Uphold Arnab Goswami’s Personal Liberty: Then, Uphold It For All | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 17 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
The Supreme Court upheld the personal liberty of Arnab Goswami and granted him bail, but did he get preferential treatment? What justified his out-of-turn bail hearing? When UAPA is used to deny the personal liberty of Sudha Bharadwaj, Siddique Kappan, Devangana Kalita and many others, we must ask: Why is Arnab’s ‘personal liberty’ more precious than that of other citizens?
Video: The Quint
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#ArnabGoswami #FreedomOfSpeech #PressFreedom #SupremeCourtofIndia
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  • Arnoob 🙃🙂

  • Arnab Goswami is the only person in india who is fighting for innocent people. Standing up for His people his Nation. Speaking on be half of the voiceless , victim of many big ploticians , bollywood mafia etc etc... We the people of india , Respect Arnab Goswami. We public know that its the strategy of the culprit against sir Arnab. Better stop it. Stop being the puppets of bollywood mafia.

  • Bhai AAP bahut stressed ho rahe ho. Relax have a drink and go to bed.

  • Amazing video. A thousand like👏👏👏

  • Arnab Goswami chutiya hai....bewada hai

  • I guess if a quint journalist was arrested the same way that loudspeaker arnab was quint will oppose of giving bail to their journalists within 7days😂😂

  • Lol. Where are the facts to clarify that Sudha Bardwaj was doing activities against Indian sovereignty? And defending PChidambaram. Did I hear that ?

  • "kya bura hai kya bhala hai, waqt hi shayad khuda hai".

  • It seems like Arnab is currently being portrayed as mega villain while he is actually controlled by others.

  • Thanq for being truthful always! I agree....The media is adding to lawlessness through influence. The law should be the same for all.

  • If supreme court is under BJP -RSS Then I will vote bjp again and again 😅😅

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  • Kuch toh baat hai Arnab mein. Reminded me of the song “Char jan jab karenge teri buraayi, tab samajh jana ki tu beta macharaha hai tabahi” 😂

  • Modi hai toh mumkin hai.

  • You mean to say it was right decision of Mumbai police to arrest someone without sending summon? Is it Ok to bring 40 police officers to arrest one person without sending summon? Stop making biased video and posting biased articals. All news publishes by quint are always biased

  • .....................BJP............. ! !--------------------!--------------! S.C E.C POLICE

  • In the same way, many other channels have degraded many people , who side with BJP. Do not compare apples and oranges. Sudha Bharadwaj's case is different as police found links with Maoists in papers found during the investigation of Bhima-Koregaon case. The sequence of events is being blinded by this channel. Delhi riots cases are different. The same thing is when SC doors were knocked during Afzal Gurus's hanging and Yakub menon's hanging. If the evidence is shared, again the media will start destroying the credibility of the evidence.

  • This guy is professional rival of Arnab. This guy is spoon folding his arguments, like Arnab this guy is no saint

  • 😔Supreme Court never fails to dissappoint!

  • Ask burka

  • , Shame on you Arnab is great compared to Tukde people. Arnab is a very excellent patriot.

  • Good job,,, Why these people are not suing Arnab?

  • It's simple if anybody raise their voice against the maharashtra government they will be crushed just like kangana and arnab, what do you have to say bout that. Arnab goswami ofcrse does some things to gain trp but boy he's good at what he does even working in times now earlier where he cracked so many scams that uve ever heard of and also covered so many stories without any intention of gaining trp. Today just because of him even politician are scared to say or do lot of things which earlier they didn't even cared about. And where supreme Court is concerned harish salve fought his case who charged just a penny to fight case for kulbhusan.. Remember.?! And you know who fought the case against maharashtra gov.. Kapil sibbal.. As usual.. Congressman..! He was released in bail because his case was forcefully reopened which was anyway closed by the police.. It's OK to be jealous because you don't have the balls to be arnab..literally I'm not an arnab fan but he's goddamn better than you guys.

  • Ye itna tension me kyu hain...

  • Leftists keep on Modi will remain in power

  • Now Bengal is better for you because bjp workers are going to be killed their day by day. So their constitution is safe. It should apply in whole india. Keep on due to you only Modi is PM because you did nothing only hated bjp and Narendra Modi.

  • So for you law is that when court was opened at 12 am night for a Terrarist.

  • so now you're going to brainwash the people. how much money did u take for this .

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  • You can't explain people the fact because no one want to listen to it..they just want a person shouting and spreading fake news or any thing that doesn't matter to us at all 9 o'clock and calling himself a journalist..

  • UAPA ek Aisa Kanoon hai jisme police Bina saboot ke saalo tak kisi bhi vyakti Ko jail me rakh Sakti hai, iski istemal Modi ji aur BJP sarkar bakhoobi kar rahe hai

  • When u speak about free speech then shouldn't u journalist supported Arnab when he was arrested? Shouldn't free speech then be same for all. U question courts? I question u? U didn't support Arnab bcoz u don't like him, if u have guts say it on our face. Don't need to present urself as the morally right here. Ur heading applied to u too so before preaching can u also practice.

  • Ye desh bik chuka hai

  • Why it has so less views?

    • We don't have any future

    • Kyunki is desh Ka to Kuch Nahi ho wala hai

  • India mai sabke liye different laws hai according to their wealth 👍

  • Because he is a puppy of the centre!! ...

  • Arnuv Dalal hai

  • BJP pet dog =arnwab,

  • हवा में फड़फड़ा रहा था भारत का नक्शा, गाय ने गोबर कर दिया।

  • Sanghi court of India

  • This is damn alarming and scary at the same time

  • Goswami back to spewing venom on his show

  • Excellent

  • Farzi govt hain.....gunda gardi hain..... this govt is a big failure.

