Ludo Movie Review | RJ Stutee Ghosh Reviews Abhishek Bachchan and Rajkummar Rao's New film

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 12 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
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Anurag Basu's latest film is a dark comedy called Ludo. It stars Rajkummar Rao, Abhishek Bachchan and Pankaj Tripathi. Here's the review of the film by Stutee Ghosh.
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  • Great movie

  • Ok, for all those who are raving about this movie, it had a lot of elements from illuminati- directed Hollywood movies. Right from toilet scenes, to casual sex while seeking someone else to marry to pouring urine over someone and showing naked butts. (Masonic) In the end, there is even an outright Atheistic dialogue where the character says, "God and Devil are just created by man". MARK MY WORDS: We will get to see a lot of these in the upcoming movies- casual sex, naked butts, urine and toilet scenes, preposterous ideas about God. It all will be done in a very playful, joyful way that no one will even notice it

  • Should have given it a little 4. 😁

  • Super review 👏👏

  • brilliant movie

  • The way arnab goswami is trolled in the movie is hilarious😂😂

  • Slow film kisko lagega???? It is very fast paced

  • Comment mat padh .. spoilers hain

  • I loved the movie. Loved your review too don’t know why film companion and KRK and many other movie critics didn’t like this movie. Anuraag Basu is brilliant and his work in Ludo is master piece.

  • Mazedar movie

  • Ludo very 👍 movie

  • Movie is much better than your review

  • Oo betaji... Qismat Ki Hawa Kabhi Naram-2 Kabhi Garam-2...😅

  • I was exited about both movie... I saw both Laxmi and Ludo.... Laxmi is far more entertaining movie than Ludo.... Don't believe the paid see first then

  • Honest review: This movie is 7.4 for me. It is definitely NOT a masterpiece, but that doesn’t mean it was a bad film. This is a turn your brain off type of movie. The movie is really messy, but it does a “ok“ job of juggling these storylines. The best story line is the one with the “kidnapper” and the girl. The second best storyline is the doctor and the unlucky guy. Third best is the “Marriage” storyline. The worst storyline is the pinky and crazy guy. Remember this is just my opinion. You can put your own opinion in the reply section. Good film!

  • Abhishek Bachchan is just underrated

  • Itni tareef karne ke baad 3.5 stars?

  • Uff Your Urdu Pronunciation. Perfectly Apt

  • Bhai chutiya flim hae maat dekho

  • Abhishek was the best in this movie i felt. his story and his sadness felt so real that you actually feel bad for him.

  • Who's the real dice the policeman or pankaj tripathi??

  • Lousy movie turned off in 15 minutes

  • Ever heard of The Coens and Burn after reading and Fargo......NO RIGHT...... CHUTIYA bante reheinge lol.

  • Very positive review

  • if anyone is confused whether to watch this movie or not...WATCH IT... ITSSS SOOO GOOD...the movie is beautiful ❤️😭...

  • Aur je ye kurta Anurag Basu har cheez mai bhagwan ka mazak banata hai which was not at all required. Narakh ki aag mai jalega ye jaheel

  • Kalin bhaiya wheel chair me masti karte he last me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wasted 2 hours

  • That 2 E's in her name, makes me question.... Why would you do that?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Great movie, great act by abhishek

  • I don’t know whether this movie is copied or not but definitely it’s a gem nd awesome movie.

    • Even if it's copied it won't be a copycat movie..It will be known as transformative content

  • movie 😍

  • True true true ultimate. After long time watched such a fabulous refresh comedy emotion etc.

  • Sab hai be ye film mai mix emotion aagaya like Abhishek make me emotional Pankaj ji make me laugh Fatima make me angry because she always use rajkumar as toys aditya make me calm Rajkumar make me hopeful This movie is 2020 best thing watch now

  • Mujhe toh Shaandaar Lagi 💥✨


  • Very True.. once the movie was over there was a smile on the face.. it was a great experience over all. HATS OFF to Anurag Basu for this great concept... in few years to come even Jagga Jasoos will be considered a master piece even though it was rejected by audience and critics when released.

  • I loved it ....

  • Two best scenes.. Allo cries when he sees pinky and sattu bhaiyya became Shahrukh by spreading his hands

  • Pure Hinduphobia 1. Was it necessary to mock goddess kali? 2. Was it necessary to show SAYYED in ram leela? 3. Was it necessary to mock Ram Leela? 4. Was it necessary to show the character of shurpankha beating Laxman? Moreover inserting you leftist propaganda by calling Arnab a Godi media by mocking him in one of the puppet act This entire thing about Netflix is going beyond control please don't encourage this ek baar hua toh co incidence bol sakte hai baar baar we can see this pattern now Those scenes of mocking hindu gods was totally unnecessary they didn't even go with the story

    • Chill man nobody is going to hurt your gods by making a movie

    • Chill man

  • i watched it. it is useless and boring. keep it simple.

