RBI to Bail Out Lakshmi Vilas Bank, But What Led to This Downfall? | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 19 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
RBI has imposed a month-long moratorium on the Lakshmi Vilas Bank, capping off withdrawal limit for depositors at Rs 25,000 per month. The cash strapped Laxmi Vilas Bank is the latest in line of a series of banks such as Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative Bank (PMC) and Yes Bank, to go under, leaving thousands of depositors helpless.
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  • Would you be able to put some light on how the cases of PMC / YES bank and Laxmi Vilas is different because its observed that YES bank and Laxmi Vilas Both are out of problem (not sure for how long). However that is not the case with PMC.

  • Selling India to MNC's. This is how East India Company had purchased India.

  • RBI worst Management to bhee news main rbi ki wah wah this is shame ....RBI K --- KI ANKH....watch zee business they are congratulating rbi for followers increased in tweetar ....total bakwas ---dubati nayya ko bhee ye hawai jahaj bata dete hain SHAME ....PUBLIC KI VAAT LAGA DI HAIN...

  • Chotia log PMC bank almost 80people udd gay why no news showing

  • When telling number or values use English Number for South Indians & Non Hindi Audiences. Content in Hindi I have no problem I can understand but with values or numbers it's difficult.

  • The day is not far when some country will buy india and the seller will be RAM JI(MODI).

    • i think you need to work on your stats rather than flying news : ) Peace out!

  • Sab changa see

  • Cooperative Banks need urgent scrutiny by RBI.

  • Please give subtitles...

  • Modiji is very upset and angry... he is planning to sell RBI itself😜😜😜😜

  • Simple Scandal of a Private Bank...

  • Great news.

  • Union majboot hai to ye fraud rokati hai patrakaar mahoday.

  • Patrakaar mahoday abhi finance ki aur jaankaari Le lijiye .

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  • Modi hai to barbadi hi barbadi hai

  • You are saying... Pvt bank will be well capitalized nd run smoothly..... Lakshmi vilas is also pvt bank ... How did it fail Yes bank also Kindly explain

    • The entire agenda is to sell these banks to foreign banks..

  • ek waqt aayae ga pura desh hi girae ga. koi desh ko dekh nae wala nhi.sirf aapna dekti hai govt. public ko sochna cha hiyae

  • Government of india

  • Uncle why aren't we selling off all the Government's Banks as every they require capitalization every year and their NPAs are much highers . In the other hand private banks require capitalization once in a while .

  • Brilliantly covered, excellent video, kudos to the team and sanjay sir awesome as usual 🙏💐💯

  • Jab aisa tha tho kingfisher vijay malya ko bhi bail out karna tha na.

  • Why are most of the Banks failing under BJP only??

    • @Kaushal Batavia Do foreign banks in India have NPAs?

    • Haha .. we whole heartedly welcome such liberals, anti-governmental, and provocative people. Please continue your sermons 👍🏻 We will feel more blessed 👍🏻Thank you Imran brother for making us energetic 👍🏻

    • @Rasmi Ranjan Behera Although he used question mark, he is sure more banks are failing under BJP rule, so I'm interested in reading those articles or comparative studies. What's wrong?

    • @Rasmi Ranjan Behera Yup the things are happening but I don't see an ideological counter neither and nor honesty. I only see smaller caste based clans in opposition except few like BJD who capable opposition

    • @Rasmi Ranjan Behera they're the opposition party 🥳. Bjp would've fought tooth and nail in opposition to stop such bills