Quick Review of Akshay Kumar's Laxmii | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 9 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Laxmii Quick Review by Stutee Ghosh.
#Laxmii #AkshayKumar #Review
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  • Well said, waste of time

  • Hi. Can u put subtitles English in that coz I am deaf . So I wanted to understand. Regard

  • writer and director should also be held accountable patak k pelo including lead actorzz

  • Should've used a mike ma'am. Voice is a little hard to understand at times because of echo

  • Audio 😒🙄😬

  • Wow this review was so useful . I understood everything with that sound quality. Mic theek karo apna gawaaro phir review do

  • Audio is very important. Smh.

  • I want to marry you and make you a good mother with many many children

  • Lady. Please use better recording device. Your voice is going through ups and downs and my ears can't take it.

  • Dhi sound is bad.

  • You are such a big channel.. With a low audio quality... Don't you have quality checks when you upload a prerecorded video.... Thumbs down.. 😒😒😒😒

  • change your mic

  • Sound?

  • Were you told to make a video at gun point?

  • Ya u don't understand anything and i dont understand u. Ur video is also point less change the camera angle n mic

  • 0/5 rating for this movie

  • The audio is infuriating.

  • Sound f

  • Common man...she's also negative...roti soorat

  • I have gave 0/5

  • now bad time of akshay started..... worst film...... n worst actor

  • 1:38 ok, we can understand why this is so much frustrating to watch Akshay? Apology don't needed 😌 First check your sound then talk about this flim.

  • You are appraising Kamala for being Vice President and India had a President and Prime Minister long before them. Appreciate that rather than comparing with US.

  • Bad sound quality

  • Kuch aisa video daalo jisme sun bhi paye, raddi audio poora

  • Very bad audio

  • Sound quality rating = 0.0000000√1

  • First buy a mic, then start criticize others..

  • Very bad audio of this video. Please use a good quality mic. I'm sure Quint will be able to afford a decent mic for its videos.

  • horrible

  • I am a biggest fan of Akshay Kumar. His acting was good but not well presented as it looked weird and other actors were like unnoticable. Song placement was bad. It looked as if the director didn't even put an effort to make good because he didn't want this movie to overshine his movie kanchana 2. It looked silly as they wanted to show it in a south style and the ghost wasn't even scary. The ghost looked like porcupine. But the main motive was to promote the transgender community and not hurt women as we know AKSHAY has made a lot of movies respecting women like padman and toilet. It is that humor was not presented in the correct manner and it looked offensive.

  • Weird movie! Pathetic!

  • Aahat from 90s sony channel is better

  • And 90% of the movie was shot in ultra wide angle. What a joke.

  • stopped watching this video after 20 seconds because of the audio

  • audio is as trash as the movie

  • tumara review movie se jyada bekar hai

  • you dont have right to tell the worst film because there is so much of hardwork of directer ragava lawrence and his team behind the movie. First thing this is the worst review i have ever seen. So, please dont tell worst or waste, if you dont like the film tell the film is not up to the mark or up to the expectations.🙏👍

  • *Mam pls solar system k ander reh k baat karo 😒😒😒 aapk awaz earth tak clearly pahunch nhi rehe hein* 😑

  • Super flop movie .Must be worst movie ever if gutterwood keep making copy paste movies like this all cinema halls will be closed for ever .

  • Now I appreciate Sadak 2 as a legendary classic after watching this...whatever this was...just thinking of Kishore Da's song "Yeh kya hua...kaise hua..." 😅😅😅

  • Sound quality of this video is worst than LB's IMDb rating 😂😂😂😂

  • 2:40 kitna overacting karegi Jhoot bolneke paise mile hai kya Yeh movie tamil ki thi aur waha pe isnepaise aur izzat dono kamaye the toh usne socha kyu nhi Bollywood mein banu toh usne bana li ab kuch movietheek thak gyi hai achi gayi hai toh tum uska mazak ura rhe ho pagal aurat

  • Bullywood is dead

  • Lund kumar go back

  • Do not like the sound...

  • Big fat Buffalo🐃

  • Don't you guys do some audio/mic tests?? Or just recorded and uploaded without any responsibility!?

  • Not movie but this movie review is the worst I have seen till today this movie review is just a publicity stunt where you get more likes and views when you say negative about the movie

    • Giving movie comments are easier then making a movie

    • If you know better about the movies then stop making movie review and start making movies it will not get a single like

  • apke review ko milte hain -5 star (minus five) (-*****)

  • Sound is too bad

  • Honestly movie is not that bad.. It is just outdated for 2020.. They totally remaked it without any improvisation which was must as original was 7-8 years old.. It could be definitely better but not that bad as she is saying atleast not worst of 2020 and all.. The awareness is more at digital and urban level.. Even today if you go into deeper parts of India , approach for transgender is literally the same as 10 years back.. Just go to your parents, grandpas and talk about the topic or stereotypes that film is highlighting about men and women behaviourl roles.. You will come out of the bubble..

  • maam, video upload karne se pahle check nahi kiya tha kya? shyaa...

  • I was looking for a review not a rant. The Quint you can do better.

    • It's very easy, to confuse our own mind, if we are not honest with our self, following our ideas, over time. Don't worry about others, who cares, what's up in their mind, would they ever be honest,

  • Feel sad for you that u have to go through torture.

  • Hello there are some people who don't take entertainment as entertainment purpose. They consider everything as their topic of controversy so that they can get some likes n comments. If you guys will make everything controversy then what is the use of entertainment.

