Not All is Gloomy This Diwali, Here is Satvir’s Story of Hope | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 12 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, #Diwali this year will be bleak for some, and yet special, for some of us. One of them is #Satvir.
Like several other migrant workers, Satvir was also facing deep financial distress and had no work in Delhi. But today his life has changed for better, after The Quint's readers watched his story.
Video: The Quint
Music: BMG
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  • Great 🙏 work 👍 quint!!! Keep it up 👍!

  • Man, the great thing he did was farming and tubwell, salute

  • Salute to him🙏

  • The tej on his face tell everything, thank you quint

  • Look at the happiness at his face when he talks about his vegetables 🙂

  • At least he appreciated everyone, not ungrateful like Baba Ka dhaba.

  • Baba ka Dhaba better take notes on gratitude from this guy

  • This video is uploaded at the right time as by seeing Baba Ka dhaba it would might be an issue

  • stay vlessed

  • I hope he will be always happy in his life 😄😄🤗🤗😊.

  • That's why I love quint. Always shows us stories that no other media would show. This made my day ❤️

  • Proud to you 'The Quint' , You are Inspiration for million Satvir bhai.

  • Ye toh pakka hai The Quint Congress ka dalal hai

  • Ek ye hai .. aur ek Baba

  • He was so proud and soo excited to show his farms produce❤️. Amazing work team Quint please never ever change.

  • He made a good use of people’s contribution, thats what was worth it.

  • True journalism , True nationalism, Love your work quint , great job Quint !! 👍

  • I am sooo happy for him, this just made my day!, also, i know this is irrelevant but he is really handsome and soo unique!!

  • social media> tv media

  • I'm Christian but God bless the poor❤

  • Super Anna very good

  • This is called true nationalism ,,,keep going quint

  • He should provide good education to his 2 children and make sure he will not have more babies.

  • God bless everyone that helped him and thanks Quint,stories like this gives us hope that there is still good people around 🙏

  • Masha Allah may Allah SubhanatAllah help all of us.

  • And Kashmir still bleeds because of rss and it's goons in power.

  • Tq ....the quint team🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The humbleness in his Voice 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Thank you Quint team🙏

  • I have no words to say 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🙇🙇🙇🙇

  • While having chaos in minds...this channel shows us that goodness is still alive❤

  • It was great to see that he invested the money rather than spending it all out like most daily wage earner. I once gave 10k to a poor farmer to buy irrigation equipment like pipes , drip etc but the next day i came to know he had bought a LCD TV with that money and was again asking for money from everyone again as his crops were dying without water.

    • @Ravi Kumar Yep, now i think 10 times before helping anyone, Kalyug hai

    • What a disappointing move.... Aise to dusro ki help krne motivation hi chali jaati hogi

  • You guys at quint are awesome! Keep rocking the same way🤟

  • Quint's Only this story I like not any other!

  • Ek ye h...aur ek vo baba bsdka h...umar se smjhdari nh aati ye to pta chal hi gya...always b humble n thankfull to ppl who help u...

  • And thanks to those who donated... That's My india

  • Thank u Quint.... Continue this Good Work....

  • Masha Allah aakhir me wo smile ❤️

  • Alhamdulillah I am soooo happy for him ... I was very much hurt when saw him crying last time ... I am glad he used the money in a proper way n soo happy mash allah.... May allah bless him more n more

  • You never know how your little can changes one's life forever ❤️ well done Quint.❤️

  • ❤❤

  • I remembered him 2 days ago. And Now here He is🙏🙏

  • Well done quint and the humanity within us. ❤

  • May god bless with ..all power👍

  • God bless him

  • Only video where no one is hating the quint for posting a video on any topic

  • Those cops will burn in hell who seized his cart.

