India's COVID Deaths : The Real Story Beyond Numbers | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 27 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
#DelhiCovidDeaths #CoronavirusDelhi
COVID-19 has killed more than one lakh Indians - some of whom were mothers, fathers, spouses, children, grandparents, and friends.
This film steers away from reducing people to mere statistics and instead puts faces to the nameless people who have succumbed to the pandemic. It explores who they were, under what circumstances they died, and how their families are coping with the loss.
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  • Modi govt escaping responsibility to take care it's citizen by imposing nation wide lockdown without any warning!

  • Gys don't use Bharati biotec developed covaxin. It is a shitty vaccine, it will kill you

  • Nice scare mongering. India, however terrible the situation, has fared much better that populations that have much better healthcare. This is something that just having healthcare does not help.

  • Treatment denied is a crime when it comes from doctors

  • If govt employees are not getting a proper treatment what will be the state of ppl coming from weak financial problems.

  • 😭😭😭😭😭

  • We lost our Uncle ..he was 39 years old..very healthy but he was first person who infected in my Village so he couldn't able to find what's the disease ..and we also..Mamu was inspiration to me for reaching this position 25 and earning 1lk per month now ..but am not happy ..cos I lost my Hero this year..😭

  • Think think...invest on medical infrastructures not on stupid statues

  • Endless pain God please give strength to all of us.

  • Fact is : jisko jana hai...usko jana hoga Don't blame modi aur BJP . They also had no answer for corona . India me nahi , the whole world is facing this ! Stop saying statues , temples and all Remember., Tablighi jamaat? Thanks 👍

  • Lost my Mamaji....due to corona on 16th November. He was a Doctor in govt of Bihar. My mother & her siblings....are still in Shock !!! The Ganga Ram Hospital, of Delhi....delayed in his treatment....that's y we lost him !!! He did his duty till the very last....& was never afraid of treating covid patients. He went to covid affected villages to spread awareness. I still can't believe....he is no more. We lost him so early !!!

  • My dad died due to covid19 on 4 Dec 2020, his condition was severe and he developed pneomonia. He was admitted to Rajiv Gandhi govt Hospital in Shahdara, Delhi. He was there for 13 days, he was calling us and saying nobody is taking care of us, people are left to die. No beds were available but on day 14 finally we got bed in Pvt hospital, he was put on ventilator because his condition got very critical. 4 days on ventilator he got a heart attack and I lost my father. I am shattered. I miss my dad every minute 😭😭😭😭😭

    • Sorry to hear that Tanu...

  • Thanks at least someone came forward with the truth

  • Thali bhajana and diya jalana is a symbol to appreciate the efforts by an entire nation. There is nothing wrong with it. I personally know many docs and front line workers who felt positive for that gesture of the nation.

  • But yes there has been scarcity of beds.

  • I m a doctor and a Covid warrior from Assam and in our state we are very strict in doing Covid tests. So mortality has been less. It's cause we have conducted tests at both Covid Councelling centers and Covid care centers. The deaths are unfortunate not to blame on health workers. We have also sacrificed ourselves for the people. Many Doctors have died due to Covid and they also have a family

  • many are commenting about statues. Just people lost focus. All we need is money is well spent for public welfare.

  • May all their souls rest in peace

  • Shame on delhi govt. N hospitals who denied patient admission...consledence to familes whose close ones died

  • Kitna dukh hai yr bhgwan ap sabko sukkon de

  • I can feel your pain. If we could turn the time back, we should work together. Politicians really fail you not to let the scientists do their job. Look at UK where I live, lockdown after lockdown, and I need to self isolate because my flatmate tested positive. We are told to go back to work, but staff no need to wear mask.

  • Really looking upto such journalism 🙏

  • 😭😭😭

  • I'm a COVID sufferer also. Although I'm 18 yrs old still I lost my sense of smell and taste. I get depressed and it worsen day by day.

