Indian Stock Market at All-Time High After Biden's Win, Before Diwali - Why? Expert Answers

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 9 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
After Joe Biden won the US elections and just before Diwali, Indian stock markets are at an all-time high. Here is the most authoritative advice from Saurabh Mukherjea, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Marcellus Investments for your investment strategies, good and bad sectors and key mantras.
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  • Wealth concentration sadly...

  • Great analysis, worth watching

  • He is jem

  • It's a pleasure listening to Saurabh 🙏 He is my warran buffet 👍

  • You guys should know that this saurabh guy is a convicted of insider trading. He settled with SEBI. Quint, please do not call these criminals on your show.

  • Market nichey aayega debt market barbaad ho jayega...

  • Great point about large cap companies owning the market with small businesses going underwater because of covid.

  • House help : I don't care....Let me clean doors on video calls.

  • Does he invest in NSE or BSE?

  • Advice for retail investors 1. Look for a company who has a clean accounts 2. Look for a company who is selling essential products 3. Invest in a company which has tough barrier for entry

  • Saurabh s maid should wear a mask !

  • All indices across india at at its peak.

  • I have been following Saurabh's recommendations for couple of years now, some of stocks his pms holds are Kotak Mahindra, HDFC bank, Nestle, HDFC life, MAS financial, Alkyl Amines, Divis labs, Pidilite, ICICI lombard. These are a mix of his Coffee can, Little champs and kings of capital portfolio. Looking at P/E ratio as a measure to invest is redundant and look for companies who invest 2/3 of their profits back into the business and have clean accounts.

    • @Sarvesh Manjrekar by reading the financial statements, especially the cash flow statements and there are various other ways like looking for substantial increase in auditor fees and interview with the promoters I think. These were mentioned in various Saurabh's interviews. I can understand the pain a retail investor has to go thru to check all these and leave alone a one on one with the promoter. I guess we just gotto listen to experts like Saurabh and his team for these info. Follow their YT channel etc. Cheers man.

    • How does a retail investor find out if the company has clean books?

    • @AB Izaz They hold Asian Paints but not sure about LIC housing and HCL. They have bought Infosys and TCS for their PMS clients

    • Correct me if I am wrong. I think you missed a few like Asian Paints, HCL Tech, LIC Housing Finance etc. He mentioned these as well in his book.

  • Nice video, the stock market controls a huge part of my passive income flow I invest big and profit even bigger, Thanks to my broker Mr. Jeffrey David.

    • height of fake boasting & advertising 🤣🤣

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    • A friend of mine who introduced to Mrs Mark Jennifer just make a profit of over $12000 in just 14days if trade and I'm jealous......Lol

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    • @Kevin Hodtey I can’t possibly share his contact details on a You Tube comment... just mail him at all information you require to reach him is online. He has a website where he attends to his clients, you can leave a message for him if you want.

  • This guy still holds GMM Fraudler or not, any aware?

    • Very much holds. Great company.

    • @sumon bhowmik GMM is perhaps going to see wrath of SEBI soon on the SLB matter. Insider trading has been executed.

    • Holds

  • You have hardworking domestic helper:)

  • Nifty will test 11800-900 levels in few weeks so be caution everyone . And don't sell your holding that is the time you want to invest more Happy investing 👍🏻

  • There's always someone moving in the background of Saurabh 😀

  • Basically pharma sector is in focus this year due to covid vaccine and building good health infra 8n future..

  • Look for company where there's barrier to entry higher than mount Everest? Does it Mean a company which is actually costly on listing?

    • Don't forget hindustan uniliver

    • Sky news?

    • @mbdAli Yes. You got it right. Like Pidilite

    • I think he meant business where other companies cannot do it easily. Example IRCTC like ...

  • Wonderful informative interview!

  • Whe he said this country is not for small caps, he sacred shit out of me.

  • This dickhead just settled an insider trading case. The information asymmetry for an average retail investor is so high that even after doing a DCF for a 'fundamentally strong' stock, you will lose.

  • Sheikh chilli

  • Wish to hear a more elaborate discussion on Banking Sector Consolidation. Though I agree with the point, I believe private banks are much more efficiently run than public banks. Yet , people for good reason are more comfortable using public banks. So if anything, the consolidation would be out of public banks to private banks. And the banks with poor asset qualities, will see it hard to remain profitable going forward.

  • Not watching this because of poor audio quality.. I have to put extra ear to hear

  • Modi biden bachpan k dost hai - zee news

    • @Birendra Prasad lol

    • Ek dusharey k chaddi utar kar pahantey the....😁😁😁😁😁

    • Chaddi dost😬😄

  • This idiot was recently caught in Insider trading and y'all taking advice from him? Atleast do a bit of. Background check.

  • less of biden effect... IT WAS PHARMA,MANUFACTUR SERVICE SECTOR BOOM... vaccine surity...that is definitely coming 1st q 2021

  • 20-25 families should be taxed higher .. but again it's an oligarchy!!

    • say hii on 9594184564

    • Taxation doesn't solve the problem 🙏

  • Jai modiji❤️❤️❤️

  • Should I invest in ITC?

    • Slow stock though

    • If you're looking for a stock with long term perspective , ITC is an excellent choice you have made , also the rich dividend they give to the shareholders . Buy at dips , and average at low prices if available. 😉

    • say hii on 9594184564

    • Rather then you can invest in hdfc life

    • There are thousands of good stocks there..... why are you only interested in ITC....

  • Why Is India Seems So Coward? Or Say Uneducated? Biden Isn't Even Officially Elected.U Can't Take Biden's Name While Investigation For Illegal Votes Are Yet To Take Force By US Supreme Court.What If Trump Really Wons And See All These Stupid Stuffs In Favour Of Biden?

  • This is a bull market. There is no fundamentals here. Save cash. Cash out. Make a shopping list. Of fmgc, auto, pharma, tech, etc. Buy after fall on dips. Strong fundamental blue-chip stocks.

  • Crash is near big crash

    • @G D BAKSHI i my opinion i will perform decently with 10-15℅ return every year but pls be caution .

    • @G D BAKSHI sir i personally only invest in best market leaders only I have learned one thing that only invest in best then you will get the best .

    • @ig_illusionpb :PUBGM but beta... Is naukri ( imfoedge) good for long term

    • @G D BAKSHI anytime sir 🙏

    • @ig_illusionpb :PUBGM thanks bacche 😀