  • Pure at his ❤️😊😊

  • Salam bhai... Ram Ram

  • God bless you Satvir❤️

  • Be like satvir ❤️ And don't be like a onwer of dhaba 😎😂😂

  • Ur smile made my diwali brother.. hope one day everyone will smile like this... 🤍♥️

  • Sooo happy to see him smiling. ♥️♥️♥️

  • This video bought a big smile on my face...

  • Tears in my eyes....may nature bless all the humanity 🙏

  • I pray for those 15 dislikes...Get mentally well people....

  • Good that he utilized the money for his betterment.

  • Just imagine mere 3 lakhs were enough for him to earn his livelihood How much difference 3000 crores would have been made if spent for needy 😯

    • Unfortunately all we do is IMAGINE THAT

  • Quint jounralsim 👌🏻

  • This is so heartwarming💓☺ i am so happy for him

  • He's a smart guy. 👍 I wish him all the best for his n his family's future

  • Heartfelt 💚

  • His smile is worth the trouble ppl took

  • Garib bhi 2 type ka hota ha 1 satvir 2 baba ka dhaba vala

  • Thats what we can do if we think positive and spread positivity via social media instead of hate.We as indians have immense power to help and change each other's life. Lets be united and not fall in politician's hate and divisive agenda.🙏

  • U r my inspiration

  • I saw him on the news in may , everyone feels same away from home .

  • Bas ye bhai kadar krein or santushti ss jeewan bitae🙏 sabhi ko khushi milne ka adhikar h..

  • This brought happy tears to my eyes. I remember watching him cry that day and feeling helpless. But, not today.. I am so glad that I wasn't alone in helping him and that there were thousands who chipped in whatever way they could.. Thank you The Quint for speaking to truth. God bless you all..

  • U can literally feel his happiness.... But i cant deny the fact that even aftet seeing his condition the police won't let him take his cart....

  • This shows humanity really exists.. Thanks to the quint and all the donors to bring smile on his face again.. 😊

  • Long Years ago we made a tryst with Destiny and now the time comes we shall redeem our pledge. Satvir Story is inspiring and a story which makes us Indians feel proud and Humanity proud.

  • Satvir be happy dear 🥰😍🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Haha, the way he was showing off his new crops is adorable!! 😄

  • Best wishes to u satvir bhai...

  • well done quint

  • I want to know where is pm cares fund

  • Very happy for this boy. I pray god he keeps smiling like this always

  • Happy Diwali to his family and everyone 🙏

  • Amazing diwali video by u guys really

  • We only rise by lifting others 💚👍

  • Great to see him smiling again. Humanity Exists.

  • Satvir and Baba ka Dhaba; Same story but different response

  • Hate and kick some NRI like bihari and UP origin

  • 💚

  • Great work! Keep it up..

  • Humanity still exist 😃

  • He is greater then the dhaba wala baba... Congratulations satvir..Keep the good work.

  • I am proud to be quint suscriber

  • When something is taken away from you, there is always a reason behind. He had his cart taken away but now look at how he has restarted his life better. It’s all God’s plan. We should never lose hope and have patience. God is always protecting his children.

  • Happy diwali too alll

  • Bless him & his family! Happy Diwali :)

  • Help these type of people not that baba ka dhaba and ranu mondal

  • During these unprecedented times and the tyrannical rules, if there was anyone who was brave enough to still be true to the spirit of journalism, it were MRslow channels, like _"The Quint"_ or _"ScoopWhoop Unscripted"_ , and a handful of other local journalists or social media influencers. Otherwise if we turn to the mainstream national media, it's nothing but a bunch of biased fools shouting at the top of their lungs just to try, and fail at that too, to silence the truth. Thank you Quint, for changing lives, one family at a time.

  • Thanks 'The Quint' Team and Happy Deepawli !

  • Thank you 🙌 Quint

  • Earlier he was earning good enough to live his life Now he's earning good as well as is happy. 😀

  • Chalo kam se kam paisa milne k baad, ye baba ka dhaba jaisa toh nhi nikla😀🤗

  • Humanity still nowdays