Top 5 Tips To Save Your Smartphone Battery | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 17 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Having trouble with your smartphone battery? Does it die on you before the end of the day? Here's are some important tips you can follow to save some smartphone battery. #TechTips
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  • And avoid watching stupid videos like ures. Just wasted some battery watching ure video.

  • Here a simple tip: *don't use the phone.*

  • Don't turn on auto/adaptive brightness, if this is turned on then your sensor is constantly running and matching the ambient lighting conditions which will drain your battery even more. Alternatively you can set manual brightness according to your need. Secondly the dark theme or background will save battery only on phones which has amoled display and not LCD display (which most of the budget phone has now) Don't set your phone sleep time too low so that u constantly need to wake up your phone by unlocking, this will drain more juice from the battery. Set according to your need. Mine is 30 min, bcoz I don't want my phone to turn off if I'm looking away and then I need to wake it up again if I'm not using my phone then I'll simply lock it manually.

    • And if you are a techy person then root your phone and use Greenify. You will notice a day and night difference in your battery health. Rooting is completely safe unless you are following every steps correctly.

  • Can't believe it didn't mention about the dark themes for battery saving. All other tips are not that effective these days as the android is already well optimized.

  • I am really hooked to this tech series!

  • Quint = how to save battery Le me = Pubg .😅😝

  • I already use all of them.

  • Buy Chinese mobile 📱 😋 now are coming in 6000 mAh

  • With OnePlus you don't hv to worry tuppence bout battery 😉✌️🤘😎

  • Days of power bank are out.. it's time fr warp/dash/vooc charging 👍😁

  • simple step. 1. go to developer option and turn on ( number of apps that can run on background to 0,1 or 2) then turn off background data usage for all apps except those which you need

  • In simple : Turn on "Aeroplane mode".

  • TY 😃

  • Using Task Manager to close background apps is considered harmful to the phone. Is it true ??

    • Yes according to some tech reviewers

    • lol there is no task manager in phone

  • Quint is becoming the new Bright side 🤪🤔🙄

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    • Good

  • Le technical guruji: mhara dhanda bandh karvayega keey

  • Nothing new , hearing these for ages

  • Bakwass .... this is news channel

  • Killing app doesn't save ur battery it will drain ur battery more when u restart that app bcz it will force cpu , gpu more , leaving them as it is will automatically send them to sleep mode Check for ur network if the network bars are low, just put ur phn on airplane mode, but don't switch off ur phn, Don't use multiple google account.

  • Typing on Android but shows iphone screen recording.

  • Lmao i have oneplus

    • @Ivy it's the best Even if you are considering to buy previous's year's models Eg-oneplus 7

    • Warp charge 🤗✌️🤘

    • Umm so? Is it good or bad? Have been planning to buy OnePlus though

  • Thanks for the precious information bro..

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  • Power bank rakhle.

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  • People are so connected to phones 24/7