    • You've lost sense of taste and smell ?? Oh God that's so awful. Keep Hope 🙏👍

  • Desh vasio ko yeh tair kernaheike , chunao me Raja (king) ko chuntahei yah sevak chunau karte ho. Tabhi hame aasli manjil per pounch saktahei.

  • Hospital before mosque, my moto.

  • It's so serious and still our college had to take offline exam.. even i m an asthma patient... Life is more important...

  • Iost my dad to covid .. for last 10 days of his life we didn't know what happened with him.. they gave him two injections worth 40k and from 3rd august to 7th august we didn't know what all he went thru as no phone calls with him nothing ..he had constant burning of body and restlessness after those injections..they tied his hands so we couldn't talk to him.on phone due to that brother had covid still hospital didn't allow him to meet my father ..whole life i will have to live without knowing what my father thought and went through in last few days of his life.. his money was stolen from wallet ..his shoes walking stick and all personal things were stolen from hospital all they handed us was his mobile and his wallet with 160 rs in it .. and his body wrapped in such a way that we couldn't even see his face ..with a hefty bill of 4+ lacs ..they are not even sharing cctv footage for me to see what he suffered alone.. i will wait for father on other side of horizon ..with my every breathe i am going closer to him.. i want to meet him and say sorry that i left his back in last few days of his life ..i didnt walk with him beyond hospital entrance.. we lost to unknown enemy

    • Sorry to hear that bro

    • I am soo sorry to hear that brother. may your fathers soul rest in peace RIP.

  • sorry I can't watch this, its heartbreaking.

  • Government should actually reveal the original numbers so that those who are not wearing masks are able to witness the seriousness of the situation

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  • I don't usually agree with agree with quint because of their bias BUT this one of those videos that shows reality

  • Iam very lucky that I survived corona. Its really very dangerous. I had severe headache and chest pain was unable to breathe. Even my surgery which happened 10 months ago suddenly started paining, it was very severe. I felt just now I have come out of OT. One can imagine the kind of damage Corona is doing to our body. Let's just pray that God give us riddance from this demon 😈 Corona. Please take it seriously.

  • Heart goes out to these people and all the people of the world . Stay strong ❤️

  • Govt should be blamed for non availability of beds

  • 😭😭😭

  • The people were having medical issues before covid and the doctors have wrap the blame of all on covid its a foolish thing , amit shah tested positive on 1 aug and were alright on 7 aug , trump tested positive on 25 oct and were perfectly alright for the election this covid shit and greatest pm of all time akways giving shicking news , demonetiation tak okay tha when there is lockdown the other country states a time limit so that person can go where they want and dont feel they are struck here , the bullshit protocals and quint stop making chomu

  • I lost my uncle last month. Its still hard to believe he is no more. NOT SEEING HIS BODY IS LIKE THIS IS ALL A DREAM.

  • Guys please take care of yourself and your loved ones 🙏

  • I got covid, along with my mom and dad and now we're all fine but only my name was registered in the health department. This is exactly what's happening, for every 3 or more cases, they're taking only one name and sometimes not even that. With the rate of infected and deaths spiking exponentially, they're doing a great job covering up

  • Someone Died due to covid19 . . Pm of india: thali bhajaoo bsdk

  • Don't do these kinds of videos to blame the PM or anyone else. The whole world is suffering from the pandemic, if PM had not put the lockdown than proberly half of India would have died, it is duty of every citizen to take care. I understand the pain n my sympathy with all those who lost their near n dear once. Let stand together n fight this virus

  • Aur karo Modi ko vote😂

    • Koi aur govt hoti toh bhi india ka yahi haal hona tha because of the population and poor health infrastructure.

  • This is sooooo sad😢😢😥😥

  • The government has failed.

  • Omg, happy not to live there

  • Imagine the covid deaths do not include the number of people who died during post-covid phase which is important.

  • I mean why hospital authorities are behaving this way?? If you are not ready to help your people, then what is the point of working in hospitals?? Though I am from Pakistan but I heartly felt bad for people who suffered or are suffering. In this Time of pandemic just help as much as possible. May ALLAH ease the pain of suffering families. Dead ones soul rest in peace. ameen

  • Itni advertisement during these emotions 👎👎👎👎

  • And they still post millions of votes on the name these leaders. Either your dumb or just plain apathetic towards the people who have actually died of covid.

