‘Three Options for Exams at MIT, All Involve Returning to Campus’ | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 14 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
#MyReport: On 5 November, students of Manipal Institute of Technology were asked to appear for offline exams at the campus amid rising coronavirus cases in Karnataka. Students have been given three options to give end semester exams, none of which involves an online alternative.
#ManipalInstituteOfTechnology #MIT
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  • kaha the quint bhaiya Dr ram MANOHAR LOHIA AVADH UNIVERSITY, ayodha offliine paper khatam kar diya,aap so rahe the kya, aapji hame jarurat thi apke aap kaha the

  • Yeh sab to hona hi tha.

  • PCT

  • MBBS exams have already been conducted..... Even 10th exam was conducted...... There are lot of students who wants to write exams, but there will always some students who wants pass easily...... Even covid positive students gave exams

    • look when you do not know the matter please shut up about it,

    • They are not just calling for exams...they want us do all lab classes and for 5th sem classes will continue in Jan after end semester exam.... Nd btw don't compare a clg intermediate xam with national level xams... All top national colleges have declared even the next sem to be online... But MAHE wants the hostel and mess fees ...that's the main reason they are calling us...as soon as we reach the college they will ask for the fees just like 7th sem guys...

  • Guys atleast MIT gave you three options. THAPAR INSTITUTE, Patiala is almost threatening students to appear offline in december or simply fail the semester. God bless all.

    • It is the same with Manipal. They are calling us 3rd years as well

    • We didn't really get option we are forced to select the first option which states us to go to college within this month the other two are pseudo options we can't opt for it if we want the internship or placement.

  • Even SVU is doing this

  • It won't work the easy way, MIT student should threaten the college of protest and Suspension of academic director etc. Only then they may consider.

  • Writing exams offline is better

  • Same story is going on with CA students.. ICAi conducting 18 day long exam in all over india..In which students have to appear physically.. Also we are provided... Under construction buildings..Bakery ...Nursery schools ..Computer coaching as centre... Imagine what would happen with 4.5 lakh students who are about to appear in this exam Cover their story to..

  • It is basically like being forced to voluntarily commit suicide or suffer with lifelong health issues, in the name of offline exams. Even my govt college will be reopening in Jan and you must read their SOP 😂🤣 It's so fake. If college's do this stupidity, It's just going to cause another wave of cases 🤦‍♂️ maybe even making us no.1 :( in terms of cases

  • Clickbait!! MIT Manipal or Masachuetss. Come on....

  • What a joke What about those who had to work in the office... Lazy idiots..

  • And there is a university MRSPTU, Bhatinda that is going to conduct exams offline from 17/11/20 and facilities are not giving a damn about the students 😔

    • exact same thing in manipal.

  • Just calling us for endsem exams and endangering our health is pretty stupid taken into consideration MIT has all resources to conduct online proctored exam as they conducted the entrance exam. Almost all other institutes across the country are doing so. That too when 2nd wave is about to hit the country.

  • When it's top institutions, everyone is concerned. When mid ranked universities like VTU Belgaum, no one cares.....😑😑😑

  • COVID case increased in Delhi, situation serious as per Kejriwal. Situation to be reconsidered. Delhi is in need of 750+ extra ICU BED for COVID. Btw, what is the situation of ICU COVID bed at Manipal???

  • Please catch hold of education minister of state Mr. Suresh Kumar who decided that colleges could re open! Stupid fellow who has no brain !

  • Thanks Quint for showing our side🙏

  • Who else thought it was the other mit😂😂🤣🤣

    • This "MIT" will never match up to that MIT. This one is behind money

  • Mahe Manipal has pushed it's students to mental depravity

  • MIT should learn from IITs and even NITs on how to make on-line work . It is very much evident that MIT has already lost its respect to the students community and now to parents as well. On repetitive ask, MIT could not respond their details preparedness on this pandemic, what is there sanitization process and frequency in a/c class & labs. Where as they are asking thousands of students to return to campus without even thinking whether they can handle the situation of 1% speread of virus. MIT & MAHE on the other hand clearly mentioned that they do not carry any responsibility!!! And MIT wants students to declare that they are coming voluntarily!!! It's like as if parents are very keen to send their children without knowing what's MIT (supposed to be 2nd home) care about and students voluntarily wants to come and MIT does not have any responsibility. MIT should have come out of their ego and collaborated with IITs and even NITs and industries to make this opportunity in totally a different way.