  • movie is worse than the audio of this video

  • It seems review is as bad as movie 🤔

  • Mam u r not audible...

  • Today, I realised that the smell of my shit has such medicinal effects. After this two hour torture, the only solace I found was to take a dump and it was at that moment that we complain a lot about better things in life and don't appreciate what we have. The hammering headache that this torture named Laxmi Bomb left me with...was cured by the smell of my dump. And all these while we all have been complaining about the smell of our shit.

  • i am uncomfortable to wear bangles u cant do any shit abt it boycott this channel

  • Was the movie even worse than your Mic Quality?

  • The Worst Audio Quality of 2020

  • Jaha kaha feminism ki chtiyap 🤣🤣

  • Point 1: you do not understand the movie and see better side of it Point 2: you need to know how to write a review by looking 360 degrees and post it properly Most of the comments are not about the movie rather your quality of the post

  • Your Review is Just Like the Movie... explains Everything.....!!!

  • Bangalan ki ankhe mast hoti he

  • You look like ayesha raza or you can say ayesha raza daughter 😅

  • Worst film of 2020 still goes to Sadak 2

  • review was good 👍 but recording sahi se nahi hua hy sound bahut low hy

  • Stutee Ghosh,Your speech spreads so much of hate. Its alright the movie didn't live up to your expectations. But the way you are making fun of it is disrespect towards the entire cast and crew who worked hard day and night to build this film. Wahan baithkar mazak banana is so easy when you dont know ho much hard work goes behind it. I wish you highlighted positives of the movie as much as you highlighted the negatives which I am sure must be there. I hope you learn to respect and appreciate hard work.Goodluck!

  • Well the quality of mic sums the video up☺️

  • You are running a youtube channel and you don’t even have right equipments? Nxt time before you upload any video at least upgrade your camera and mic

  • Isse acha mic mere paas hai😂

  • Canada Kumar is only good for one thing..mango..mango..mango bhakti..

  • The movie is very poorly made, story is good , but depiction is poor and outdated , Akshay kumar looking very old and full of wrinkles , i don't know what kind of health freaks he is , not maintained, and kiera not matching and looks lame, her dialoueges are just written with the intention of dumping songs in it , the burj song looks like they have put some random mobile shots and compiled together, camera angles looks like they were not allowed to shoot either, the mauli who comes to rescue , doesnt do justice to the seriousness of his need, and thats not how real maulees does the job , its portrayed like some shaktiman role, over all a good story is totally ruined

  • maza aa gaya , entertaining movie, mass audience ko to maza hi aa gaya.

  • Awesome movie hai yr.. log faltu ka negative fela rahe hai .. jisne nahi dekhi dekh lo awesome movie hai.. family ke sath dekh sakte ho.. ❤️

    • @Aman Bhargav i didnt say its bad movie. bcos im fan of kanchana. but when i saw akshay kumar acting i vomitted literally. he was so bad in that role.. i too agree no need to compare. but at least theere some b someway he should b in his own way and act in proper way in that role.

    • @axxo axx but laxmi nice movie ok

    • Go and watch kanchana... Ak is poor in acting for this role

  • I only watched it for 30 mins ..it's irritating.....Akshay Kumar is looking like father of Kiara in the movie not husband. He is over acting I dunno why. Expected a lot better....

  • Aunty review karna to sikh lo, jabardasti kuchh bhi mat boliye aap

  • mam mic to theek karlo fir akshay sir ko criticize karna

  • Stutee Ghost please get your facts right and please watch the original movie ok. and donot compare Kalama Harris. your information , Priyanca Radhakrishnan, is the youngest Indian to hold a cabinet position from India and to address in her mother tongue in New Zealand.

  • Correct

  • I watched this movie half way.... Then stopped

    • No... But it was cringe × 1000 !

    • Was the movie vulgar ?

    • It's very easy, to confuse our own mind, if we are not honest with our self, following our ideas, over time. Don't worry about others, who cares, what's up in their mind, would they ever be honest,

  • Itna kya bura dikhaya tha film me. Autny Transgenders ki bhi izzat karna sikhlo.

  • Aunty dusro ki kami nikalne se pehle apni editing thik se karna sikhlo. Your video was worst video of 2020.

  • Kamala harris is inspiration , pratibha patil is not 😂😂🤣🤣 ,

  • Re-upload with better audio

  • Hahahah this video is to only gain audience by speaking shit about such an amazing film. Using nepotism smartly

  • It was bad But not the worst of 2020

  • Disaster Movie

  • Mic clarity, was an issue...

  • Yes its a Pathetic ! So Is your channel Quint !

  • The audio is completely ruining the video, I just can’t watch!!!!

    • It's very easy, to confuse our own mind, if we are not honest with our self, following our ideas, over time. Don't worry about others, who cares, what's up in their mind, would they ever be honest,

  • Akshay kumar and the whole bollywood has been left behind Thanks to Amazon Prime and Netflix for providing platform to real actors This was shit served on golden plate to audience but that doesn't mean we r dumb enough to eat that Patal lok, Mirzapur, sacred games, panchayat, hostel days, raat akeli h, jamtara, scam 1992, tajmahal 1989 The content is getting better and better everyday Still they are living in dreamland of item songs, no story, star actor with young female casts who does nothing and the worst direction and story writing ever

  • Laxmii is worse than even Sadak 2, and that's saying something

  • The sound quality displays how the movie was in general

  • After 1 min I stopped watching this video because of the audio

  • Audio quality is poor 😐

  • Askay kumar is now over confidence and we know why