Why Did Bombay HC Reject Arnab Goswami's Interim Bail Plea? | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 9 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
The Bombay High Court rejected Arnab's requests for interim bail following his arrest in a 2018 abetment of suicide case. Here's why the Republic editor-in-chief will have to remain in jail for at least a few more days, till the regular procedure for bail is followed.
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  • How can you able to lie so blatantly....

  • Rhea should be in jail for being lover of Sushant. And Arnab should be released even after having his name in suicidal note .... welcome to BHAJPA BHARAR 🙏🙏🙏

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  • Where is the news on the release since he was granted by supreme court.

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  • I would be happier if arnab was tried on grounds of unconstitutional media trials rather than contractual infringement. Abbettment to suicide is very very hard to prove in court.

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  • The way Arnab Goswami bail plea got heard the very next day when he filed for bail speaks a lot.

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  • Really ? He will have to remain in jail ??

  • After the judgement of supreme court, you must have deleted this video. You are not above the supreme court

    • This video is supporting rights of journalists 👍

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  • Dear quint,now make a video on why Supereme Court granted bail to Arnab.

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  • Bhai tum jo b ho, jitni badiya tarah se High Court wala reason explain kiya hai, please do the same analysis on Supreme Court views on Arnab Goswami case. Thanks!

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  • There are two more partied in that case...what hppnd to those parties... Why are they not arrested. ..the victim has mentioned all three parties.. In fact one party owes more than five crores. .other two including republic...owes around 80 lacs ... Wondering when the other two parties will be arrested....

  • SC is unhappy that HCs, which are constitutional courts, are not doing enough in matters where personal liberty is denied…,” Justice D Y Chandrachud said. “If this court were not to interfere today, we are travelling on a path of destruction of personal liberty undeniably…Is this is what our state governments will do to those who have to be nailed…? Don’t watch the channel of you don’t like… Left to myself I will not watch… If state govt’s target individuals in this manner, let’s send out a message that SC is there,” he added.

  • Bombay High Court...the same court which indirectly stated that it was a "Ghost" driving Selmon's car in the Hit & Run case. 🤐

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  • Supreme Court On Arnab Goswami Bail. "I Don't Watch His Channel But..." Justice served by HC to all the people this coward abused and ridiculed, Rhea was more courageous. Thank you HC. Democracy is very alive in India.

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  • im not a modi bhakt but lmao somany pseudo intellects in d comment section. arnab was illegally arrested and supreme court has given him justice cool banne ke lie anti arnab agenda is very easy anyways arnab is free now so suck it

  • Bastard Arnab is reaping what he sowed.... Liar, big mouth and a wasted soul.... Let him stay in a rabbit hole for a while. Let Truth triumphs...

  • अर्नब गोस्वामी माफी मांग लो और बाहर आ जाओ जिस पार्टी के तुम मैंबर हो उसके बड़े बड़े नेता यही करते रहे हैं।

  • Hahaha ppl making fun of bhakts n arnab. Supreme court judgement says, agar vichar dhara na mile, to woh channel na dekhe. All of us very well know that the purpose of arnab s arrest was not the suicide case,it was that libetards n journalist like in quint hate him. So let's put aside the facade of the suicide case. For those who r being happy about Rhea, yes u should be happy, she didn't go to jail for suicide case, she hasn't even been called much for suicide case. She went in drugs case , so ur comparison is somewhat not valid. Anyways for quint, din sabke ate hai.

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  • Now the bail is granted... I hope you quote that as factually correct as this

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  • People those who are rejoicing Arnab G’s arrest don’t give a shit what he did to get in the soup, they are just happy because he is arrested.

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  • Media profession is one of the most responsible one in the world. And the irresponsible and corrupt media guys are one of the most silent criminals who destroy a society to a great extend.

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  • This is the political battle between BJP and ShivSena, why we give this much importance to this guy, there are lots of good people lost their life for Right Journalism....

    • Apni apni choice hain. We choose whom we give importance.

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  • But the suicide note was fabricated. It was not proven that the suicide note actually belongs to the deceased. Mumbai police constantly trying to frame Arnab for quite some time. That suicide note is pretty fabricated. Arnab don't look after financial things this case won't stand but all that Mumbai police want is torture Arnab and break his confidence. Remember Mumbai police and Chutiyas Udhav and Bugs bunny Aditya Thackery when Arnab comes out he will me more deadly. You can't break him.

  • Even if Mumbai Police is successful in providing enough proof to proove Arnab's crime he'll definitely be saved soon.

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  • He must be in jail at least for one year. Then only his arrogant voice may come down.

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  • He has reached supreme court, he will get bail from there, govt won't abandon it's fav dog

  • Questions I have. 1. Why did the police who arrested Arnab lie about the case being Reopened by the court? As per magistrate, the courts did not reopen the case. (Shouldn't lying under oath be punishable?) 2. Those who do not like Arnab, that's fine. But a man asking to be able to take his medicine and call his lawyer is within his rights. It was anyways termed an illegal arrest by the magistrate. (Those comparing it to Rhea C. She has a whole police escort, and received a summons. If they would have sent a summons, Arnab would have showed up in court. He has been nothing but cooperative with the police in the past 3 months) 3. Why was Mrs. Kumud Naik murdered. She was found strangulated on the bed, whereas Mr. Naik was found hanging. Police registered it as Accidental death, and homicide. So who killed her and why? And if the son killed her , why would he kill his own mother? 4. The alleged suicide note was not signed by Mrs. Kumud Naik, neither she wrote one herself. It did not even contain any last words to his wife or daughter. Which I find strange, having viewed over 1000 such Homicide-Suicide cases. 5. Mr. Naiks company was in debt of 19.6 crores. How did they reach that much debt? Even with Arnab's 83 lakhs they would still have 18.8 crores of debt. (Arnab has paid 90 Percent of the 83 lakhs. ) 6. In 2019, why couldn't the prosecution prove he did not pay ? 7. In media interviews, given by mother and daughter, they only focus on Arnab, even though other two accused owed 4.5 crores. They can be seen assigning sole blame to Arnab. If they were truly fighting for justice , wouldn't she be mentioning all 3 accused names? She seems to be preoccupied with Arnab and republic in all interviews. 8. I'm not one to judge, but the social media pictures doing the rounds, do paint a different story. Not one of a grieving widow. And the caption , " Just so happy , just so comfortable." within a year of your dad and grandma passing just doesn't sit right. But to each their own speed of healing. 9. I have been hearing that Mrs. Naik remarried within a few months of her husband passing. Can anyone clarify if this is true or not ? (If this is true, defense can definitely use this against her. Doesn't paint the picture of a grieving widow, to be able to marry so quickly.) 10. With so much debt to pay off ie 19.6 crores. How did mother and daughter start a new company so quickly?

  • Arnab may or may not be guilty of the abetment to suicide but his problem is he suffers from a disorder called verbal diarrhoea. Once he sorts that out he might actually be a good journalist.