Meet Tejashwi Yadav, The One-Man Army That Gave NDA a Scare | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 11 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
The NDA won the Bihar Election 2020, but one man who gave them a run for their money was Tejashwi Yadav. A battle that looked completely one-sided just a month and a half ago, turned out to be a neck to neck affair. Tejashwi’s dream to become Chief Minister fell short by just a handful of Assembly seats.
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  • Tejashwi Yadav sells male cow meat to Muslims!

  • Quint is worst everyone knows the scams done by Lalu and still potray them as hero wow bhai wow

  • E

  • भूरा बाल साफ़ करो ये किसका मुद्दा था?? किसकी वजह से बिहार में महा पलायन हुआ???

  • नौवीं फेल नौकरी देगा ग्रेजुएट लोगो को?? सबसे बड़े चुटिया लोग है जिन्हे नौवीं फेल से ज्यादा शिक्षित नेता नहीं मिला बिहार में जहां से आईएएस आईपीएस बनते है वहा नौवीं फेल मुख्यमंत्री बनेगा😞

  • He is much better than pappu chutiye

  • Its because of congres, BJP is gaining. Pointing fingers to ur opponents doesn't fetch u votes, voters will vote for u when they see you doing something for them.

  • RJD lost because of Congress , period .

  • He is a blot on Bihar politics - product of nepotism. Used up some portion of dad’s black money to fight 2020 elections. Scary part is his dad has stored lots of money to fuel another couple of elections, by which he will be seen as “worthy” of a chance. Dad’s Yadav-Muslim vote bank will sail him.

  • Bjp zindabad

  • Form fee free!!! Government questions maker would be “ Am I joke to you?” 🤣🤣

  • Itna corona sankat me v nahi hara paya. Khak neta hai

  • One day tejaswi will rise ...... He have the electrifying charisma. I'm not an rjd supporter but as youth of India i can feel his determination

  • The most deserving tejaswi❤️ But all credit goes to old congrees who spoil the whole hard work

  • His father one of the most corrupted leader in india. His mother an illiterate chief minister. His brother 12th fail. He is not even 10th pass but then becomes deputy chief minister and education minister of bihar. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Youngest future CM

  • Quint is never shy when it comes to favouring "government formed by dynasty"

  • 125 Bhakts disliked 🤣

  • Even though you failed to become CM, you are the real hero.

  • Actually it’s because of Chirag Paswan. Had he not cut into Nitish’s vote, rjd wouldn’t have achieved this feat. 30-40 extra votes mil gaye baithe bithaye. On a more serious note, there always be anti incumbency at some point. That’s how politics works. I don’t think Tejaswi needs credit for that. Moreover what’s this obsession with youth leaders. Most of these so called youth leaders have been a disaster. Being youth doesn’t mean they are more dynamic or more energetic or would be more efficient. I would want more youth to join politics but not through nepotism. Let’s not forget the family Tejaswi Yadav comes from. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Anybody would be better for bihar than rjd and even bihar knows that, that’s why they will never bring rjd to power again no matter the amount of incumbency. People still have the horrors of kidnapping and extortion racket fresh in their minds. Bihar is the most abused state in this country, they need to elect better leaders than the Yadavs to prove themselves and reclaim their lost glory. For a state that gave India its best rulers have to deal with casteism and backwardness thanks to some families. Wake up Bihari men and women. Choose wisely and live wisely

  • He can be called a Youth Leader

  • is there anything called almost win in election??😂😂

    • Single largest party is rjd

  • Now go home sit I silence tejasvi and chant shree Rama ok u tried but aligning with gu daraj Pappu and others Destroyed any chances u had asha not national yourself ok beta go rest lil but now chant and stay in silence nana

  • Abe quint lavde .....mahagathbandhan gave takkar to NDA not RJD .....stop misleading people .

  • God help the state where a party like RJD is elected. Father in Jail for fraud, both brother's and sister have cases on corruption.....But hey jo acha bolta hai usko CM banao.

  • More seats than bjp even after modis many rallies! In next election he will definitely bring tsunami

  • BJP campaign reminding people about the fear of Jungle Raj by RJD party turned the tables against Tejaswi Yadav, other wise people were willing to vote for Tejaswi Yadav & he was going to be forming the Govt. comfortably.

