'Losing Is Not an Option': How Kusum Survived Stage 4 Lung Cancer for 7 Years | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 20 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Kusum, a non-smoker, and mother to a three-year-old son, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer at age 29. She was told she had only six months to live. Yet, she went on to survive for seven whole years. This is her story.
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  • inpiringggg !!!!

  • I expected a happy ending. But then I saw the photo behind her husband and I was devastated

  • What's the name of that medicine pls

  • ❤️😇🕊️

  • Such a wonderful supportive family and Kusum ji's undying strong spirit! She knows she fought well ! GOD BLESS her and keep her well. 🙏🏻

  • Rip

  • Thousands of people right from months old babies to 80+ are affected by cancer. Mostly children are affected with blood cancer. Ladies breast, uterus, ovary, Gents commonly mouth, cheek, lung, stomach, liver lung, brain.Can anyone help cancer patients from v.poor background? Why not people form a trust to help them.? Hundreds of cancer patients coming to Adyar hospital Chennai. Myself (65) stage 1, ovarian cancer survivor 4 yrs passed helping cancer patients coming from poor economical background.

  • A Big thumbs up for Quint for reporting such an amazing brave story.

  • Great news

  • Omg.. i just lost my father on 24 nove 2020.. My dad also survivor of lung cancer.. With 4 th stage.. I understand ur felling.. I miss my dad

  • You really are the best husband.


  • 😭

  • ❤❤❤❤🙏

  • To all to give up their lives battling cancer they are called warriors. I am an 8years brain cancer survivor. I respect her battle. Never give up on yourself. I didn't and so she didn't. A strong survivor 💪💝🌸

  • God bless you and your sweet family

  • you seems to be fortunate enough to get that type of unintended support from the whole system in India but not everyone is. Cancer patients medical facilities are at lower level in India then any where else developing country in the world. My mother just passed away because of this whole money making Indian medical system. She fight for 3 months with all her ability to stand again on her feet..but private Dr's ruined her like hell.

  • Why there is no treatment available for general population of india. Once you go to tata hospital they just ignore and neglect the treatment of patients who are there. if you are poor or middle class n if you have 4th stage they just ask one to go, they dont even start treatment. They will just loose hope n ask relatives to loose there hopes

  • 😢😢

  • Salute to your spirit guys _/\_ May her soul Rest In Peace _/\_

  • My mother's aunt survived uterus cancer for 11 years,all she had was will and love for God. 🙏✨

  • Very painful to watch, no words how much she would have suffered

  • God 🙏 bless you and your son... don't worry , you have done your best....kusum is in a better place... you take care of yourself and your son.

  • My aunt passed away due to stage 4 lung cancer within 6 months. She never smoked too..it breaks my heart

  • Here sir you talk about one medicine is it now avialable india ? From you get that medicine where we can found that ? I am from Bangladesh my father has lung cancer 4th stage he also facing resistance to take treatment .now we are thinking what should we do ? Please help me to know the details about medicine name where will avialable and which hospital will help them .

  • Beautiful souls are never forgotten❤️

  • And here Sanju Baba apparently 'fought' it for a month and is back to chilling

  • She is fighter agreed but at what cost. She suffered from different other problems and think about mental trauma that family might have gone thru. But even after seven years of various dosages and sufferings she breathed her last. After every dosage their family might had a hope that she would come out but the reality of cancer is certain death with time limits. It's true wealthy people survive more time when they get admitted in US since lot of research happens there and not so as commercial in india. In India even breast cancer patients live max for five to six years only with some exceptions. My mother died at age 52 with overia cancer and my dad 78 is suffering with stomach cancer past three years.

  • RIP angel

  • No words 🙏

  • Hats off!!!!

  • Kusum What a Beautiful Name and What a Tearful Part and Sufferings To Such a Smiling Face.Salute and Blessings to You Both.

  • Pain and happiness is a part of life; some just get too much of the pain. It's important to take a full body test at the age of 30 to determine if one has an ailment which can be tackled at the initial stage itself. We must always be grateful for what we have, though insignificant for another.

  • Oh! It is heartbreaking! My prayers will be there for her. May "The Almight" rest her soul in peace!

  • Apne sahi kaha sir..please sir help us my father has stage 4 cancer of lungs. We also need those medicines

  • Spirit is secondary.... First is monetary support to fight cancer. The family was financially sound. Hence this was made possible to fight 7 years. India is not a country for poor and middle class. There are numerous Kusums out there but they loose out early as they are not able to afford

  • She is a fighter in a true spirit A WARRIOR !!

  • Stay happy u loved her truly and supported her... God bless you and your family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • This is truly one of the best stories I've heard. Though an unfortunate ending, the journey is extremely inspiring. Hats off to Kusum and her husband. I know a bit about the struggle. Thanks for fighting till the very end.