  • I am a physician working in USA healthcare system , take it from me when the hospitals are at max capacity you will not be admitted unless very sick and will be sent back to suffer at home . Don’t hope you will get some magic treatment and corona is being blown out of proportion . In country like India do not be careless to end up in a situation jisme government ko duhai dete mar jao. Cus jab demand supply mismatch hoga koi nahi bacha payega. This comment is for people who are taking it lightly . I heart goes out for the families who have lost their loved ones to this awful disease .

  • 3k crore mein 30 hospitals bann jate 1k beds ke

  • जैसे दिल्ली , मुंबई बिल्कुल सुरक्षित है अभी ।

  • ओम शांति सब लोगो के लिए जों अब हमारे साथ नहीं है। काश मोदी सरकार के अलावा कोई सरकार होती तो भारत पूरी तरह से बच जाता corona se।

    • India ki population jitni jyada hai Healthcare infrastructure utna hi poor hai. Koi bhi government hoti halaat yahi hone the. Desh ko azaad hue 73 saal ho gaye Kaun si government ne dhyaan diya. Sab ek jaise hai.


  • We are the tax payers and govt has fail provided us with the basic facilities clapping hand and lighting candles will not solve our problem

  • In sabki atma ko bhagwan shanti de 🙏🙏

  • Very disheartening

  • I lost my father, he was 70 😭😭

  • It's not the Corona virus that killed people it's due to lack of our healthcare system and poor government.

  • I can't see this video...

  • From daddy to body oh Allah, have mercy on us... kya hindu kya musalman,

  • I don't know when government will take initiative. It's really shameful and heart breaking. Hope all covid fighters who couldn't survive rest in peace. Be safe guys stay at home.

  • Bahar ka khana band kardo....covid kuch nahi kar paenga

  • This is real journalism

  • This pandemic revealed the hollow base of the governments 😞it's disheartening to see and not knowing that what will happen next.

  • Modi govt has failed...useless

  • What PM can do? He did his best, it is the the doctor and his higher officials to deliver proper duty?

  • My father was suffering from covid last month facing 2nd stage we admitted them in our local government hospital in nashik and everythink was actually good than our expectation 2 times food and tea, doctors checking in twice a day, my father then showed exelent recovery and within three days he was approved to be home quarantined and father was able to breathe properly without oxygen cylinder, my father has completly recovered now and has also developed a habit of early morning walk ☺️

  • Shri Amitabh, Uttarakhand Governer maam , and many more were immediately admitted to the best AIIMS in India. But what about common people. Does that mean that the lives of these people are more important than that of a common man. Well.... Telling that they are economically strong does not gives the answer. What is the govt doing ............ As a 17 year old child, I fear about my country's future and that of its backward and helpless people.........

  • This made me hate BJP. I mean are they better than Congress if they have a hospital where people tell that it's not our patient

  • I wanna say f**k these type of medical areas and government...... How can they say we can't take the admission 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • can't see your loves ones last time breaks the heart . but we are fighting on love jihad hypocrisy

    • @Abhishek Sharma but that is propaganda tool .

  • Our fault is that we are middle class ppl... We r left to die, cry and complaint. No one hear us. God pls be kind, help us all. 🙏

  • is it really necessary to shoot a SERIAL during a pandemic

  • I am shocked by the state of healthcare in this country - even for expensive, private hospitals. All they care about is $$$!!! Both my mother and father died. My parents tested COVID positive, but were asymptomatic and yet still went to the hospital to be preventative. They were discharged with no issues 13 days later - and immediately, on day 14, had to be re-admitted and they never came back after. I have some horrifying text messages from my father about the night staff, medicine mix-up, and just overall, no personalized/proper care for semi-serious patients. They were young and had no co-morbities and were not even on invasive ventilator - just BIPAP !! I am shocked, angry, upset, and yet that private hospital continues to make lakhs because the government is not ensuring quality care. This incident was in Baroda, Gujarat and the hospital is Bankers.

