Nearly 50 Children Allegedly Sexually Exploited, CBI Arrests UP Govt Engineer

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 18 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
The CBI arrested a junior engineer of the Uttar Pradesh irrigation department for allegedly sexually exploiting children over a period of 10 years and circulating child sex abuse material on the dark web.
#Childsexualabuse #Chitrakoot #POCSOAct
Video: The Quint
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  • UP is our proud state in India.. And Bihar too. ❤️ Well done UP.

  • Video work is good but background music doesn't suit with the content.

  • Uthar pradesh the sick man of india

  • No parallel to U. P in entire India.. May Allah grant us understanding

  • Is it that much easy to access dark web and sell thigs ?

  • UPs new fullform: Unparalleled Pradesh. No one can beat UP in criminal matters. Best place in India for aspiring thugs and villians.

  • Pakka takla yogi ka chela hoga...nxt cm of bjp party..

  • where is arnab goswami

  • Drop nuclear bomb on up and bihar please

  • Such a massive contribution from UP to India. . . . . . . . . . . . . . providing a good script for Crime thrillers

  • these dislikes from pedophiles? 🙄

  • Hek he is not Muslim now what bjp, bjp childrens and whole network will do

  • People are so sick nowadays. This is so disheartening and cruel. These men should be hanged.

  • Shocking this guy was smart enough to enter the darkweb

  • _U.P ne naam Roshan kar diya._

  • What kind of music in they have put =_=

  • Ye to dikh v raha hai hewan Main to sare mummy papa bhaiyon se yahi kahungi agar aap k ghr pe choti bachi hai to plz uspe dhyan de Use buri or achi baaton ki pechan karayen jaise kuch v bura ho to wo aapko aake bata sake Hum jab bache the hume sikhane wale koi nhi the par ab k daur me ye sab jaruri ho gaya hai

  • And they are making laws for Inter-religous Love marriages 😀😀

    • Lolzzz..... They are busy in making lawss for love jihad and cows but not kids or women

  • Shame

  • Change the background music

  • Governance bchi ni hai up mein ab toh

  • There is something fundamentally wrong with up and Bihar men.

  • Kaun hai ye log .🙄 Done it for 10 years .

  • Just wait Yogi would tell it's an international conspiracy to defame him

  • Why trap music is used here

  • Y the hell people ruining young kiddos life yaar...those little souls purely believe us in everything ..... Sick minded ones please wake up .....🙏 Leave those little buds to enjoy their childhood .....

  • U.P should be Geo tagged as Dangerous state for Women

  • Really disturbing news ...... 🙄🙄

  • RamBhavan naam ka lihaz toh rakhna thha

  • Naam Ram aur karm raavan se gande

  • Yogi nhi bhogi he bhogi

  • Uttar Pradesh worst state of all....Shame!!!.I feel sick seeing this again and again......

  • I hope ki mere ko bhi in bacho mein leleiya jata msst Bachpan mein hi verginity loss ho jati

  • Surely he has supplied the material to Babu's and netas that's why he was able to survive 10 years...

  • Yeh har wakt UP se hi aisa news kyun aate hain..

  • Isme women's bhi shamil the unke chehre bhi dikhao.

  • Why most of these horrible things happen in UP ? It's pathetic ☹️

  • Not discussing caste now, are we?

  • Takle ka ram raj...

  • Another incident from UP? Will India become crime free if UP is removed from its map?

  • Hinduon thodi sharam karna isko bachane ke liye dange mat karva dena.

    • Tera jaise chutiya samjha kya.


  • Link pls 🤣😂

    • What is wrong with you.

  • What happend to the buyer of these videos ?? Only seller is caught ??

  • And Ram Mandir toh bana liya lekin Ram ke ek guun bhi nahi hai😂

  • Engineer!!! Really😂😂😂😂

    • 😂😂😂😂

  • Now court will take years in judgement. And if we ask judiciary for fast judgement, judges will scream 'contempt of court'.

  • The children may be Dalits.

    • 😬what the....

  • Its not their fault ...its actually the fault of the mother of this culprit who taught him such an ill thing ..who made him feel that he can do such a henious thing with children...such people are mentally ill due to poor care by parents also..i think they should also be blamed along with the culprit

  • Shame 😭

  • Nobody: Not in the parallel universe: Crime UP : Yes I'm in

  • Maharshi Godi aur Dhongi ka jungle raj Pradesh mein aur kya hosaktaa hain.

  • This world needs Jesus more than Anything now.

    • The world doesn't need a so called messiah, it needs more rational human beings who can own their problems and solve them intellectually rather than depending on invisible magical forces

    • jesus is not a god nor the son of god , jesus is the messenger of god

    • 😂😂

  • Please stop child abuse. Take action against culprit. In the name of God fight each other. No God save children and rulling party

  • Gaand me bamboo time for that guy... its hell now.

  • No comments.....its disgusting

  • I would rather not blaim any political party for it... But I just have no idea what the children's went through!! I mean that must be so painful!!! 💔 I just pray to God that somehow the Government provides them with justice and more facilities of well being!! 🙂

  • All in the same State. Not that other States are any better. Inhuman behaviour in man is escalating.

  • This is literally normal in states like up and Bihar

  • UP and BIHAR are high on breaking records..

