'New Road in Maharashtra's Dhule After 15 Yrs, Cracks Visible Already' | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 9 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
#MyReport: In Maharashtra's Dhule, low-grade construction of a 100 ft road has angered locals, who have been protesting for the last three months.
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  • Good issue

  • *धूलिया शहर के साक्री रोड स्थित प्रभाग क्रमांक 7 ड शितल कॉलोनी मे दो ओपन स्पेस पर वॉल कंपाउंड का काम शुरू है! इस् काममे बहोत बड़ा घोटाला है! काम का दर्जा बिल्कुल घटिया है! कम् वक्तमे काम खतम करने हेतू जल्दबाजीमे काम शुरू है! सभी मटेरिअल बहोत कम् तथा कामको सेट होनेसे पहले आगे बढा रहे है काम पर् पाणी बहोत कम् मात्रा मे दिया जा रहा है! कृपया इस् काम पर् धूलिया प्रतीनिधी कुछ ख़बर करे ऐसा नम्र निवेदन है!

  • اگر آپ جیسے کان اینٹھنے والے پترکار نہ ہوں تو یہ گدھے کارپوریٹرس نڈر اور بے خوف ہو جائیں اور ان کی من مانیاں آسمان کو پہنچ جائے ۔ آپ اپنا کام کرتے رہیں حق کی آواز بلند کرتے رہیں ۔

  • Citizens of India are still struggling for basic amenities. 🙄 Vision 2020?

    • Stand for development. It's our right.

  • Hardworking citizens pay taxes for the development of the country and this is what they get..... 😞

  • Very good work

  • Buddy come see out "white topping"

  • To be very honest muslim hate development and same muslim party wants to play . Becoz u people do not like education .

  • Keep it up guys....

  • It took 15 years for the quint to identify there was no road here.suddenly they got to know.

  • Government officers reservation ke jumle se select honge toh for granted hee lenge. Badiya hai desh ka jo kaam karna chahte unhone job nhi mil rhi aur yeh nakare government job ko bhi granted lete hai. Aise chalega apna desh.

  • The wannabe reporter is so hypocrite, doesn’t talk about garbage lying around which is the locals responsibility to clean. Just want to blame government for everything.

  • Maha Sarkar - Shiv Sena is busy fighting with BJP. The funny part is I get to see a BMW ADVERTISEMENT at the end. 🤣 What a country

  • why don't you tell the party ruling in maharashtra a****** quint. if it was BJP , you would have mentioned in caption right?..

  • Make sure to use OPC Cement with minimum thickness of 8 inch in depthness and assure proper curing(Tarai) post construction to avoid cracks: A Civil engineer.

  • Kabhi Arunachal Pradesh visit karo tab pata chalega kharab road kya hota hai, atleast video me dikhaya gaya Cc road 100% better hai.

  • Gujrat roads much better than Maharashtra roads

    • @Nishant B ??

    • *Roads and bridges in surat are pretty good !!*

    • Don't know about complete Gujarat but Ahmadabad is really good

  • This is the result of our fifth highest GDP in the world

  • Good citizen

  • Good thing is Citizens are taking initiative to highlight the sub standards work.

  • sab ke sab chor hai sale

  • Quint forget to mention local government body. If quint is reporting then it is BJP

    • The local MLA is from choti BJP party urf (MIM)

    • Has the place got a different CM?

  • Maharastra is the largest contributer to indian Economy,but with corruption it soon is going to decay

  • Whole north maharashtra faces this problem ,buldhana akola jalna there the roads are so bad. And this problem is since ages and everytime I think next year the roads will be good but i have been seeing this since my childhood. The roads are just pathetic🙄.

    • Do you saw mumbai roads😂

    • Is this project under Modi ji or Uddhav ji?

  • this bring shame to civil engineering.

    • It's curruption.

  • Bjp modi time comes either work for India's development or resign from post as pm , fed with with this mis management 😒

    • @maderchod hai t series lockdawn बहुत लंबा था इसलिए पिछले क्वार्टर की GDP इतनी गिर गई, बिजनेस बंद होगा जिससे रोजगार चले गए। अगर लॉकडाउन नहीं लगाया होता तो हम सोच भी नहीं सकते की क्या हालत होती।

    • @Yogesh Raj ye neta log hai kaam hai nafrat galane ka , common men ka zeena muskil kar diya lockdown ne naukri gaye berozgari badi GDP -23 aagaye , sawal kisse puche phir 😒

    • @Just Wow kyuki t series chor hai Sushant Singh Rajput ki maut ka t series ki wajah se hai , t series anti hindu movies banata hai isleyee 🙏

    • Bhai kabhi gujrat k roads dekho..

    • महाराष्ट्र में शिवसेना और कांग्रेस की सरकार है। हर जगह अपनी नफरत मत घुसाया करो।

  • Hahahahahhaha... par bhai dekho.. agar koi India ko corrupt bolega na .. main bhadak jaaunga online hahahahah

    • India is a corrupt nation and there is no denial.... aapke gussa karne se raddi bar b sachai change nahi hoga

  • Just blame Modi👍🏼

    • @A W size of India is more bigger than UK, Dubai, Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan,Iran, Syria, turkey , Egypt, Palestine, Yemen, Sudan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bangladesh etc. India already made lots of new deadly indigenous weapons against separatists and enemies. India is a already powerful and rich country. It's classified. You could be scared in reality of india. Peace

    • @Saahil Dhown hahahahaa😂 where do you find India a rich country 😂😂 don't worry in future Maharashtra, South India,west Bengal and Northeast India is gonna separate to make own country. Mark my words

    • @A W india is already a rich country . It's just a matter of population. Big country with enough rich people within their buildings.

    • @Saahil Dhown hahaaaa BJP ruled states developed?😂😂😂😂 India is poor country and will be remained

    • @A W half india under modi . Places under modi are fully developed and other places under congress are underdeveloped

  • BJP's the reason for everything that is wrong in this country

    • Bjp is in power in dhule municipal Corporation

    • Nitin Gadkari of bjp is a big scammer

    • Is this project under Modi ji or Uddhav ji?

    • इसी दुनिया में रहते हों या किसी ओर दुनिया में रहते हो? अपना सामान्य ज्ञान थोड़ा ठीक करो ताकि पता चले कि महाराष्ट्र में शिवसेना और कांग्रेस की सरकार है।

    • Oh that's something new I learned I didn't knew that BJP government was handling in mp.