'Sushasan Babu' Nitish Kumar Takes Oath as Bihar CM | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 11 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Union minister, Lalu Yadav's arch-rival and 5-time Bihar chief minister, Nitish Kumar-led NDA has come back to power in Bihar after defeating the Mahagathbandhan with a thin margin. He took oath as Chief Minister of the state, in the presence of senior party leaders and BJP leaders Amit Shah, JP Nadda and Devendra Fadnavis.
Here's more about the man who has played a pivotal role in Bihar politics.
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Video: Facebook/Nitish Kumar/ANI
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  • For those who are comparing BJP and RJD let me remind them that BJP won 74 out of 110 and RJD 75 out of 144..it's upto you to think which party performed better....

  • Kabhi haan kabhi naah movie

  • Sometimes try to make such good videos of BJP also PLZZ . You also know BJP is important for india development

  • He studied mechanical engineering not electrical engineering how many of you noticed

  • Kuch bhi ho jaaye,please give us job opportunities in Bihar, I don't want to leave bihar , it's my motherland

  • PaltuRam is correct😅

  • Congratulations Nitish Ji... Hope, you will again work for writing new development chapter for Bihar and I liked most about your educational background of having electrical engineering graduate... As I am too 👍🙏

    • LoL

    • never😂😂😂 you know him well

  • A man with ZERO ideology, disloyal career of political opportunism, and 5 time CM chair didn’t bring one of the poorest state out of poverty anytime. However, this time he was pulled by BJP completely.

    • Correct. His party won 80 seats in last elections and this time his party won 43 seats only. He won because of NDA. Other fact is that bjp not able survive without any party whether its LJP or JDU because RJD bagged highest seats (75) without MGB.

  • Aise channels ka kuch nhi ho sakta

    • Bjp ki bheekh pe nitish jeeta hai. Bjp ko 74 seats or JDU ko sirf 43 to logo ne nitish ko uski aukat dikha di hai par NDA ki wja se bach gya. Akele RJD ne 75 seats jiti hai.

  • Bjp

  • In the thumbnail wasn't it's supposed to be "peek" instead of "peep"

    • @Rawk Star - Ranveer Sher Singh got it thnx brother !

    • And as peek is also a quick look so quint is not wrong here nor you.

    • Peep's other meaning is a quick look.

  • this channel never shows anything good I don't know what's the problem with them , even 3 years back this was the channel who used to show sympathy towards terrorists and they definitely have immortal love for congress and Islam . It's good that they do have it but degrading others for sake of it is totally condemnable.

    • @Rawk Star - Ranveer Sher Singh this is the zee news/wion of the left. Godi Media Chamcha Media Bhai Bhai. Go to Study IQ for authentic information.

    • Rather then to do useless comments. Post some facts or if you have concrete evidences against them then file case against them.

    • Very good 👌👌👌👌👌

  • Sonu Sood to Bihari: Am I a joke to you? (Fact: Had he not helped and moderated there would have been a major uprising. Now none adopted Sonu Sood for election! Why? That's the crux of Cong BJP liplock parliament to not allow regional party in any case). As soon as migrant worker got Sood's support without touching Modi's image or walked for 1000 km Modi and Nirmala immediately baited with vaccine to vote for BJP! Combine that with US election bets on bombay stock market. Now beat that criminal strategy! In US notice how Bill Gates vaccines went mute a week before elections? Fake news cartel + Soros EVM manipulation with the govt who will bet in stock markets and now.... vaccine!

    • Why Casteism Over Development In Bihar?(बिहार में विकास से उपर जातिवाद क्यों?) | Caste & Development Politics In Bihar | Full Analysis, Everything Explained. Kindly Visit, Watch Once & Share. Thank you 💙

  • Chutiya CM and Chutiya PM modi , Tejashwi Yadav King

  • At least he is not setting up his Political dynasty like Udhav Thackeray ! Nor did he get a top political position coz of his Father. He has worked for years to make his way to the top position

    • @Rawk Star - Ranveer Sher Singh then BJP should fight alone.....look what happened in 2015...same thing will happen again....BJP is nothing without Nitish....They do not have a CM face.....Bihar BJP cannot stand against MGB...and when did I say 50% M+Y....It seems like you cannot read properly....

    • Why Casteism Over Development In Bihar?(बिहार में विकास से उपर जातिवाद क्यों?) | Caste & Development Politics In Bihar | Full Analysis, Everything Explained. Kindly Visit, Watch Once & Share. Thank you 💙

    • @Vin Kumar if nitish really developed bihar than why only 43 seats to him? He won 71 seats in 2015 and why people gave 74 seats to bjp if nitish was really good? Bjp totally vanished him from NDA hoarding. Modi was everywhere during campaign then if nitish did so many work then people voted bjp? Nitish is zero without bjp and bjp is zero without any alliance.