  • Bloody monster 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

  • Uttar Pradesh epicentre of all probably never heard of or cane across

  • Congratulations up police and CBI

  • UP is like a blackhole in the country. That state is literal shit hole. Laws, police, morality, justice, nothing works in that state. My heart goes out to all good people who have to live their lives in that state.

  • What's the crime in UP either bore there or doing murders & Rapes etc??

  • I am born in UP , and it feels so sad when every heinious crime is reported from UP

    • 😔🙏

    • Yes brother its really "sad"

  • Ye bjp jha jha h jbtk hatega nhi desh aage badhega nhi

  • Cbi : he was under our surveillance for a long time,..... yeah approx 10 yrs. He will be out in no time max 1 yr , the media and people will forget abt this and go after other bollywood or such silly cases. Our country is totally fucked up. Some are saying 'only in UP' ,no its happening all over the country .

  • UP is that kid from classroom who does every wrong things and on the top of it, always gets caught😝 Thank god he got caught.. *inner me*

    • Gets caught..but nothing happens since that kid is Principal's favourite

  • Yogiji, how are you doing today?. We need 'CM's like you. If ever I had to tell my story, I would say I lived in the time of Yogi Adityanath ( Courtesy: TROY).

  • Dekho Yaha pe dislikers.v hai.....inka data leke arrest karwao

  • But in gali mohallas aunty and uncles still only focus whether girl can make roti , where she is going , where she is coming from I hardly see anyone talking about counselling young boys and girls and men in general. All ages and genders should get counselling on sensitivity and ethics.

    • Only counselling won't help. Autocorrect system like "Karm-faal system" should be imbibed. You do a bad karma, you get punished! Such Auto check will atleast make people think before doing anything evil!

    • Underrated Comment

  • Yogi hathao up ko bachao ..modi hathao desh bachao ,,, jo pury india mai ilegal kam hoty hai wh sary kam milkar up mai hoty hai aisa koi kam nhi hai jo up mai nhi hota hai har wh ilegal kam up mai hota hai

  • Randwa bana do usko

  • I know this can happen anywhere in India, but once again UP is leading the way. The state govt has failed when it comes to human rights, I think United Nations should intervene and help this state. This is just sad.

  • atleast now law is being used to capture criminals and not to oppress dissent in UP

  • And the invisible inner trauma scarring them emotionally mentally sexually? When will they be healed of that even after justice is served? And the people these kids will impact negatively as they grow with the hurts in their souls?....OMG

    • @bronzy gamer jesus? You find conversion opportunity in this? So lowly! You could've said God..

    • Exactly.. Nobody can heal the innermost parts of heart but Jesus.

  • Welcome to UP my dear friends!

  • Pubg is successfully blocked /banned but not the dark web🤔🤔🤔

  • umar khed ki saza do haram zade ko

  • Just a normal day in UP...

  • Chiiiiii re ..

  • This happens when the UP CM doesn't gave a WIFE or DAUGHTER to know the real pain of girls

    • It is not just girls.

  • Imagine if his name sounds like a muslim 🙄🙄🙄 UP sarkar aur media ko to orgasm hi aa jata🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Ahh! UP again..

  • What can you expect from a state ruled by a gunda himself.

  • For 10 yrs...???? That too in Chitrakoot. Where Shree Ram Spent his Vanvas घोर कलयुग इसे ही कहते है।....

  • Ram sirf naam mein hi hain aajkal

  • The state having most number of religious places is also a crime capital of India. Strange isn't it?

    • @Shivoham 08 I'm hindu. Who's playing a victim card?

    • Nonsense. Why do you play victim card if you get trolled by Hindus for such a comment.... Why bring in "religious places"?

    • Haha illiterate fellow who cannot read the NCRB report giving gyaan here

  • UP shouldn't be part of India

  • Up ppl are goons Don't know what kind on moral values they's a shame

  • Wtf!!!!

  • Idiots in comment section talking about UP,modi,BJP. Do you even know anything except this? You just need topic to link , plz get life 🙂 btw Not a fan of BJP.

  • O god!! Plz save the world 🙏What our 🌎 is turning into???

  • What.. UP again???

  • Next BJP IT CELL Amit Malvya, another pervert

  • Not surprising that this is in UP

  • He will be saved like chinmayanand, ram rahim...

  • Why every abusing and raping is from UP

    • @who am i non-bjp states are safe , they develop and a muslim and christian can safely enjoy their eid or christmas without goons entering their house and lynching them for eating beef

    • @who am i UP is the most dangerous , hate filled state in india , many idiots still practice caste sytem , hidutva org. is litterally a terror organisation managed by yogi and his minions

    • @Darth Vader kerala has a high crime rate cause they get reported which makes kerala one of the safest state

    • @This cat Is lit lol per capita crime in Kerala per 100,000 people is way more in Kerla including rape. Read the NCRB report before blabbering here on MRslow. UPs population is high so number of reported crimes will be high but in proportion to the population that's very low.

    • @who am i why not ofcourse I will watch but u are forgetting Kerela is not even 1% near to up in crime

  • Over 10 years and he didn't get caught by the cyber crime department. Why it takes too much time to arrest these evils who disturbing the society.

    • Bobbin Joseph You are correct in every respect. He was doing it for much longer than 10 years & there were many more than 50 victims. Why are there no charges against the actual violation of Human Rights? Children do not seem to have any legal or moral protection - just exist to be exploited- that's why it's prevalent for so long & the token sentences are no deterrent. 😔😱😖😭