  • Bjp bahut bara scandal kr ke jeeta h..

    • RJD agar akele v larta to sarkar bana leta..congress barbad kr diya

  • EVMS are rigged Periodt

  • if he is not lalu's son, he cant be even a peon at quint. failed in education then in cricket then in politics, how come someone be dy cm at the age of 26, accepting a dynyst is spit on democracy...why cant a road side bihari be a leader.

  • Lol..pappet of jungle Raj..abhi media ko carona nehi dikhtha Hain..

  • Yeah. This government only depends on gathbandhan to win. The public's opinion can go take a dip in the drain, according to them.

  • In sha Allah !! Better luck next time

  • The real hero is tejasvi...

  • Bihar lost by an inch in securing jobs for its people. 10 lakh govt. jobs lost. But who cares?

  • He made a great fight.....seems people want Lalu back...but 10lakh employment....that’s a true spirit of Lala gene..

  • He is future of bihar and INDIA as well. He can bring people together. But right now feeling sad for him. He should leave congress and should fight bjp alone.

  • Tejaswi ka tej or tej ho ..we all pray!🙏

  • In the name of caste.

  • NDA won but Bihar loss

  • Bihar people want only hindu Muslim and India Pakistan and feku stories...

  • All the upper caste people don't want him to be a cm.....!!! Because he would definitely break thier rule in bihar.... !!! He will the great obc leader one day.....!!!!

  • Evm is every vote modi now andbhakt will say it's my word I'm congressi let me tell u these are words of Yogi. EVM is every vote modi

  • Truth may take time but it won't die!

  • जोभी पप्पू का दामण थांमेगा, उसकी नय्या डूब गई समजो 😂😂😂 आगर one man होता तेजस्वी तो शायद जित जाता

  • Only Modi .....Power

  • Well not a fan but this is the first guy who atleast talked about unemployment,economy and gdp instead of mandir-masjid.

  • Those Who Are Saying Why Bihar not Choosen RJD.. You Guys hvn't Seen Jungleraj Daily murders on roads, girls teasing, rapes, daylight bank roberies.. We Don't Want It Again.

  • Tajasvi kitna bhi accha kahle lekin iske baap ke paap iska saath nahi chhodenge or wahi isko le dube

  • 1:27 I stopped my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Ye paanch saal baad sare partion ko dafnadega jo bhi bihar k wikas ki raaah mnn ayega....tejaswi.....

  • Bura phanse ho dard bhi aah bhi na karpawoge nitish ji....hanuman ne qudki ayodhya jaladi......lagta raam ka nahi rawand bhakt version agaya hi aajkal

  • 9th fail ... lol

  • Congress says hum tho dobaingey Sanam lekin tum koo bhi sath laker dobaingey

  • Yeahhh i think we should elect young people like him who can talk about jobs not about religion & cast

  • This guy has a great future , I still feel he has a lot to learn from Nitish experience but he will definitely learn and bcm the CM one day

  • One can't be a little bit/almost pregnant, dear Quint. He lost. Your PR for him now is of no consequence.

  • He lost because of mim and LJP

  • 243 constituencies and 247 rallies did his teacher teach the quint this maths 😂😂🤣🤣

  • टुकडे टुकडे गैग का साथ देने वालो को हारने की हार्दिक बधाई.

  • We want youths to come into politics. But these youths are always son/ Daughter of political leaders

  • Magar ho gai tuhar!

  • The biggest mistake of rjd is congress alliance.

  • Delicious liberal tears

  • Beta Quint ye apne baap ke piche yaha hao isko koi nhi janta लालू ke बेटे के अलावा Samjha... Chutiyaa

  • It's true he didn't win the election but won so many hearts n hopeful for the nxt time for sure...... N definitely has become sensation among youth leaders

  • Some in Congress played a back stabbing game against Tejaswi.

  • This young man has done extremely well. Alone he faced big guns. He has learned lot of things about social science. That is good education for young political leader. If not now, one day he will decorate CM seat.