  • Difficult questions raised well done 👍🏽 quint

  • Now you'll compare a journalist to anti-national gangs like Tukde-Tukde smh? Had this been done to an NDTV journalist, then you would have made a huge hue and cry about democracy being in danger in India. According to left media houses freedom of speech is one way, isn't it? What about the time when journalists like Ravish Kumar, Barkha Dutt, Arfa Khanum Sherwani, Rajdeep Sardesai, etc spread false information and spew bitterness for one religious group 24x7. These pseudo-liberals have shown their true colors after Arnab's arrest.

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  • Quint should enter the mainstream media journalism.

  • Supreme Court is SAFFRON COURT now

  • I like and agree your all point sir.

  • What is going on in our country. No job, no growth, no development, no peace. Now Bangladesh smile to see Indian GDP. We are 125 million , Our Media please , let's tolk about our development.

  • Because Advocates who you are referring or interviewed for this video take huge amount of money to turn mountain of lies upside down... And P chidambaram is accused of fraud, can you prove the money he and his son have are legally earned ??

  • Such logics would make any wrongdoing as justified 😂😠 What Arnab did and what others do???? their difference of INTENT 😠

  • Tu kya India ke bhar ka hai kya .

  • He deserves every bit of this!!!!

  • Will they have spoken in the same tone and tenor for sadhvi pragya and Col purohit...never ever.

  • Bjp rule is more dangerous than Britishers and mughals.... They not only spoiling name of Hinduism but also murdering India.

  • Arnab gooswami futuristic PM of India.

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  • Eng speaking aur diplomatic way se kese country ko down grade dikhana vo Quint ,The Wire, krta hai !! chahe Army ko rapist bolke yaa terrorist ko bhatka hua naujawan.. JNU tukde tukde gang is spreading like terrorist - who spread terror "Bharat tere tukde honge.." vo inke liye innocent "bichare" !!!

  • Not supportinh anyone but quint himself is biased towards other religions execpt hinduism

  • In a land of 130 crore people if every case was fair and fine, India would be utopia. Obviously it is not. But, in Arnab's case, it is apparent to the meanest intelligence that state machinery was used to carry out a witch hunt to spite those in power. It still is being used. In TRP case, where there is no mention of Republic, CP goes on air declaring its criminal involvement. And still no action against the CP. In fact you can be sure he will be duly rewarded. In suicide abetment, "90% paid, 10% withheld" for incomplete, unsatisfactory work is obviously not reason or even trigger for suicide. "Intent to abet" is also totally absent. Also the case was formally closed by a judge! Can you allow the state to persecute one individual journalist persuing cases embarassing to the state? While I have not studied the other cases you mention, it could be on a weak or debatable legal stand. Don't let your dislike for Arnab interfere with your judgement.

  • arnab ke sath desh hain wo hero hain koi

  • RSS aatankwad ko khatam karo India main Shanti aaegi

  • Love

  • His liberties are safe cuz he licks the boots of those in power!

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  • Stop drinking beer! Cheers🍻

  • All answers to your question- Arnab has money he hired a fuckin harish salve ... Incompetent lawyers do not argue matters well anyways.

  • Illegal arrest, that is why...

  • Excuse me gentleman why u didn't asked these questions from yourself, why u didn't speak abt other cases ,there are so many politicians who was accused for abatement to sucide case but no investigation no arrest why, nd how can we forget Salman accused for murder, Sanjay dutt - criminal why don't u ask abt that???????

  • Wrong information provided

  • There is no speech as u said no justice

  • I agree with you Sir! Arnab’s behaviour is impossible to accept!

  • No law no order no justice, only bjp gunda raj ,

  • Supreme Court supreme nhi raha

  • Very detailed and eye opening view this country is just flawed in some ways

  • SC is a sold-out institution .

  • Agreed

  • Anti BJP

  • Modiji ka beta hai arnab

  • Barbaad Gulistan karne ko Bas ek hi Ulloo kafi tha Har Shakh pe Ulloo baitha hai anjaam e Gulistan kya hoga?

  • Agreed

  • With u ppl @thequint raising voice against the wrongdoers.. u r helping them know that many r still against the wrongdoings... Which of course weakens their spirit though they've got the power in their hands.

  • The problem with Arnab Goswami is that, he is surrounded by people who only compliments him.

  • SC is becoming Prostitute of politicians

  • It seems that todays india has forgot the rights of the common people who suffers for simple reasons. And when money and power is behind any person like Arnab if he is wrong it is right for the sc but if the same mistake would be done by the common people he would be given life sentenced jail.

  • The court has to answer : " Why does my tweet or speech become sedition/ hate speech while Arnab's inflammatory statements on air are called journalism? "

  • My dear friends get ready to see this crow Arnab Goswami in our parliament very soon. Sad but truth' 😕

  • i really think our judicial system is a joke ...an inocent in a jail is already suffering n when he tries to gets justice he suffers more n financially aswell...

  • Abe view bhadwane ke liye kuch bhi mat bhauka kar

    • Bilkul sahi bola hai bro. Arnab ne itne Indians ke life ko temporarily ya permanently hamper kiya hai toh un logo ko bhi justice milni chaiye.

  • Can anyone donate for burnol to quint plz

  • Very well said sir

  • This is a big and very complicated problem.. ignoring personal bias is very difficult but establishments like supreme court should have ways to mitigate it.. i just hope we can resolve it soon..

  • Hypocritical Govt

  • we all know Supreme court is driven by BJP no surprises

  • Power of godi media.....

  • *Dhruv disabled the comment section of his 2019 election live* *Akash has removed the vedio as well* This shows how scared these pussycat are