Help the Family of a COVID Hero Who Died Feeding the Poor & the Hungry in Dharavi

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 12 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
#HappyDiwali #Diwali2020 #DiwaliInCOVID
Pranay and Pranali lost their father and the only earning member of the family to COVID. He was a COVID warrior who selflessly fed the poor and the hungry. This Diwali your gift, your donation, can secure their future and make a huge difference in their lives.
Be a part of The Quint’s ‘Dil Wali Diwali’ and give the gift of a better life to these two children.
To know more on how to donate, write to us -
We really value our viewers' offer to help out. We are not authorised to share bank details on a public forum for security reasons. Direct bank details will be provided as soon as you write to us at
We hope you understand, thank you for your support
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  • We really value your offer to help out. We are not authorised to share bank details on a public forum for security reasons. Direct bank details will be provided as soon as you write to us at We hope you understand, thank you for your support.

    • I want to support, please instruct

    • @kumar prakash Quint should report to Cyber Police about this person who has created a fake account to garner money from someone's suffering. When quint has not given the account details in public why this person is giving fake accounts. Please report this person to police.

    • @Kim Jong Un Han apko jo sahi lagta he karo

    • @kumar prakash Quint se jo reply mujhe milega, me uspr donate krunga. Aise kisi k kehne pr nhi krunga. And I think, at least ye destructer jaise words nhi honge uski ID mein.

    • @Kim Jong Un destructerpritam@okaxis, mujhe to quint ne yahi you I'd share kkia

  • Life is tooo crucial

  • I would like to give them whatever I can

  • Oh the children. I cried. May Allah help them ....

  • God bless them!!!! And fulfill all their wishes!! Rip 🙏🙏🙏 💕🙏❤❤❤❤

  • How to help there is no link for donation?

    • You will get details later

  • Kaash baba ke dhabe ki tarah inki bhi madad ho sake.. I am a school student and it hurts when u want to help but u r not able to.. Currently I can just share this video which I will surely...

  • Sab changasi.

  • That's why I only watch ndtv quint print bbc India

  • People in position of power and influence should help all such families who lost their sole bread earners in the fight against corona. This family is just one of them. Strength to the mother.

  • One small suggestion.....if there's anyone who can provide this family a job it wud be even more helpful! My humble request to people reading this comment if u r in a position to hire this lady it wud be a great sign of relief for them to some extent💯 P.s I wud have provided her a job if I could since I can't I'm requesting you people to do it😊

  • This is heartbreaking. May Almighty help them..

  • :(

  • log log log kya kahenge ? logo ki soch se farak padta hain tumko tum pagal kisi ko itni ehmiyat na do ki wo tumhri kosmat ka faisla kare

  • Where is bollywood now??

    • They r not politicians. They r not bound to solve people s problems. People don't vote them... R u too dumb to understand this simple point?

  • Sad to hear this news...Expecting NGO's will provide necessary help for their education..

  • This is one of the thousands stories we are seeing..... We people should help each other....there are lot of people who need help..

    • Exactly 😥😥

  • 😢😢😢😢

  • We don't want to see politicians anymore these family need help. quint doing great job

  • May these children achieve all they want...

    • Aameen

  • 😭😭😭😭😭,

  • Our fake Diwali

    • Hiding reality through showing fake tradition.

  • Taxpayer money is fed to peacock 😜 .

    • And that shitty baby penguin

  • i don't have any words...just feels so sad ...Ravindra sapkale was my uncle.

  • Why does the good people end with a dark fate and the corrupt ones just escapes everything

  • Please give account details

    • See the pinned comment

  • We all want a Hero fo save our families....who will save that Hero's, i request everyone to donate as much as possible to assist this family during this crisis...MY sincere prayers.

  • burst crackers as much as possible happy diwali

    • Get ur brains checked ASAP.

  • He is blessing them...

  • Money is the driver. It makes death easy.

  • I am literally crying.... I just watched a video of Quint in which a girl did suicide because of financial problems and many more videos like this.... In future I will try to help them..

    • @CIA Unofficial oke😊thanks

    • @rajvi thakar check the first comment mail them

    • Do you know what's the process is their to help this people's through this quint website??

    • Seriously I too was very upset on seeing videos on quint and also feels very blessed that I get everything what I want even if it be studies or any activity which I have to persue and all this gives me strength and motivate be to do better things in life to make my parents proud

  • A warrior who saved many lives ♥️ ☮️ 🇮🇳 🥺

  • May his soul rest in piece.

  • Don't know where all the government's packages go???

  • Kindly mention their account details. We do not want any 2nd party involvement. Want to help directly to the family, so that the money reaches out to them. Stay strong, those kids made me cry.