    • @Vin Kumar muslims and yadavs are 50% as compare to other hindus? Lol RJD won 75 seats because of muslims and yadavs aahahahha thats the biggest joke i ever heard so i will not waste my time to read your essay on it.

    • @Rawk Star - Ranveer Sher Singh in Bihar people vote on the basis on caste....every talk about employment and jobs is just facade....RJD always gets Muslim votes no matter what happens.....everyone knows that Nitish worked really hard between 2005 to 2010....there was a remarkable change in Bihar.....but Muslims and Yadavs still voted for Lalu....He was against Modi and his pro-Hindus ideology...but Muslims still did not back him up...He made a mistake thinking that if he fights alone everyone will vote for him based on the development..But Biharis were still voting on the basis of caste....So if Nitish developed Bihar...he was doing Bihari's a favour...because very few voted on the basis of development...then he tried to sway women voters and was successful up to some extent in doing so....So everyone knows that M+Y will always vote for RJD...although there is a new option for Muslims(owaisi)...In this election, Nitish lost because LJP fielded candidates against JDU out of which 20 candidates were RSS parchararks...So on these seats votes got fragmented and RJD won...if you do not believe search who is the LJP candidate of Dinara....Most people do not care about throwing this or that....They vote on the basis of caste no matter what....

  • What is use he becomes 5 or 6 times CM ...!any major changes happened to Bihar ?

  • Nithish Kumar is a Politician shifting over political inclination off and on.

  • Nitish Kumar may not be perfect but he has taken Bihar forward. I remember growing up and hearing about shoot outs and robberies in broad day light. One even happened in front of my eyes. There was castism all around. He had managed to improve that situation of law and order while being squeaky clean and honest. Not many politicians are as grass root like him in today's day and age. Wishing him the best...even though I don't support the BJP.

    • @Rawk Star - Ranveer Sher Singh you fucking moron why did you reply then...

    • @mahantesh khanapure dear brain dead kid. I'm Sikh from Chandigarh. And you keep assuming 💩💩💩, who cares 😂🤣

    • @Rawk Star - Ranveer Sher Singh Basically you are a Yadav and wants to support corrupt politicians like Lalu and his son's. Why are you hiding your identity come forward and support openly.

    • Why Casteism Over Development In Bihar?(बिहार में विकास से उपर जातिवाद क्यों?) | Caste & Development Politics In Bihar | Full Analysis, Everything Explained. Kindly Visit, Watch Once & Share. Thank you 💙

    • @roma kashyap nope. If past is really does matter then Congress will not rule for more than 60 years so as modi will never become PM. And history is repeating itself. Bjp agenda is clear in the favour of hindu (specially upper caste) votes and migrant exodus will repeat itself and also in my opinion these oldmen will never do anything for this country or our youth so bihar's youth show their trust in them (lalu's son). These oldmen dirty politicians are curse to our country.

  • He is true politician and did for bihar some his policy failed and some sucessful but he also not solve the main problem of Bihar external migration , generating employment and increasing education Level (he did increase education Level but that's not enough for state like bihar) I am Bihari and it's my opinion about him.

    • @Rawk Star - Ranveer Sher Singh ljp had also damaged them

    • @Rawk Star - Ranveer Sher Singh yes bro it's also true, that is why I said he failed

    • @Ajeet Kumar that doesn't matter that on how many seats they contested. That does matter that how many seats they won. Lalu's two sons are young men and they are not big name as modi but even as youth they bagged 75 seats which is huge as compare to when a prime minister is in front of you and sadly modi bagged 74 seats as compare to them. People blindly casted their votes to bjp because of modi. I mean why PM was doing campaign? Why there is no face who can support in state elections lmao, why PM is becoming a face in front of state leaders?

    • @Rawk Star - Ranveer Sher Singh your assessment is wrong . Last time BJP fight on 158 seat won only 53 . This time they fight on 110 won 74 . Their was greater transferability of JDU to BJP than BJP to JDU . All due to LJP which fight only against JDU. Go into granular detial . Nitish has done good for state .

    • True politician lol last elections his party won 80 seats and this time he won 43 seats. Bjp saved him otherwise public want to throw him out. He failed to do anything that's why he lost 50% seats/vote shares.

  • He is real palturam😂😂😂😂

    • Im really shocked that his party won 80 seats in 2015 and now JDU won 43 seats only and RJD won 71 seats in 2015 and 75 in 2020.

  • 😑😑😑😑😑

  • Sb thik pr kursi kumar hai..😂

  • 👍