Hip-Hop | Divided by Gullys, United by Hip-Hop: The Story of Two Gully Boys | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 28 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
DISCLAIMER: This video is a repost of the 2019 Red Bull BC One Tournament.
Two gullys, two stories and one uniting factor. Listen to the stories of two of India's top hip-hop artists - a b-boy and a graffiti artist, both of whom are trying every day to escape the 'Gully Life' through their art.
Video: The Quint
Music: Big Bang Fuzz
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  • I week in and only 46 comments?🤨🤨 Quint is losing its clout or what?

  • A depressed population is not receptive to art.. once a being straight from the heart of nation ascends to occupy the central seat ~ nation wakes up.. depressions goes away.. art finds it's peak.. Hopefully the one we have been looking for has found himself n he will help your career biuld up 🙂🙏 Language of art is universal.. expertise in it is respectworthy regardless of it's financial yield.. 🙂 So continue having faith in yourself.. let your hopes rest in progression of new age 🙂 You shall rise 🙏💟

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  • Just asking. How is spray painting a part of hip-hop ?

    • hip hop has 4 elements 1. spray painting 2. dance form 3. rap 4.beat boxing

  • This is called vandalism.

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  • HipHop is very popular among Gen Z in North East but they are never going to get recognition.

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  • Life is too big to predict with seeing just two tenth of life. Golden opportunity comes for everybody.

  • "If you are scared to take the chances, you'll never have the answers" -Nas

  • Love the sprinkle of quotes from various hip hop artists.

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  • This is the issue with our country most of parents only see doctor and engineer as a career. 😐

    • @Dr Mahesh ಹಿರೇಮಠ್ yes

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    • @99 lol.

    • Because they want the best for their kids

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    • So you are blaming her for their career. Wow


  • I wish these guys all the very best for there future.God bless them

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