Meet the First Indian to Ride on the Hyperloop

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 22 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
The Quint caught up with Tanay Manjrekar from Pune, who represented India in the first Hyperloop test run with passengers on board. We talked to him about his experience and what it meant to represent India at such a big stage.
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Video: The Quint
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  • Imagine , What if it stops somewhere in middle of tunnel and there's no outside view?

  • what would be the cost for mumbai to pune one way?

  • hyperloop is similar to theranos.

  • Maharashtra government already cancelled this project. I hoe Bangalore doesn't make the same mistake.

  • Proud with reality... Great

  • Fake totaly

  • Musk musk musk

  • He looks better in the video than in the thumbnail...

  • Khup chaan😀😀mast

  • I think this technology can be used for time travel in upcoming generations hope this technology develop and increasing travelling speed that reach more than light speed to travel in time 💬

  • If there is a break failure, can't even think about the disaster

  • This is an ad

  • I don’t know what he is trying to say

  • Yes please do design additionally please do factor all natural factors like flood while designing this in india . Great to note this

  • I thought there were 2 In the back

  • When Tejas express started during initial days people took the TV and other appliances from the train ... Well this is the mentality ...and hyperloop...ha ha ha ...let's see 😀😂...

  • How much would a ticket cost 🤔

  • How about building HYGIENIC-LOO in India first since the deficit is great.

  • "Anna, does it go to M. G. road? "

  • Fake one ... never believe in Indian news ... India is the mother of fake news spreader

  • This man is a great example how the youth of any country should be excited, enthusiastic, innovative . I am superexcited to see hyperloop in India . cheers !!!!

  • Love from Explore Positiveness 🥰

  • Thanks to modi for bringing hyperloop in India Har har modi ghar ghar modi 🙏

  • I am just like him, honestly. No excellent grades, just interested in Spacex, hyperloop, Tesla etc.

  • See a video a from.a channel called thunderfoot why hyperlool Is scam and would not be feasible technology

  • Forget Hyperloop, what is the status of BRTS and METRO?

  • Let’s see the poor try to ride on top for free.

  • The sound in the background is so weird when they ask questions....

  • Kudos Tanay & team hyperloop on this revolutionary transit system. Had the pleasure to meet you!

  • wow just wow..look what humans have achieved

  • Wow. The Quint changes all the time like weather. Sometimes hate speech sometimes good 😂

  • Isne desh ka name roshan kiya is leiye jordar taliyaa

  • Looks like the future technology only belongs to rich people😂 Hyperloop, space travel, underground cities for apocalypse, driverless cars, I mean of course, spread another coronavirus and kill more poor population 🤭🙄

  • That tununu offendes me so much

  • All that is fine. But what is the cost of riding- is the main question. 😂

  • And mean while The quint thinking about how to use this machine to make india an islamic country.

  • Sppu university student at this level... That's good

  • Hyperloop is a scam

  • I am from India and I want it in INDIA.

  • ‘Marrrathi Manoos’ with a fake accent

  • Tanay Manjrekar 👌👌 जय महाराष्ट्र ❤️

  • Do you guys really believe in this SCAM. All i see is the guy is very Charismatic and talks like a politician. Never talks about technical Challenge of it, being a 10km long medium vacuum chamber , pumps every 100 m, pressure problems under compression, all of these are never mentioned in those almighty Elon Musk WHITE PAPERS. Elon Musk himself abandoned this project the same year he organized the hyperloop project competition. Guys do your research, Don't be the one that says " Oh no" along with the the stupid incompetent Maharashtra Urban Development Minister Eknath Shinde When hyperloop rolls out to be a scam on news channels.

  • Abhi ye GTA mey be ayega

  • Can hyperloop relates theory of relativity?

  • We don't even have metro in most of our cities. We'll get hyperloop when the rest of the world moves to Jupiter. The most realistic thing we can expect is probably better seats in our trains.

  • Why are people trying to redefine something that already works? Hyperloop is just a means for Virgin to get more govt. money. It does not use vacuum for propulsion. Even Elon Musk gave up on his Hyperloop because its impossible to build a vacuum tube several hundred km long, and it is impossible to house several people in Its just a glorified electric train.

  • We feel proud for you... Carry on mate...

  • Good bro

  • Is there anyone who feels that they'll make ICE cars and trains obsolete? I would personally hate to see ICE cars going obsolete

  • Can we walk inside as we do in a train/ flight? Does it have toilet 🚽 inside?

  • What if 2 pods collide? Is it collision proof?

  • promised a transit system that can travel up to 700 miles per hour. Built a big Lego set in the desert that runs 70 miles per hour and its a big achievement.

