US Elections | Smooth Transition To Second Trump Administration: US State Secy Mike Pomeo

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 10 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
The Quint's 360-degree coverage of the 2020 US Presidential Elections
US Secretary of State Mike Pomepo promised that there will be a "smooth transition of power" to a second Trump administration at a press conference, insisting that Donald Trump would be inaugurated again despite Joe Biden's victory.
Video: C-SPAN
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  • Pompeo is doing what US tried to do in Venezuela and Bolivia elections. He has come home to roost. Biden can exile in Argentina. A vacancy had recently became available.

  • We need a freedom from religion for sure!

  • Wait... modi 'll do the same.

  • This man Pompeo is a total Rubbish,sick and stupid; thats how we outside America see him in this his speech. He would always move from one country to another hypocritically preaching free and fair elections, Democracy and power transition to elected official; this is what he has been claiming to teach other countries and their leaders. But now America needs that his hypocritically preaching of good governance and power transition' and he is here talking rubbish......silly disgusting people ......What a shame to America !!!!!

  • Sastey nashe karke bak raha hain bewakoof....


  • trump won the election fairly , joe biden is trying to steal it from trump trump will not let this happen !!!

  • Dekhlo saste nashe karneka natija. Like are they delusional? They are just trying to create more and more difficulties for BIDEN administration to take over. God help America

  • We dont accept Biden as President. Trump once again.

    • @Arun Kumar lol it was a pun if you did not get it, but when I checked your profile and written utterance I can very well see that 😆. By the way, I am not intended to go against you. It was just that if we could show the same secular feeling today( which we kinda follow but only in paper, books and ya in the preamble only ). No pun intended 🙂

    • @Nithish S Reddy I know better than you.

    • @Rudrangshu I believe Akash lived in States for more than a decade, to understand how their Government works 😆. Come-on how dare you talk about him 🤣🤣. I mostly believe he doesn't even know how they elect a president.

    • Youre not even American ffs 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Arey BSDK, tera Boss HAARGAYA, tohfa kubul karle.

  • Those who don't know how us presidential election works, the total number of votes doesn't count as much as the total number of states does, this is what happened last time when Hillary got the most no. of votes but still lost because Trump won the most number of states majority, the history it seems is repeating itself. Still cannot tell if this news is true if it is then its unbelievable.

    • Tnx for that.

  • Anyone please I'm confused after reading description, is Trump going to be President again?

    • @younome Tnx

    • Seems like it.

  • Hitler and Mussolini wasn't defeated in elections.

    • Even stalin and Mao weren't.

  • *Feel Sorry for US ppl coz they had to vote Biden (power hungry wolf) to keep trump out* OUT OF THE FRYING PAN INTO THE FIRE 😂😂😂😂

    • OK..Did Jesus go from return...?

  • They know they lost just want to make it as painfull for the Dems as humanly possible. Dont be surprised if they go to court and lose then appeal till the end of times.But this will be bad for an already deeply divided nation.

  • The great American political circus !!

  • " eiii kiya ho riya haiiii ???? "

  • What the hell

  • First of all, Biden is technically NOT the winner of the Election, Media does not decide who won the Election, the state does that.

    • @Abidur Reza Choudhury abid what are trying to say?

    • Oh c'mon... We knew it except for Fox News

    • @Abidur Reza Choudhury abid dude, you know nothing if you actually believe that to be a fact.

    • American media is unlike Indian media.... So chill bruh

    • @s Y no probs

  • I wanna smoke whatever he's smoking.

    • Copium

    • 😂🤣

  • Freedom must have limitations. I hope you will understand it. "sifr software" मोबाइल ऐप, अकाउंटिंग सॉफ्टवेयर, इआरपी (ERP) के लिए बेहतरीन कंपनी।

  • Disgusting Pompeo.

  • Hey Joe be ready to be Biden goodbye....sooooon!

    • So has fraud taken place for sure? It's America isn't? Can't understand what's going on. Can you put it in simple words? I couldn't understand the complete accent.

  • Are you comedy me??? 🤣

  • Now this is going to be crazy..

  • Let the Civil war begin 💥

    • @s Y America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedom it will be because we will destroy ourselves. - Abraham Lincoln

    • @s Y America has a history with a lot of civil wars. There were many states who didn't want to be part of there country but after many wars. It was joined together so that's the reason they are called United States of America. This incident can create a war like situation because their country has a problem with gun violence and now they have found a reason to exploit it again. If Trump does all these antics and will not leave the White house his supporters will grow even more cocky and start a shootout. These people have alot of automatic guns, snipers, pistols, grenade, some even have military tanks. Looking back at the long history of wars it's possible we can see a civil war breakout. There are even extremist organizations like Antifa, proud boys, kkk which have created chaos in the past across USA.

    • Why war? What for? Please elaborate

  • I think Pompeo also lost his temper after election results 😂

  • What does he mean?

  • Are they drunk or something ?? Imagine being the president of a superpower , but yet get mocked by everyone sensible ( even on tv and talk shows )

  • WTF is happening!?

  • So what does this mean, This election was for nothing!?? Trump is going to go against public opinion??

    • @Lal sagar Nah!

    • @Cam my Was Fox news your main source?

    • @Vegeta and Slaine I know because I check a lot of other sources beside mainstream n3ws outlets

    • @Cam my ohh...and how do you know about that??

    • @Cam my fool people,from where you even get your brains heads out..