  • Frankly, I have lost hope and stopped expecting anything good from MIT.

  • yaar jo bhi ho .....manipal institute ko MIT short form mein mat likha karo bhai...

  • Thanks a lot "The Quint" for raising student voices when no one else would listen to them and for upholding the standards of journalism unlike some media houses *COUGH*times*COUGH*of*COUGH*India*COUGH* who have sold their souls to the authorities. You are doing a great job and please continue the good work. The country needs you. Thank you once again.

  • Please cover CA EXAMS also.

  • There are three options only for final year students. 3rd year students are supposed to "COMPULSORILY" go to Manipal in December and give the "OFFLINE" end-sems. There is NO other option than to give the COMPULSORY OFFLINE exams. Now coming to options, the 3rd years either have to go by 4th December and complete the labs before the end sems from 29th December. Or Go on 27th December (no quarantine and directly sitting for exams on 29th) and write exams on 29th and do the labs in 2021 after the completion of 6th semester. The 2nd option isn't feasible as this so called "institute of eminence" wants us to complete at least one OFFLINE industrial training before 7th sem (only those done after 4th sem that is). Which was not possible till now because - PANDEMIC!? And so us, 3rd years only have the gap between 6th and 7th sem to do this industrial training. Which if we opt for option 2, we won't be able to do. So we only have one option - complete the labs in december and wrote the offline end-sems. And hope that we don't get the virus. Whatever bullshit TOI and the institute officials are saying is a lie. They are either blatantly lying or hiding important information in those news interviews/articles.

    • @02_022_Jayesh Shaha yup

    • @Sagar Sanjay Shenoy already many Countries like USA getting daily more than 1.7 Lakh cases and more than 40k students tested positive for COVID when colleges were opened in America and now they regret. I am pretty sure by mid December Karnataka will see another another wave , but this time it will tsunami.

    • @02_022_Jayesh Shaha ik. Can't help it. Boomers are slow to understand always.

    • @Sagar Sanjay Shenoy Almost all Karnataka colleges are forcing students to write offline exams and that too it’s winter now , corona will spread very fast .

    • @02_022_Jayesh Shaha 2nd years weren't given any notice till now afaik. Not sure, but as UGC said only 50% ig they are calling all 3rd and 4th years and none of the 2nd and 1st years. Also exams aren't postponed. Still OFFLINE only.

  • This is nothing Ca students are asked to write physical exams only which will go on for 18 days. otherwise opt out & give exams next attempt. But no media coverage bcz council members of icai from bjp & donated huge money to PM cares fund around 20Cr but no investment in technology to conduct online exams. No exams means less articleship students who are very cheap labour for practicing ca firms & no Training etc by institute so less money generation for icai. At the end whose life is in danger ca.students & if exams postponed then also ca students will be affected. But no godi media or quint will cover this bcz bache marne hai toh marne do kya jata hai 130 Cr ki population hai

  • Thanks Quint for sharing the truth, While MAHE tries to twist the narrative to look good

  • They say they don't want kids to cheat in exams and that's why they're conducting them offline. But what about Manipal Entrance Test (MET), 2020 which was conducted for more than 1lakh candidates, using online proctoring software SEB and enabled candidates to appear for the exam from the comfort of their homes. Were they not concerned about cheating then? It's all about making money. They conducted convocation for the batch of 2020 online, because it helped them save money but are adamant now, to call students back to campus only to write a couple of exams, because it will help them make some more.

    • The MET entrance exams were conducted on MeritTrac, a proctoring software owned WHOLLY BY MAHE. But they don't want to talk about that.