    • See the pinned comment for account details

  • PM CARES ?!!!??

    • @Panchali Das I have seen the ventilators and regarding the funds to state govts it's obvious

    • @aditya aher How do you know? Blind believe?

    • @aditya aher pm cares was used to care PM, nothing else! The things you just mentioned was not done by the money from PM cares! There is another government fund! There is still no data about PM cares!

    • Pm cares didn't collect enough money to give to all covid victims unfortunately.. The money was used in treatment and ventilators, quratine centres etc

  • Quint, please share the details for donation in the description of the video so that the viewers can donate. In fact it would be better to do that to all videos containing people needing our help.

    • Right

    • See the pinned comment for account details

  • How can we help the family?

    • See the pinned comment for account details

  • You can write an email to their editor mail address which they mentioned to donate

  • Government forgot about them 😓 No use of stimulus packages Wheres pm cares fund money ?

    • @Srinivasa garu jb Covid aaya tha to Jan Feb me India me kya chal rha tha? Mis management bhut hua h. Central ne kiya aur fir states ne lekin parents to central hi h. Andbhakta

    • @Srinivasa garu wo 20 lakh crore ka kya hua?

    • @shrey jauhari Abe baith ke bhi kya kra?? Pichle saal se Economy gir rhi h

    • It was fraud

    • Yahan bhi lad lo bkl

  • Thanks Quint for this initiative.

  • Ye ek acha aadmi tha sapkale sahab tm dhany ho tm amar ho dosto in baccho ka future bacha lo plz

  • editor@thequint

  • everyone says everything god do is for good BUT I see no good here I see pain, sadness, loneliness,left god could have done much better

    • God created humans to worship Him. But what did humans do? We made our own idols, started worshipping moon, sun, animals, humans etc. We became so away from God and our relationship with God became distorted. That's how sin entered. And all these pains, sufferings, murders, wars we see are a result of sin just because we humans choose to disobey God. It's time for all of us to repent .Yes, God is good indeed. But Why do we expect to see God's goodness when our lives are full of sin,idolatory,lies,hatred towards others. But still God is so good and He loves us so much that He gave His one and only son to die on the cross for us. His name is Jesus Christ. Holy Bible says in John 3:16 " For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." Jesus died for us and bore the punishment of our sins upon Himself. He shed His blood for us so that we may be cleansed. Those who believe Him are cleansed by His blood and freed from bondage of life and death. Bible says in 1John 1:9 "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." it's through Jesus Christ only that our sins are forgiven and our relationship with God is restored. There is no other way. Jesus is the only truth, the way and the life. Bible says that we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The only way to get free from this bondage of sin is to accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and believe that He died for our sins and rose back 3 days later. Jesus is coming soon second time. These are not just stories, these are the truth. It's time to repent and turn away from our sinful activities and submit our lives to God.

    • @Vishal Patel thank u, there was a great man who said line it says. "kabhebhi bhagwaan ka uper vorosa kar ki mat rahana kya pata bhagwaan app ka uper vorosa kar ka bhatha ha" have a good day

    • This is the reason I don't depend on god. Don't rely on them. Get inspired from their thoughts and character but don't be like sab upar wale k haath mai.

  • 😟😞

  • Pls give us the bank details to donate for the kids

    • See the pinned comment for account details

  • Baba ka dhaba se accha inko fund de do..inhe jrurat h

  • May God give them strength...

  • 😥

  • How can we donate

    • See the pinned comment for account details

  • Mere ki tho asu agai felling bad😔😔 may he soul rest in peace

    • Ohh bhai yeh pity kahi aur raise karna agr kar sakta hai toh ...unhone tujhse taras nhi fund mange hai... don't show apathy to those who are strong's being disrespectful

  • Plz provide there account details so that people can help..

    • See the pinned comment for account details

  • one suggestion give account no of family then people help family by some amount

    • Mail them and they will provide...

    • See the pinned comment for account details

    • But hackers would take all their money so they did for the safety...

    • That would be great

  • Please if anyone initiate fundraising for this, it would be nice.

    • See the pinned comment for account details.

  • How do we donate?

    • हमारे घर के आस-पास अनेक ऐसे परिवार है जिनको मदद की आवश्यकता है। आप उनके दिवाली में थोड़ी खुशियां पहुंचा सकती हैं।

    • By paying taxes and asking a better education better healthcare and better infrastructure and employment opportunities f0r all with out discrimination of race religion or skin color.

    • See the pinned comment for account details

    • Dear emil add. Us given in description box...

    • Details is given in description box. Please read the details..

  • How to donate

    • See the pinned comment for account details

    • Great