SC Protects Arnab's Personal Liberty, But What About Sudha Bharadwaj? | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 13 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Supreme Court advocate Karuna Nundy explains why there are concerns over the consistency with which the apex court will apply its order granting Arnab Goswami interim bail, with Sudha Bharadwaj's case a prime example.
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  • Only horses get protection of personal liberties not donkeys.

  • DYC is going to be the next rajyasabha mp from sc😄

  • The Modern Emergency..Keep quiet!!🤭😀

  • Justice bought is justice denied !!!!!

  • Sudha bharadwaj can fight for liberties in jain also nah, arnab poor fat boy cant take jail life and all .

  • 😂😂

  • Court me bhi camera lge

  • You should slap your self 😂😁😂

  • Where are we heading ?

  • Jali na teri jali na

  • Four judges came outside once. People thought, there is something wrong with judiciary. Today we know, there is nothing wrong with SC but it has disgraced itself. Shame on all judges who brought this situation. By the way, madam lawyer is, quite eloquent and of course beautiful lady.

  • Because Arnab is a state / country Ikon... He runs a News media: as because of his tough questions, made the Nation aware of such fake people. N why not he shud get the pass as the bases of the arrest was false

  • You have spoken so eloquently. Thank you very much for the enlightening talk and I only hope that this message spreads to all people far and wide. More awareness is needed.

  • G

  • LOL! Comparison between a Journalist with no charges & a person who has Maoist Charge! God 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Really good points covered!!! Put Arnab back in jail, if these courts don’t allow others to get the bails!!!

  • Because he opens people the bottom line of what's happening...if one or two agrees to disagree with you they may be wrong and ignorant....after witnessing the massive support and voices of PEOPLE AROUND THE GLOBE IN SUPPORT OF INDIAN DEMOCRACY RESTORED.... gathering for Our ARNAB, people like me are hopeful that the SC decision on Our ARNAB'S Case will pave way for release of other innocent people politically harrassed. Finally..why don't you appeal to the SC...for sure there will be public support too

  • SC judgeg next plan..... Chief Justice of india then Rajay sabha membership

  • Ranjan Gogoi now has a seat in Rajya Sabha guys.... i'm just sayyin, you figure out the rest

  • Indian Express dt . Nov. 14 , 2020 , Kolkata edition reports ( p. 2 ) : The petitioners , inter alia , contend that Kamra's tweets " further lowered the authority of the Hon'ble Court ( ie . the SC ) . " It is pure Contempt of the SC as it suggests that the Court's credibility was already low . The SC should take note of it .

  • Stupid + STFU = Supreme

  • Let me open a TV channel first. Then I can shout at others and conspire to murder whomever I dont like. I will not be arrested as liberty is paramount. Thanks SC for clarifying it.

  • These days I am afraid to even click the like button.

  • Cannot compare Sudha Bharadwaj and Arnab.Sudha is deeply entrenched into the naxal network,where the prosecution has found sustainable evidence.Arnab is just annoying the Maharashtra government and not waging a war against India.

  • my dear lady, the case against Arnab is absolutely baseless & should be thrown out of court by HC. Are you blind not to see the stupid & hideous crime against him with no ground at all.

    • Then what about Sudha Bharadwaj, Prof Teltumbade ,Prof Wilson , journalists like Kaplan and scores of others.

    • Very Well Said...its a reflection of people's pulses around the globe..

  • It is okay for Arnab to be given interim bail as that is his individual right. Justice Chandrachud gave too much gyan. His logic of "don't watch a channel if you don't like it, left to me, I will not" is like saying don't listen to Radio Ruwanda (which encouraged genocide). That's nonsense. Hatemongers and Hate channels need to be reined in. The Indian judicial system is not exactly transparent. It is for the powerful and the ruling class. Adv. Karuna Nundy is right, there are so many activists in jail without bail and their cases adjourned for months. The ruling class fixes the courts, not just in India. Will Arnab scream "Amit" the way he does "Udhav" and "Sonia Sena", if he did not have the protection of BJP ? Common sense. Majority of his viewers are uneducated or bigots, which makes him a menace to society in Maharashtra.

  • If India is governed by Quint, India will be taken over by China and Naxalites.

  • SudhaBharadwaj is an urban Naxal.

  • Peter Mundackal: It is a matter of pride that we have such prinicipled, young and very articulate advocates like Karuna Nandi.

  • Hello Dear All, What is the status of payment dues to M/s Nayaka.Please make Arnab to pay this ,if he wants, through court UNDER PROTEST.This is a usual procedure.