  • Dude, we in Mumbai are still waiting for the metro work to finish. What Hyperloop?

  • Looked bumpy

  • Avi tak bullet train hi nhi aya india may or ea hyperloop toh dur ki baat hyyy😂😂😂

  • 2030🙄🥱

  • yeh bro. we want it to be in india

  • What;s with the fake accent, and made up grunt in the voice?

  • cost

  • I'm ready for Bihar 😁

  • Hyperloop coming to India in 2030 Le librandus: pehle mere 15 lakh de do mudizeee

  • Hyperloop is a scam

  • India is already behind compare to china in rail networks.It's better that we skip a step and try to hyperloop a common thing for common indians. It will always be a good investment considering the long term future plan of commute in India rather than just following the steps of others.

  • Yaha ke logo ko tiktok jaise faltu cheezon me jyada interest hai. Logo se kuch nayi cheez je baare me baat kro to bolte hai tu bore kr rha hai.. Ab aise me kya hi ho skta hai🙄🙄😑😑

  • 🇮🇳🙏🙏🙏

  • Do it has toilet n washrooms??

  • 2 words for shivsena who stopped this project 😡😠😠😠

  • Watching video from pune and I am proud of you 👍

  • So inspiring!

  • Now that's how we should represent our country.🙏

  • Really futuristic but what would be the cost per ride from one end to the other?

  • 🔥

  • Modiji I support on various decision but u really failed us by starting bullet train project.

  • My question to all is really India need a hyperloop, bullet train. I thing no a thing which used by 1or 2% of India's people's and spending lakh carores for these. We are lack of basic requirements and we trying to fulfil rich mans dreams.

  • 0:33 line was killer

  • WoW!

  • Hyperloop is story nothing else

  • ok lets be honnest no middle class people will travel in this if it come to india as i would be expensive asf

  • Learn how Musk Promtoting his Tech. In India

  • Hyper Loop is metro running in a tube.

  • I'm still wondering 0.2gs??

  • Seriously did you find this to cover as News ...😂😂😂😂Its like one who travelled something looks like Metro but not exactly ...Too hype news I feel


  • Fake smile of that girl 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Modi hai toh mumbkin hai. Swacha Bharat aviyan.

    • modi oh pls it is hyperloop's work and the credit goes to them, and also modi was yesterday celebrating in banaras while the farmers were protesting. So pls stop doing this just so you know petrol has reached above Rs.80 in almost all states and even 90 in some states

  • getting 70% attendance else get detained 😂🤣🤣

  • I like him but he's making me cringe😂

  • The pod with the Indian flag is just a fiber glass facade. Hyperloop is super flawed. This is the next Theranos or Nikola.

  • Hyperloop is a flawed concept. Most of the Hyperloop projects are just appreciating in value without even ONE operational Hyperloop around the world. All of this is a marketing ploy to save face. They are even not using what the original white paper said. In fact, most talk of Elon Musk as if he invented it or proposed it first. It was proposed in 1910. Lol. If hyperloop survives, it will be a really expensive amusement ride

  • You are expecting this in India by 2030? LoL, and you say ur an Indian.

  • hyperloop is such a bs.. railways are the best.. bring more bullet trains 🤷‍♂️

  • I believe it is better to introduce hyperloop in all the major cities in india rather than bullet train. Just one bullet train link between Mumbai and Ahmedabad and other train upgrade to 160km/hr.Spend the money on hyperloop which is the transport of the future.

  • Now economist Congress government has stoped this project

  • This in a country where the migrants had to WALK from the west to the east of India during pandemic!

    • aa! Jhand maardi hamari bhai tune lekin train mein jaate toh corona nhi ho jaata

  • He is from Pune but what's the point? Ajit dada pawar sahab of Pune said there is no evidence it works and he has stopped the project in the middle right after coming to power with Shiv Sena. The company is now facing loss will never come to india and people are losing out. The hidden meaning behind Pawar dada's statement is that Elon Musk should give chanda for party fund if he wants to avoid losses. Same guy who built multi-crore dams where was no water and then said "should I pee in the dam if there is no water?" when reporter asked him "why is there no water in the dams that you built"?

  • So proud of you man!

  • Classic punekar, mentioned Pune almost 10 times... Abhimaan 🔥

  • i feel really bad reading comments 30% people complaining background music 50% are making joke of india & cursing project, only 20% are appreciating. why indians are so upset if anything good is happening in india. we have become really this much negative that we can't even appreciate or consider what our nation is doing good. come on guys chill!! lets cheer for Abhishek. hip hip hurrah!.

  • nahi ayega india mein abhi 50 -100 saal. like in case of oune metro soo much time they are taking to complete .

  • Typical indian: "But kitna deti hain?" xD