Urdu Poetry & Lessons in Courage: Here Are Some Acts Of ‘Hausla’ | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 13 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
It's the strength of one's courage that makes one glow. But how and where to find strength in the depths of emotional suffering? In this episode of Urdunama, we go back to poets like Faiz, Iqbal, Moradabadi, and others who are telling us a few ways to keep 'hausla'. Listen to the podcast here: bit.ly/3eG9psB
Urdunama: Tune in for some ashaar which are telling us to just grab some ‘hausla’ and be ‘bold and beautiful’. Listen to the podcast here: bit.ly/3eG9psB
#Urdu. #LearningUrdu.
Video: The Quint
Music: BMG
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  • I love this episode, good work urdu mama, I always learn something new here thanks :)

  • Please pronounce junoon not junoo(n) in this instance. The end n sound must be clear

  • First time you use the word which is useful in life and use in day to day base

  • 11:56 of motivation This was episode 35 on Spotify Thank you quint Must watch 💝

  • Promote karna hain toh South ke languages hain yeh Urdu kis kaam ki ? Isse aur Terrorism badhega

  • Urdu is the wholesome language. The queen of languages.

    • @Kashi Nath bcoz u people only flaunt on urdu nd dont see d value of real Indian classical nd rich Languages like *Kashmiri,Sanskrit,Odia,Telegu* . Bcoz of Urdu d so called Hindi is becoming more hard for us non-Hindians bcoz we use more pure sanskrit/Prakrit words. D setting up of Hindi language as d national language was d biggest blunder nd still we r suffering. I hate use of Arabic word in Hindi though I have not much problem with Persian words bcoz there r still many cognates with sanskrit like *Hafta-Sapta* (7), *Bazu-Bahu* (arm), *Zani-Jani* (woman,wife,female), *Hazahra-Sahasra* (1000) nd many others. Bcoz Iranian languages nd Sanskrit language have common origin

    • @Rtam卐 On what basis ? Do you know farsi, odiya and tamil at the same time ? You are violently commenting on everyone's comments. You need to chill and relax

    • @Vinnaikummar Vinnai Telegu is d highest sanskritised dravidian language. Nd also d Proto-dravidians were also migrants like d aryas. They r actually d Neolithic Iranian farmers nd it is already proved they r migrants from Iranian pleatue from Zagros mountain nd Elam. Nd about a year back already facial reconstruction was done of IVC nd it was found d race was Caucasoid race but dark skinned. Though d Indus Valley civilisation was a mix population of Neolithic Iranian farmers(majorly)+ Australoid hunter-gatherers(minority).

    • @Rtam卐 telugu tamil malayalam also.....!!! These r indigenous language

    • Kashmiri,Farsi,Sanskrit,Tamil,Odia r far better

  • Promote languages like tamil and kannada which are oldest

    • @Vinnaikummar Vinnai same odia,Prakrit,Pali r also Indo-aryan languages

    • Tamil and kannada r indigenous of this land

    • @Vivek Ghosh we won't promote sanskrit a Iran language in India

  • Love your voice

  • Beautiful

  • Quint se naam change karke, Quint-e-azam rakhlo

    • @Prithvi Rana Get well soon and get some burnol. 😂😂😂😂

    • @Aqheeb Pasha Emmanuel Macron ke time bhi aise hi bhok rahe thhe tum log, aur aaj usse naam par randi rone kar rahe ho 😂

    • @Prithvi Rana Aur Jo haal hi k USA k results they na...usi tarha tumhara nana Narendea Godi bhi chale jayenge.. Phir kehte aur ghoomte rehne.. Godi Modi..Modi Godi. Karke...😂😂😂😂

    • @Aqheeb Pasha che Zyev sambhaal chu karaan😒

    • @Prithvi Rana Tu hamari chinta chor beta...dont teach your father, how to make babies...😂😂😂 burnol....

  • Bohat Pyari Awaz hai keep it up

  • Promote Kashmiri language plz it is far richer than urdu nd unique one

    • @UC0kynrG96okx711Fg39FwTw bhai mein bhi wohi bol raha hu.....!!!

    • @Rtam卐 mein toh dmk ka hu toh tu BJP ka hain kya....!!!

    • @Prithvi RanaMe isiliye bola kyuki Kashmiri language is very unique nd retained many vedic sanskrit features which lost in other Indo-aryan languages be it Hindi,Punjabi,Bengali. Or ye jo Vinnaikumar ye ek DMK it cell hai. Iska Sanskrit wala comment se pata chalta hai.

    • @Vinnaikummar Vinnai che zyev sambhaal chuu karaan😒😒

    • @Vinnaikummar Vinnai Agar tujhe Manuwadio se itna problem hain toh religion change karle na Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist bann jaa. Yeh manuwadi ka randi rona kyu ?


  • 🙏😊👌 Kindly post even some Shlokas.

  • MashaAllah.... Behtareen

  • I love❤ ur poem.......!!!!!

  • Bohot khub!!

  • Mere zunu ka natija zaroor nikleha Isi siyah samandar se noor niklega! 👌👌👌

  • gajabb ❤