can mention the police and not the doctors......

    • Perfect. Was also thinking that had he gone to doctors then we could have blamed that he forgot soldiers who died before Diwali. We always have something to pass blame on him. We are suffering from self affirming bias.

  • Stop using army for your own benefit. We hate you Mr. Modi. Your version of India sucks.

  • Ek number ki nautanki

    • bechara pappu to nautanki bhi ni kr pata

  • Mithai to dur ek roti ka tukda unke ghar me nahi hai 😭

  • My God!!! His looks.... *Truely Amazing*

    • He looks stupid

  • Kitne log bhuke pet Diwali manarahe unke chehare q dikhai nahi derahe

    • Kathmulli

  • Feku

  • 😠

  • Our PM loves dress rehearsal 🙏🏽

    • @Pralay Kayal this is it, I can get that dress without being a PM !!! However it takes something to be a LEADER , a PM, a STATESMAN !

    • Be PM then you could get that dress too

  • Pension cutega

  • Muslims aur Liberals ki gaand jalte hue dekhna hain toh comment section mein dekho 😂👇🏽

  • Aur jitna bolna hai bol lo Kyunki ab to normal media ke saath social ko bhi ya to khareed raha hai ya band karva raha hai

  • Tabhi modi ne CSD band karne ka faisla liya hai Kitna नाटकबाज है ये चायवाला बैकचीद

    • That was only during lockdown due to Covid .

  • Dei Thaadivaaya Baad Fraud Ingotha....Tamilnadu pakkam vandha....saavadipen da

  • Woh! Kay PR hai

    • PR tho Obama Karena kal hi, international level pe🤣🤣🤣

  • Narendra chutiyadas modi

  • Nonsense impression that our dear PM is daring China. In that case, he should have celebrated Diwali with soldiers at Ladakh- China border

    • @Vivek Ghosh ya sure 😂😂 waiting 😎

    • @MC Your DAD how bout your mom?????? She must be ashamed by you for commenting on others mom

    • @MC Your DAD your comments tell a lot about your mom

    • @MC Your DAD Do you talk like this only to others mom or...? Don't do that. We can fight as comments but don't bring parents.

  • Kuch kaam nahi h is lendi ko bkchodi krne pahuch jata h waha bs

    • @Honesty moto tu gb road k kothe pe jake nach

    • @C P Sure, aur thoo bar mein nach

    • @Honesty moto tu jake pakode bech yr mudi ne yahi sikhaya h tko....baki khali jumlo se likes se pet bhar jata h to jumle to mil hi rhe h likes mjse b lele

    • @Rathod Mahendra mjse bol rha h to bhai haan jal gyi aake chat le aa

    • @C P Padayi sirf maa baap pe jaana sikhaya tujhe.

  • This year doctors and frontline workers should have been included in your celebration 😎

    • @mosarrat parveen mujhe sunne mein aaya hai ki soldiers ke salary ko aadha kar diya hai... Kya ye sach hai??

    • @MC Your DAD u did not hear the speech..he has included everyone in his speech

    • kuch mann ki baat sunn bhi liya karo jwano or farmer ki saly kyo inki salry nahi barahty my uncle is in bsf unki halt itni khrab hai.

    • @Prithvi Rana 9 baje doya baja liya aur 5 baje taali bajakar hum unko thank kar rahe hai kya? Bas itna hi kya unke liye jinhone itna ehnat kiya hai ye saal?

    • @Prithvi Rana you are r++ndi😂😂😂

  • Best actor‼️😂

    • And you......nothing 😂

    • chatail

    • Oscar se b bada award milna chaie

    • @Honesty moto thanks mate.

  • please make a video on the ongoing steps by the it ministry regarding online content management, wont it be the things what china had been doing and now we r doing the same

    • It should be regulated. These web series makers openly disrespect Army and show nudity and all

    • It will be done under the inspection of SC. We don't need Quint's survey