  • Half of the hospitals don't support and then after the death of the patient they issue statements for clarification. Why don't they do their duty and if they don't why do they even clarify. Same happened in choithram hospital Indore.

  • We all are responsible for these deaths, we all are, we never gave vote for hospital, medical facilities, one of the basic needs. We sadly gave for hindu muslim debates BJP congress debates. We are responsible. 😔

  • Damn... This video only put One Conclusion in my head. Adults are responsible for making decisions about their own health. Periodt. "He is no more. The govt failed us." FUCKING BULLSHIT.

  • Feeling terrible after seeing this! I will pray for more power for all the family who lost their loved once 🙏 Stay strong

  • You must wake up! You can not always rely on others to save your life. Modern technology gives us a better chance to fight diseases unlike olden times however one should not forget their duty towards their body. Donot get lost in modern gimmicks, stick to your traditions and scripture. Start giving time to yourself, follow a simple diet, do yoga, do excercise, improve your immunity. You cannot expect your body to deliver it's best at the time of need when you hardly devote any time to it. Devote atleast 1 to 2 hrs of your time for your physical and mental health. At the end it is you who will be ultimate looser or a gainer. You must wake up !

  • Covid-19 is an unprecedented challenge which has tested and rubbed us really bad emotionally, physically and financially.

  • These stories made me cry😔😔

  • God bless everyone suffering from this. Our whole family is suffering from covid, please pray for us🙏🙏

  • Temples,mosques,statues na banake toh hospitals aur better healthcare facilities mein paise lagana chaiye sarkar ko. Jaan hai toh jahaan hai.

  • The lockdown turned out to be the most horrific time for me and my family as my mausi passed away at that time. She wasn't a covid patient and because of that no hospital took her seriously and we got denied by many hospitals as they were only allowing covid patients. Later, we admitted her to a private hospital but the whole hospital messed up everything. They were just expanding the range of the bills , doing nothing and made her health worst. The doctors were rude ,the staff was so arrogant and even today i think that they could have saved my mausi's life if they took actual care of her. Just a suggestion: Always go through the reviews and ratings about the hospital that you are willing to go on the internet before. One bad choice can cost you many things. Stay safe everyone.


  • Yeh humara patient hain nehi. Wow that's how our doctors r treating patients who are on the verge of dying???? These are our covid warriors

  • Is video ko like ya dislike mat do.... Apna aur logo ka dhyan rakho.. Apni aur dusro ki madat karo Ye mujhe sikhaya is video ne Taki hospital aur gov. Ki Jarurat hi na pade...

  • People have become so careless and fearless of corona. Most of our Janta thinks that covid is just like a fever. It's not a deadly disease it's a phobia only. No mask no year is arriving soon.. People will party hard and forget all the rules.

  • Highly disappointing. What do the stingy billionaires do? In India, corruption, spending extravagantly on useless kinds of stuff, etc. must cease.

  • we caste the vote based on promises of Mandir-Masjid. We never voted for development, then why are we crying now. It was bound to happen and will surely repeat in future unless we set our priorities

  • 2020 ne ksfi kuch china... Mujhse pooche koi ki khone ka gum kya hota hsi

  • I am so sad to hear all your loved ones that passed away. Knowing that a parent was cremated without being notified his heartbreaking how can this even happen.These are not just numbers they are someone's family.Again I'm so sorry for all of you I just can't imagine . God bless you all in these hard times 😭😭😭

  • Saddest part of all is not being able to see them for one last time nor to pay last rites to their loved ones. Hope this situation comes to an end soon 🙏.

  • Hypocrisy of Indians politicians unleashed

  • Very sad😭🙏 RIP departed souls🙏 Om Shanti 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • This Indian govt is worst of the world


  • I can feel the pain of Inspector's wife ... 😑😑