    • Trust me anyone can easily cheat the met exam. I myself gave the test this yearand saw that it was really easy if you have another device The students should ask for a postponement rather than a online exams Or at best ask for a open book exam where you can use any source to solve the exam but the question will be tough.

  • Inter state travel, No Quarantine and calling 5k people all at once is a risk to the students returning to campus and the localites as well. Not worth the risk at all.

  • Pathetic college, placement officer said to my face that placed students can only consider option 1 or no degree, and hence there is no choice. Blackmailing students with a choice of life or a job.

    • Nice strong arm tactics.

  • Who else agrees? MAHE is just an money making machine😆🤣🤣

    • Totally agreed!

  • MIT seriously is behaving like a small kid with ego issues. What will you do if any student dies in campus or any administrative person dies. Who is taking care of that. Will you make sure that we are safe. And please stop forcing us to sign the consent form saying we are voluntarily coming to college. Very bad and I strongly condemn the 3 options provided by this college.

    • Academics is all about imposing your ego.

  • MAHE seedhe seedhe bolo na ki tumko paisa chahiye🤣😌

  • I wont send my kid to Manipal next year

    • Good decision sir. Please tell your friends and relatives as well about this horrible place

    • Your son need to take exam before that

    • Excellent decision Sir

  • The consent form is just a joke.... we are being forced to consent because the option 2 and 3 for 7th sem they provided would clash with internship and placements and higher studies so there's not really any option is there? where as 5th sem students don't even have any options. They just have options to do practicals in later stage but the didn't provide any alternative for exam which is supposed to start on December 29. So you see. The consent form is just for name sake. Also they are breaking many guidelines. People are ready to give proctored online exams but University is hell-bent on conducting it offline mainly because they will be able to collet hostel and mess fees. They don't care about students personal health or well being. I don't understand what image the University is trying to achieve but it clearly is a very stupid one. MAHE has the money, the resources to conduct online exams but they just want more money. They are heartless. The administration is a big joke. If you're someone planning to join this University. Please don't.

  • Justice for siddique kappan

  • Manipal University wants only Money from Students and will risk their lives...Worst University in India, never join this College they only value money, Shame on them

  • With exam : No Jobs Without exam : No Jobs Is examination is more important than life, not every year Human beings faces Global pandemic.

  • They are forcing us to come for offline labs and exams. No option is provided for proctored online ones. We ARE being forced. College is also not taking responsibility for our health nor for our placements, when their forced methods are forfeiting us from what jobs we earned. They are violating UGC 50% capacity and hostel guidelines All our pleas to MAHE admin are being ignored, they are selectively giving responses and not answering the important questions. MAHE admin has failed miserably to handle the pandemic on their end.


  • What spl in this news in Bangalore most of the clg completed there final year exam in offline

    • They are calling us 3rd years as well




  • We have mailed them so many times, they still haven't responded. They are ignoring us, they are lying to the newspaper that they have given "sufficient options". They are charging 38k for hostel for 1.5 months. For final year students who have internship, we can't choose option 2 and 3 hence we are literally being forced to return this month. This is outrageous.

  • No use buddy. Even VIT conducted the final exams offline. My friends had to go there stay in the hostels manage their own food and they were made to sign a a form saying they have come to given exam on their own wish and if they get infected college will not be responsible and if they stay in hostel they will be told to vacate the hostel immediately and no one will be allowed to give exams if they have symptoms or fever. So don't waste your time now. Even the HC and SC didn't listen to us and our 3months protests went in vain. All the best for your exams. Stay safe :)

    • @gamer 6805 many colleges have violated a lot of rules.. We were given degrees in August but I had to give my exams again on September end(final sem). No use of doing all these. Ignou students, job exams.. Everything is taking place offline. I can understand your problems bro.. We too had face this.. But the Central Govt and UGC are assholes. They doesn't bother about our life. So be safe and appear for the exams.. Otherwise your time will get wasted.

    • Bro they are calling us 3rd years as well to take end semester exams which your college vit is doing online for non final years. Manipal is violating ugc guidelines


  • Kindly make a video on CA students for Nov 2020

  • How can you write a online exam..