  • Damn! What a movie it was. Started watching at 3 am after a tire some day thinking will complete half now and the half tomorrow. But it's 6 am now, completed the movie and hats off man! Amazed to see Bollywood movies making pure masterpiece instead of stupid Salman Khan movies where he beats up 50 pleople by himself

    • it was a stressbuster wasnt it...especially the sound and songs..omg i am in luv with this film

  • Going to watch ludo...

  • Stutee is back

  • Bhaiya jii🥳

  • Definitely not a slow movie... super fast, cant miss a minute and really encaptivating.. must watch

  • Super Flop Movie. Let's not waste time on such movies.

    • bhai tu student of the year 2 dekh, tere type ki hai

    • Kuch bhi bol rha😂😂😂😂

    • Selmon boi fan triggered

  • The story line is more like "Chotuskone." It's a bengali film.

    • That is genre, this genre was used in many language

  • Best movie ❤️🎉🍿

  • Guys watch it.. you will love it.

  • I'll watch only for Rajkumar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi

    • ending was a little forced tho not gonna lie

    • @steve smith he was good

    • They are the best in the film..also Fathima and Shalini vatsa

  • Pearle 🥰🥰

    • Shiju Jiju Liju Biju Juju Chacko.

  • I am happy you improved your audio quality this time 😁

    • studio is always better :)

  • Definitely watching the movie.. Thanks Stutee..

  • It's a masterpiece 🤩🔥

  • And after following the so called boycott trend, people are still watching laxmii bomb and overlooking film like ludo..sad for them

    • Liberandus love ludo

    • Absolutely right

  • Abhishek and cute little girl

  • Time pass movie 😭😭🙄😁😂

    • Yaar mast to thi itni

  • After watching LAXMII movie review of "Filmi Indian", I have watched that movie, Abhi bhi uss sadme se bahar nahi nikal pa raha hu, Now I only trust The Quint( Stutee Ghosh) review, I will definitely watch this movie.

    • @Heartthrob Goswamy lavdu andha Akshya- modi bhakh to ni hai tu jo accept ni kr pa raha ki bekar movie hai

    • @Nikita Rai OK I bought my brain from chor bazaar. How to insert it? There is no manual. How did you insert yours?

    • @Heartthrob Goswamy insert a brain you need one

    • @Aditya Rajput Tried & Refused burnol laga ke behta hei.

    • check out tried ans refused productions..he is a good critic

  • The idea is very unique tho can't say much about the execution before watching it🤞

    • Paid promotion karti hai uska review bahut chhota hai

  • Aap ki zaban bahot achchhi hai

    • shukriya :)

  • For change she didn't fake to be a Punjabi in Bengali body.... Mainly Delhi's Bengali thinks they r some super breed one above among d rest of d Bengalis... Reality is different... All these Delhi Bengalis were dump mostly from East Bengal and some how manages a roof above😁

    • Moron

    • is sensharma even a bengali surname. 😂never heard it. i doubt you are even a bengali. must be a sanghi spy in disguise. 😲

    • by the way CR park was allotted to highest govt. and army people from east bengal when they suddenly lost their region to pakistan. Come to CR park and u will see the class which gariahat and ultodanga might not provide. 😂

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    • what utter nonsense ? About delhi bongs, accents, fake superiority...East Bengalis.. what's wrong with you? Looks like you have a complex and need help. I am a half Punjabi and half Bengali. So your accusation about faking Punjabi accent is stupid. Also Im proud of the fact that I can actually speak Bangla, Hindi, English and Punjabi - 4 languages to the best of my abilities. You on the other hand seem like someone with an inferiority complex who likes typing rubbish to somehow feel good about himself and has nothing better to do. Grow a brain !

  • Jaa raha hoon telegram pe dekhne

    • Chilla chilla ke sabko scheme Bata de

    • Yeah sure once u buy me a subscription

    • netflix per hi dekh lijiye :)

  • Going to watch this film❤️

  • Aa gayi chutiya phir se

  • I decided what to watch completely on your reviews. Trust them 110%. Thank you ma'am. Amazing work you do. Keep it going always!

    • Thank you :)

  • Achcha waala comment

  • Pankaj Tripathi is the best actor.

    • Yup, 100 % agree

  • Hmm first hmm first from wasseypur 😂😂😂

    • Are vikas dubey hai kanpur wale Tumse pahle hi dekh liya See my comment time

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