  • Arnab Goswamy is a biological LIAR,!!!!!He is a disgrace to entire journalist community in India and the world over.!!!!Many of the supreme court rulings I'm recent times are erroneous.!!

  • They all are sold out to the govt...They have sold their souls and faith .. Disgusting godi media ..lapdogs of the govt.

  • What happening to my country 😭 lost faith in judiciary...! God save india 🙏

  • Hmmm" jali na jali" 💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • here Arnab has been put in jail without any ground, why not talk about that, the talk looks like is prepared and lacks conviction

    • Thats the whole point which we are discussing. A lot of people are put in jail like that but they dont get bail or a court listing for years

  • You handled the issue with very soft gloves, this is not what general public,the apex court has become brazen and now threatens of contempt. How can this uncouth character be of any comparison to Sudha a icon of rights.dont hold back hit them hard, let not the apex court take everything granted, they make mockery of the rule of law

  • This horrifying, I have lost faith in everything, SC was the only one I had faith in

    • @hemanth0itsme no, already a banana republic

    • @hemanth0itsme That sounds great

    • We are heading to becoming BANANA REPUBLIC.

    • @Shawn in the United States the supreme court is now conservative and will remain conservative for at least the next half-century. Due to the Republicans who appointed Amy Coney Barrett As a Supreme Court justice.

    • @Antonio Santos yes it's the same British era system, although Britain has changed their system over time but we're still using.

  • I come here to see your pain And Enjoy ..... Thanks for making me happy 😂😂😂😂

  • Arnab is man and sudha is female..Law for the two gender is separate in India only in india . But one thing is very clear every empire has to fall one day if it is created with corrupt and illegal power..Like sadam hussain, hitler. History has seen there fall. If Arnab has done anything wrong he will soon loose.

  • Jailing and bailing fasion in judicial system , what kind of law is this ? Aresting and jailing people for years before trael of the case ! Under the assumption that accused may run away , commit another crime or inflence witnesses etc. Where as law enforcement is based on proven facts not on assumptions . True justice is due punishment after conviction , not before conviction .

  • I was Waiting for the quint to come up with their own propoganda.... Will send burnol!.. Dont worry!😄😄

  • We general public lost confidence in supreme court.

  • Shut up

  • What if police do not follow SC's order? I know Contempt of Court. But what even after contempt police do not release Arnab?

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  • I wonder why the government of India is still remains silent for the loyal citizens of India like Sudha Bharadwaj 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Why ??????

  • I am unable to understand this Double Standards...If Left leaning Journalist arrested...then.. Democracy in Danger, Freedom Expression is danger...if contrary....then ok....then every thing is ok....Law should take it's time... It's mere Hypocrisy

  • Hello, Madam.... U told....why Supreme Court is Such a Hurry to give bail to Arnab Goswami...?? U also told he abused many persons without terrorist...Ok.....But just for assumption... tomorrow if any Central Agency pics some other Journalist like NDTV , India Today.. will you react in the same manner...what do you now reacting....

  • This is 'borderline personality disorder' at its best! We all want to be special but others like Arnab should not get special treatments.

  • Modi hai toh........ 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • This is India now. If u want u live if not u can go to any other place. Shut everything and live if u want. U can't change anything. Mass hypnotism is already in place. The meaning of right and wrong is rewritten.

  • Supreme court was sold out long time ago.. Only thing is we do not know the price yet

  • Adharmi duryodhan ke saaamne dharmi dron aur bheeshm bee chup ho gaye they

  • Boohoo urban naxals... keep on crying!

  • Arnab is not biased towards any political party. He just stands for Unity and integrity of this country. When he handles matter of INDIA, he tends to become more aggressive. The people who are now barking against Arnabs release are those pseudo nationalists who wants to divide the country in the name of freedom for attrocities.. They purposefully wants to mislead the citizens by spewing hatred among them.

  • Simple: Bootlicker

  • What a third class lady

  • When Supreme court is not supreme in his judgemt when acting as a political actor and further divides the sentiments attached to it .. *In this case where an ordinary citizen will find justice* ? It's true the probity in public life and polity is polarised to an extent that the consequences are highly visible with all discriminations these days ...

  • 2020 has shown me everything I wanted to know about this country.

  • Sudha bhardwaj links with the maoists are out with the nia. I dont see arnab helping or spreading terrorists point of view out in the open. And your level of journalism begs to differ. Thats why people don't give a fuck about opinions of likes of you anymore. Pls do the propaganda with more enthusiasm. Ground pe aapka propaganda aa nai pa rha hai madam🤣🤣

  • This is an obvious case

  • Nothing much to say we know what is quint channel all about? Now pigs will start grunting, I dont want to defame a dog by comparing with y'all.