    • You said it right . He would 'Decorate' the CM seat. He has never worked in his entire life & not even completed school studies so obviously he would not have been capable of doing any actual work as a CM. He would have been just a decorative piece

  • Scam marne wale ka beta. 10th pass b nhi kiya hai aur ise CM banna hai Bihar ka. Wonder what will happen if he becomes the CM. Gunda raj, Jungle raj wapas

  • Joo jeetha wohi sikhander, joh hara wohi bhander, after 5 yrs God only knows who t king will be ! Is so much advt required

  • Great man

  • Quint you will lose followers if you choose to just defame BJP . I can surely tell that BJP is better choice for Bihar than RJD. If u wanted to show the fact which you previously used to do, then you would have also shown about his father and his corruptions

  • People are making negative assumptions about biharis without having any insight of bihar. Ati pichda jaat party VIP, HAM are decieving their unprivileged people by joining hands with BJP. Everyone knows their future under supremacists sanghi regime. Biharis have voted for RDJ CPIs (NOT Congress - bcz of no ground work). RJD vote share is 3.5% high than BJP.

  • I read 'army' and I read 'NDA' and i misunderstood in the worst way possible

  • Respect for Tejasvi. Keep fighting and don't take those as partners who don't work on ground. (Congress) and want seats as much as they like.

  • Bihar will be in crisis soon

  • Will get free vaccine

  • Next time they will. He's only 31. Glass half filled not half empty.

  • Quint in bengaluru- meet the 28 year old tejasvi suriya who has been brainwashed by RSS

    • @Shankar Mishra just follow his Twitter account will definitely understand it

    • @Noorul Safrina how is he doing that please explain.

    • He has not been brainwashed...he is brainwashing everyone for power and he is enjoying it

  • Congratulations To Tejaswi for becoming the CM of Bihar for 3 days on social media and liberal news channels.

  • Good , just imagine if this 9th or 10th fail would have become CM of Bihar 🙄

  • bihar people not focused on employment education bihar election win on caste samikaran

  • Ab EVM wale aynge

  • He should have won. It was a great election, bjp and Nitish and Tejaswi and Congress. He deserved to win. Why?? Not because I am a Congress supporter or bjp hater. He is young and have much more potential than these old politicians who just use vote bank not for development but for their own personal gain. And ofcourse I won't forget to add MIM who acted as vote cutter. Muslims and Hindus both suffer because of these people Development is important not religion... India is important and so its development However I would like to congratulate NDA for the win.

  • Har jeet alg batt hoti hai.. Lkin sitara toh tajeshavi ji hai..

  • If u can't beat any party after 15 year ....... then it should zero or hero !!

  • Intellectuals crying here for rjd's loss ..its funny that rjd ruined bihar during lulu's regime 😂

  • Just read the article where the migrants said that even tho they traveled a barefoot journey in lockdown, their vote is for modi. I don't even feel pity for them. They deserve hunger, poor facilities. How come we blame evm and ec if ppl are just going to do this only?

    • I am from bihar, and i have seen jungle raaj.During Lalu regime

  • Sabse bada k**** owaisi, who split all the votes just like bjp

  • Indeed he will be next Cm of Bihar!!!! What a gem.

  • Sad Tejasvi should loose. He worked hard n showed promise. Expected the people of Bihar to vote for a change afterall the hell they went through during the pandemic n these past 5 years. As migrants they were not even recognised. One way they deserve what they get. Stopped feeling sorry for them.

  • This election has proved that the left and other progressive ideologies are still trusted by people

  • In Bihar aayega to Modi hi.. (read NDA) In Maharashtra koi v Aaye, Naukri ke liye Maharashtra aana padega ... 😂

  • This is just the beginning. He campaigned with full spirit. He didn't lose. By all means he won. He won the hearts of millions. Specially the youngsters. He kept the fight clean. He will succeed. He is a sportsman. He will take it a step towards success. He is a champion for all those who wanted change and will remain a champion of Secular Bihar.

  • Biharis are intelligent to not vote the scamster

  • Tough fight. He is a Baazigar

  • Fighting jhumla with more jhumla lol👍👍👍

  • Congress brought him down

  • I look forward to a day where people of Bihar can find a job in Bihar and have a career in bihar instead of migrating to other states.

  • Tejashwi Yadav Jeet jata agar Rahul Gandhi sath me na hota toh. Congress ko 70 seat dene ki wajhese ye haar hui. Par Nitish ka twist abhi baaki hai.