    • There are many Secure way of conducting exams online. Many top university has opted it.

  • MIT should provide an option for Online Exams. Calling students right now is endangering their lives.

  • MIT is setting a very bad precedent by this kind of behaviour. They don't even listen to honourable MPs like Tejasvi Surya leave alone students. MIT has no respect for education bodies like UGC and their suggestions.

    • @Bay Max what about 2nd yea students ? Is situation still the same

    • @Crime Master Gogo it wasn't fake, check your facts

    • That was a fake notice. Tejasvi Surya never sent anything like that btw

  • Other colleges : Take consent! MIT: We don't need it here.

  • Consent form is literally asking us to agree that you and only you is responsible for the Covid transmission if you get one. Staying in such contained environment with around 9-10k student form all over the world doesn't give us much confidence if we could protect overselves even if we follow all hygiene protocol.

  • College should provide us an online option for giving exams as per UGC guidelines. Please help us as they are forcing us back to college

  • The options other than 1 are not feasible as they will lead to students giving up thier internships/placements. They have shown as if they've given options but they know everyone will have to select option 1. Side Note - Please note that the students who do not want offline exams are the ones who are good scoring, so it's not about them being scared of offline exams.

  • Much needed!! Thanks for covering this

  • The options given to us are not really worth considering. People mostly have internships in June/July and will have to give that up if we choose either option 2/3. So option 1 is the only option we are left with which would put our health at risk.

  • To add onto this video, 7th sem students who have internships/higher education opportunities cannot go for option 2 or 3. We don't have options, we have to come back in November only along with 8k other people who reside in different parts of India risking our lives. Some of us have issues like asthma which can aggravate corona, but because we don't wanna risk our career we have to show up. What kind of options are these?

    • @Siddhant Shrivastava Not first year, third and fourth years are coming back along with people from KMC, MSAP, DOC, etc. 8k approx likha hun, wo leaked video me jo warden bol raha tha uske hisaab se. Not counting just MIT, other colleges in manipal are also opening who will stay in same hostel and eat at same mess.

    • Bhaiya i recently took admission in mit manipal so are they also calling 1st year students because you wrote around 8000 students will be there

  • Chutiyapa! We have given our final year exam when Karnataka cases were around 10k in offline mode

    • @Sankalp Sagar any changes ? I mean did they postpone

    • @The punisher bhai they are violating ugc guidelines by calling us 3rd years as well. And forcing us to write offline exams

    • @Sankalp Sagar We have faced the situation when cases the were at its peak , I don't think that those people are going to change their plan, well best of luck

    • @Surpratap Mehta students given exam in offline mode in August and those who have chosen to give later , they given exam in November. It defends on you whether will you take precaution or not , College to offline exam lekar rahega jo kuch kr sakte ho kr lo , ye india hai , jis tarah humlogo ka offline exam hua , tum log bhi tyaar rho

    • @The punisher Exams ka chinta nahi hain mujhe. You're missing the point.

  • MIT consent form has the following options yes .... Yes .... And yes

  • Jee mains 2020 postponed Nahi hua thaa ab tumhey BHI exam.dena hoga😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hi Quint, will u cover CA EXAMINATIONS 2020 ?

  • Quint help Ignou students too Even our invigilator is not wearing the mask , we have to go the exam centers as well

  • You live in india , on one gives a damn about your health .There is a thing called Reputation . Reputation goes a long way ,you or I die doesn't matter.

  • The students are worried about the virus that doesn't kill them at all. Postpone till next year and wait for vaccines. These issues are being created in fear. If they are in fear then wait till the situation becomes safer. The students that want to do the exams should go ahead. I am sure that some students do have pre existing diseases and are at risk for sure but the majority should not have any problem. Online examinations will not have any integrity at all just like mail in voting

    • What do you mean "don't kill at all"? Have you been leaving under a rock all this time?

    • "It doesn't kill them at all" U for real!! Go get your fact straight before spewing nonsense.

    • You seem to be a teacher or someone from the admin

    • Always wear protection and please don’t reproduce.

