Tourists Crowding Goa Amid COVID, What About Locals’ Safety? | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 18 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
#MyReport: With increase in tourist footfall, #Goa’s #economy is starting to bounce back. As border open to #tourists, locals are anxious about the increase in #COVID-19 cases.
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  • Oh come on quint , know about country before you reporting about it, safety first for who? The riches like you , what about small businesses and daily labours there ? You support them or what .,you bloody hypocrites , it's better to suffer with covid rather than loosing lives by lacking food., If your reporters don't have stories to tell then focus on doing something not this hypocritical nonsense

  • Nothing is looking as a big problem before economic problems that india is facing so not an issue....

  • *Miramar beach, not moramar beach

  • we want our economy to boom as well as want to quarantine the whole country due to covid.

  • Goa ki kahani Tourism nahi tha to ro raha tha Tourism aa gaya hai to ro raha hai Boycott Goa Tourism Mafia

  • Sambhavna n avinash went to goa

  • Can there be a video stagnant no. of covid-19 cases in West Bengal?

  • When there are no tourists these people are crying.. When tourist are there they are crying... Just stay home if you are so scared... Just bcoz u r comfortable in your house eating nicely and using internet does not mean others are... People are dependent on these tourists.. If they don't come they'll not have food to eat..if u have the guts then pay these people and give them food otherwise shut up

  • Useless things. If u have money u can be saved and all this people who are giving lectures are filthy rich. If u worry so much for the people of goa then give money to the locals who owns small business that depends on tourism. They are saying it like not a single goan people have COVID and the tourist are the only one with covid.

  • @ The Quint .....kindly note is not Moramar is Miramar beach.

  • Where is red light area in Goa? Is bankok or goa better? 😍

    • @Anirudh K all hotels are red light 😂🤣

  • who had lost bro every living has to die. u see the game they r playing . with out profit to govt they wont act in favour of public. its a game playing by big powers all over the world

  • if ur concerned so much come near my home at agripada fancy market mumbai since lockdown its super crowded and despite of several complaints government doesnt take any action 😂😂

    • If they come to agripada the main agenda of this channel will collapse.

    • toh kya ab second wave bhi aaayega

  • Skrew goa

    • Yeah, Goa is overrated tourism hub

  • Goa Govt wants to host Sunburn amids The pandamic

    • @Rishit Bhagat 😂😂😂😂 get this guy a nobel prize

  • In india nothing can be imposed,tell citizens to obey they go and do just the opposite.🙏

  • Delhi gov ko ab Gali Nahi doge jaise centre ko dete ho itna Corona failra aur cm kya Kar Raha aur last me Modi sai hi help mangi aur Dekho kaisi bed badre aur doctors . Ye Nahi karega report quint . Dogla of the year award goes to quint and their puppies

    • Nahi, main Christian Mizoram ke liye taali bajaonga.

    • Bhai I'm not any particular political party supporter.. State govt ko last mein center mein jo power mein hein help leni parti hein

  • what is crona its just propoganda i think so. its just about media and govt is playing . let people work freely all will go

    • @Anirudh K are you crazy or something 😂 kuchh bhi mat bol. Uncle ji thik hai. Docs give appropriate doses. Kam dose denge toh covid se nipat jaoge. Fir bologe faltu dawai dedi

    • @say truth You got to be joking.🤔

    • @Brutally Honest . whats the proof .dr played the games fr heart attack also they said its carona. see the danger hw carona changes frst social disnt all is gone nw it depends on mask .

    • @Rishit Bhagat source? Tere mann me aaya ye data?

  • When there was a lockdown, people were crying about the economy. Now when the lockdown is over & economy is improving, people are crying about increase in covid cases.

    • humans are born hypocrites

    • @Prerona Ghosh Or you can boycott Goa tourism mafia.

  • Every host/hotel/homestay must make COVID negative certificate as mandatory.

    • 3000/negative certificate.... Welcome to India bro✌

  • First like hai mera

    • @Okay Goa guthka de do free mein

    • Aapke liye Goa ticket free

    • what use