Interview With Anurag Basu and Pankaj Tripathi for 'Ludo' | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 10 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
#PankajTripathi busts myth about #AnuragBasu working without a script for the films he makes. Their film #Ludo will be out on 12 November.
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  • Story was not that good but pankaj ji justified his character.

  • Is it just me or Pankaj Triparthi looks like Lucifer Morningstar? 🙄

  • Jagga is masterpiece..jagga in theaters is beyond masterpiece....

  • Interviewer seems so judgmental towards Anurag Basu...she should have remembered that he is a brilliant and magnificent director irrespective of Jagga jasoos...He is just amazing

  • Ludu

  • Bhai maaza aagya film dekh ke everyone was good. Especially Rajkumar and Pankaj Tripaathi.

  • Pankaj tripathi looks like an elder brother of emran hashmi

  • Script ho ya nai, movie acchi thi.

  • Anurag basuu best director

  • Anurag basu ✨❤️

  • Black and white is a great idea

  • Typo typo typo,😂😂😂

  • Script not scipt!

  • Jagaa Jasoos is ahead of time movie

  • how many of u know Pankaj was in Apharan movie of Ajay Devgan ??? go check if u dnt know

  • Everyone is talking about Pankaj Tripathi but it is sad that no one mention about Anurag Basu the master director

  • Should I watch jagga jasoos ?

    • Yep, nice film

    • I dont know why that movie was flop. If that was in hollywood if not won oscar, it would definately would be nominated in more than 5 topics in oscar.

    • yes ,but don't watch it with the expectation of a typical bollywood ,pike how a bollywood story should be!! its a delightful movie!!

    • Obvious

  • Osm movie♥️👌

  • Pankaj sir is the back bone of the film ,I like him the most ,and the SI Of the film too .Also not typical south cleashe .Anurag sir ,it was a nice , differnt cinematic experience ,More power to you sir.

  • I loved Jagga Jasus

  • the interviewer sounds cocky! she’s insisting that Basu never hands out scripts...she needs to loosen up a bit..just saying

    • She is referring to what Ranbir Kapoor said everyone after the flop of Jaffa Jasoos. Ranbir said he didn’t know what dada was making he didn’t know as he do not use script and only briefs on the day of the shoot. Even Rishi Kapoor complained that Anurag Basu wasted Ranbir’s money.

  • Pankaj tripathi is pure gold main future main koi film banaunga to inke sath

  • he is going bald


  • Love and respect for pankaj ji

  • Quint is mocking pankaj as he might've said script 'scipt' somewhere. Quint is just so low-life.

    • @#Hashtag toh bou moru maagiya chori pila

    • @Roshan Sengupta ... gandi ta de magiya... aau kemiti janilu bey mu odia boli... tate bhoji khaibaku daki thli ki bey ethi comment debaku aichu...

    • @#Hashtag Tu bando likchonti oriya re....tu bando achut pila toh profile re mu kono paai jiba? ola choda ti be

    • @Roshan Sengupta ... hairey bhakuda pila... mo profile ku jaiki janilu ta... ta pakhare ete khali time achi ki...

    • @#Hashtag bhaak maaghiyaa ...chori pua

  • Deepsha looks like an actor turned journalist

  • Really enjoyed the conversation...hoped it was longer.

  • What is SCIPT ?

  • 👌🏻

  • Script*

  • What is "Scipt" ? In thumbnail

  • Pankaj tripathi is not kaalen bhaiyya kaleen bhaiyya is pankaj Tripathi...he is such a decent guy.

  • Pankaj Tripathi is the best actor without nepotism.❤️❤️❤️

  • He is such a hardworking and a decent guy.

  • Love From Mirzapur Season 2

  • Pin me I'm first