  • Saluting her and her husband's spirit. God bless the family. Rip🙏

  • hello sir.. i need ur help .. can u please guide how to connect u. or any email id

  • May her soul rest in peace 🙏

  • Great story brother

  • Rest in peace angel.. u inspired many of us.. 🙏🙏

  • Very painful

  • Salute to both of you for courage and struggle that made her survive those 7 years even at stage 4 .Very encouraging for other patients who give up easily 🙏🙏🙏

  • Allopathy drug pushing SCAM. Homeopathy medicines and herbs from India and China could have cured her. I would have simply treated her for Tuberculosis with Homeopathy medicines and herbs.

  • The thing is that in India not only Lung cancer but any disease does not get proper treatment.

  • Brought tears. She is a hero.

  • What a Powerful story of hope & strength. May God bless them always!!

  • Lucky woman to have such a caring and loving husband

  • Money is also a matter

  • Even my brother died by lung cancer

  • So inspiring, More power to u Kusum

  • Who r the 7, people who disliking, how sick these people are

  • Sir aap jaise husband ko bhi dil se salam. Your wife was very lucky ❣️

  • Thanks for finding such cases/stories and posting it

  • Sir salute to you, ur wife (The warrior) and your kid. God bless.

  • God bless

  • What is fighting bullshit? She suffered a lot but lucky that she got the necessary medicine from USA. In India you get nothing. A country who doesn't have any innovation and research in any field waiting for foreign countries to provide necessary assistance. Absolutely hopeless.

  • In Stage-4 the body already becomes so weak for medicines to work properly, but this woman proved that wrong👍. Hope your spirit becomes source of strength for many🙏

  • Maam you're the reason, i believe i can keep smoking for the rest of my life

  • May God give courage and Strength to this family and many others. Kusum gave a tough fight to Cancer

  • When there will be a medicine that can completely heal any stage 4 cancer 😢

    • I am praying for that day to come soon.


  • ❤❤❤❤

  • Lung cancer doesn't kill, one can survive for 10 years. It is the chemo that kill ones immunity.

  • Where is kusum?

  • Salute to Kusums undying spirit 🙏🏾 Thanks to her family for bringing about awareness.... it not only means a lot for people suffering from lung cancer but her story will help many suffering from terminal disease

  • My mom is also a survivor of ovarian cancer stage 3 for 6 years and counting.

    • Bless her

    • She will surely get well soon.... God bless🙏

    • May Allah bless her with health and happiness.

    • Bless u and ur family

  • Will power and strength ❤️ so inspirational ❤️❤️ Gives me hope my chronic illnesses will have a cure. Or that I can fight through it. ❤️❤️ Such love and support from family ❤️❤️

  • What this brave lady did must have paved the path for many people....

  • Your entire family is one good- hearted-world, filled with love, hope, faith and happiness. God Bless you.🎵🙏⚘❤

  • 😥😥Salute to this family! The best example of highest form of unconditional love towards each other. May this family always be blessed.Prayers for the departed soul!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Any one know of FENBENDAZOLE for lung cancer.

  • no words for your family's courage and bonding, Almighty bless the departed bravest soul and more strength to you and your son.

  • Very touching n inspiration to many .

  • Thank you for inspiring us to rise above our circumstances. Forever grateful!

  • May Allah bless u and ur child with immense strength & courage to deal with this pain and loss. our cities have being polluted to extreme levels...non smoker has become almost same as smoker due to air pollution...

  • Such a brave soul Kusum👍 We need more people like you vivek

  • People should share such kind of videos

  • People should share such kind of videos

  • I lost my mother same stage Happy for u guys

  • Salute to you Sir!

  • Ohh...she stays in Delhi...there u don't need to smoke cigarettes to have cancer... breathing is enough

  • Big thanks to modern medicine and all the people working on the treatment.

  • Misdiagnosis ..ahh...now people will understand why knowledgeable Indians MIGRATE abroad...

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  • My father also suffering from cancer and its destroy right lung yesterday

    • May god bless our fathers

  • She was really a fighter, but Sir you were her biggest support....Salute to you Sir.... I wish in India we could care more about this kind of issues like clinical trials,cancer But due to negligence,all very well established person go for checkup to abroad and we the common people suffer....We need to raise our voice for our needs......

  • Sometimes.....it feels so weak...that we cant change situations and time....

  • Inspiring and God bless to your son🙏

  • Rip

  • She is such a brave soul nd full of life .She fought the already acclaimed prognosis 🙏

  • R.I.P

  • Guys trust me..... i want to tell you fact....if you are cancer patient , go for water only fasting for 1 month..... bcz cancer cells needs energy to grow same like us .... when we dont eat ...cancer cells automatically die.....n our body will keep eating our body fat....so no need of worry........this theory is not advertised bcz medical industry will suffer huge loss........cancer is a business .......trust me guys..

  • God bless xxx

  • True.

  • Such a brave woman...my salute

  • Salute to her fighting spirit