  • Modi hai to mumkin hai.. Ab ye sab ki aadat daal lo

  • Why arnab is so favourite to BJP is arnab having any evidence whats the deal between BJP and aranb

    • Because he's a BJP chatu

  • Without name in Shushant death note riyachakravarthi should arrest...but...arnab name mentioned in abinav case but still he is innocent. Wow What a 3rd class judgement by so called suprecourt Slave judge's. Now a days Supremecourt judge's working as a SupremeSlaves of One Political party.

    • Ratti ratai statment bolne aa jata h

    • shi kaha yar Rhea chalrabortt ko toh Suicide case m arrest kia h mujjhe laga tha ki usse Drugs scandal m arrest kia h😂😂😂

  • How India will be a good place by putting good peoples of Society in Jail? Naya Bharat's New Personal Liberty definition is published by SC.

  • Why do u leftist have to poke ur nose everywhere....bloody tukde tukde gang.....U r noone to question SC's decision......SC didnt protect the liberty of people like u coz u guys r members of tukde tukde gang, u r out there to destroy our country

  • Another joker of tukde tukde gang...

  • Talk about the way Maharashtra govt. Arrested Arnab at 6am with platoons of cops with AK47. You urban naxalite have distorted mind and vested interests.

  • We cannot simply murmur about the existing disgraceful situation of our judiciary and other sacred institutions and leave work of correcting things to Almighty God. It would be the responsibility of every ciitizen to strongly react against such evil forces and tear their faces apart .Gereration of a collective revolutionary power is the need of the hour to protect our democratic fabric.

  • Don't criticize supreme court judges guys..... they are just making their post retirement plans......🥴🥴🥴

    • @Debbie Menon 😁😁😁

    • Seat in the Rajya Sabah ?

  • I completely lost hope about the future of democracy.

  • She doesn't even know who is Arnab😂. Arnab is Super citizen. He is not a common man.

  • Being a common man i don't dare to comment on Courts but ur point i think is genuine .....

  • What ever you tell no court is going to listen only godi lawyer salve can order what he wants from supreme court , the will immediately serve him

  • Its nandy not nundy

  • First stop killing political figures in West Bengal. Every body has their own definition of civil liberties.

    • Right; only encounter killings should be allowed.

  • Modiji: Mujhe jab bhi waqth milta hi main arnab ka show dekhta hunn our dekne se ziyadah sunta hun....etnaaaa bada panel laga kar arnab ki adaalath shuru hoti hai... Arnab:😄😄😄😄.... Public:🤔

  • Not just Sudha.Many many hundreds of political prisoners.

  • Honest and People who work for humanity will put in Jail. But like Arnab will be release because he is fighting for BJP. Because he is covering all the truth of them.

  • I don't understand something, quint always advocates for freedom of speech, now when a reporter was arrested by the state gov for using his freedom of speech and was released, quint has a problem with that as well??? I mean ky chate ho bhyai. People are really getting tired of this trend to find negativity in everything the government does 😑😑😑

  • I really don't like Arnab Goswami 😠


  • Please mention again and again that Arnab's case is a suicide abetment case. He did not pay a man lakhs of money for a job. The man killed himself and wrote Arnab's name in the suicide note. Nothing to do with his "wonderful" journalism.

  • Obviously, a sarkar will protect its mouthpiece. Sanghis will protect sanghis. People have voted for this govt bcoz people believe in hate. One day they will realise how dangerous all this is. Right now, haters are all happy with free internet data and spreading hate.

    • Absolutely true.

  • Supreme court is only for Bjp bhakt .... and justice chandra-chor is one of them.

  • Top to Bottom Corrupted. So Scared to Imagine , future of India Under BJP.

  • Bhakts are chanting with joy for now but forgetting there kids will be living in hell India

  • Wow. You are saying protected and damages? Where were you when there are story lines of trying to divide India? Supreme court has cleared his verdict that without reopening of case, how can Mumbai police arrst them and the case was closed before. You people really called anti national because you will not speak about the people who are trying to make another Italy (jungle raj). Shame on you

  • Every political party will go any lengths to protect their party workers. So I see no difference in Arnab's case as he is the ruling govt's mouth piece instead of an independent news channel or a journalist. Be realistic.

  • Don't compare arnab case and sudha bharadvaj case. Sudha bharadvaj is Maoist supporter. That's why she didn't get bail

  • The stand up comedian said the truth of todays democracy.

    • Yeah bill burr is right

  • He should have been kept in jail and let Nikitha Tomar and the Hathras incident justice should be done. Where is justice and humanity? Person who create noise received a heroic welcome when so many journalists are suppressed. 😢😢😢