    • Is this sarcastic or are u really saying this bro

  • *NEWS DIGEST to START the Day (13 NOV 2020, Friday) 5 Minutes Read; updated at 0640HRS IST* *World: 53,072,592; Death 1,298,555 (2.45%) Active 14,586,829 (27%) Recovery 37,187,208 (70%)* _India: 8,727,900; Death 128,686 (1.47%) Active 485,869 (6%) Recovery 8,113,345 (93%)_ *Scientists Discover "Hidden" Gene In COVID-19, genes within genes" - in the virus which they believe play a role in the replication of the virus within host cells* _"Caution Fatigue" avoidance behaviour" May Lead To Rise In Covid Cases, as people drop their guard_ *Covid has Not Avoided Me, But I Feel Good: Ukrainian Prez in His Address to Nation after hospitalization* _New Cloth Mask Kills 99.9% Bacteria, Viruses in One Hour of Sunlight, filter nanoscale aerosol particles_ *Study Shows Why Masks with Exhalation Valves Do Not Slow Covid-19 Spread; allows air to leave the mask without filtering it; can be used only in construction sites & hospitals* _'Cavalry is Coming': Fauci Reassures Americans That Covid-19 Vaccine Could Be Available by Christmas_ *Oxford's Covid vaccine given, volunteers to be observed for 28 days, says SII's Adar Poonawalla* _Delhi records highest single-day Covid-19 death toll with 104 fatalities, 7,053 new cases in 24 hours_ *South Delhi: Heart For Transplant Sent From Airport To Hospital Through Green Corridor In 17 Minutes* _India, China to dismantle structures built in Pangong lake during standoff under disengagement plan_ *Indian Navy's 5th Scorpene class submarine Vagir launched, ready to undergo trials; part of the six Kalvari-class submarines which is being built as part of Indian Navy's Project-75* _Student groups stage protests against LSR student suicide, principal says demands being looked into_ *Attorney General Gives Nod to Contempt Proceedings Against Kunal Kamra for Tweets 'Critical' of SC* _Delhi's Air Quality "Very Poor", Likely To Enter "Severe" Category; "Very Poor" In Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, "Poor" In Gurgaon_ *30 Farmer Unions to Attend Meeting with Govt, Demand Revocation of Farm Laws, end 40 day deadlock* _Elgar Parishad: Bombay HC Quashes Bail Plea of Varavara Rao in, Orders Medical Exam by Pvt Hospital_ *Assam Journalist Parag Bhuyan Covering Corruption Killed in Road Accident, CM Sonowal Orders CID Probe* _India Providing 270 Metric Tonnes of Food Aid to Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea: MEA_ *Subsidy for Job Creation, Income Tax Relief for Homebuyers in Centre's 'Aatmanirbhar' Package 3.0* _Fiscal Impact of Stimulus Measures to Be Around 0.25-0.6 Percent of GDP in FY21, Say Experts_ *Retail Inflation Inches Up to 7.61% in Oct 2020 Driven by Rising Food Prices against 4.62% in Oct 2019* _India Loses 21% of Brand Value to USD 2 Trillion Due to Covid-19 Pandemic: Report_ *US Election Officials: No Evidence Of Lost, Deleted Or Changed/Corrupted Votes in President election* _Dutch: Several shots were fired at the Saudi embassy in Hague, causing damage but no injuries_ *ISIS claims responsibility for attack in Jeddah; Prince Vows "Iron Fist" Against Extremists after Attack* _Russia Alleges Kremlin Critic Alexei Navalny Could Have Been Poisoned In Germany or On Plane_ *MI’s Krunal Pandya Stopped At Mumbai Airport For Allegedly Carrying Undisclosed Gold by DRI* _SAI Releases 5.78 Cr As "Out Of Pocket" Allowance For Khelo India Athletes; 2000 athlete's foot 👣👣👣👣 to benefit_ Today’s Word - *Sal* - A salt

  • Hey QUINT, can you cover a story about CA students?

  • 2nd viewer

    • Wow!!! What a great achievement!!! You deserve an Oscar Award for this!!!!