Has Reopening Cinema Theatres Helped Get the Audience Back?| The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 17 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Cinema theatres have reopened almost everywhere across the country, we also saw a new release this week titled Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari. So does that mean everythisngis back to normal? Are people returning to cinemas to watch films? Kya yeh ek green signal hai for other producers to release their films in theatres?
Not really.
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  • I would say what our govt said to us. Be "atmanirbhar"

  • No more bollywood😠

  • People have forgotten about theaters. It's a good thing

  • Welcome to the online world where every thing is online even relationships. I went to few of my relatives house and they were scared as hell on seeing me as if a terrorist has appeared in front their house. Retailers are the biggest money losers due to this pandemic.

    • Prolly because covid-19 is a highly contagious respiratory disease resulting in irreversible damage. You should be glad your fam is taking it seriously

  • No need for Bollywood anymore

  • I have seen is love enough sir? Alone in the entire theatre....

  • Ye online streaming ka zamaana hai Theaters ke din chale gaye. Theatres are at backlash for censored versions.

  • Where were you theatre owners when you yourself was charging 500-600 for a big popcorn and 300 for a glass of pepsi/coke? The food isn't supposed to be twice or thrice the price of the ticket.

    • @thabrees shaik Jo tu cold drinks bol raha hain wo bus paani hain with food colourant. Mujhe pata kyuki maine bhi jaake dekha hain single screen theatres main in small towns

    • @BADASS BABUA I think you guys are born and brought up in metropolitan city but in small towns 20rs Ka popcorn bejtehai 15rs Ka cold drinks

    • @BADASS BABUA exactly. Isko kaun samjhaaye.

    • Tujhe lagta hai Delhi mein itne single theatre dekhne layak hai? Duniya badi hai. Tu aur sab bhi dekh answer tujhe mil jayega. Aur monopoly ke naam pe jo ye charge karte hai woh question karne mein kuch galat nahi hai.

    • To tume kya lagta hai theatres ko profit movie hit hone se milta hai. Bhai asli business to popcorn aur cold drink ka hai.

  • No more greedy and remake Bollywood. Its loosing it's perception and everything was fine till 2018 , but now seems adrous and fake .

  • *The way she was delivering I was just waiting* - *ki kaab Hindi/Bengali mein switch kregi*

  • She looks stunning

  • "Cinema are open everywhere in the country" Kerala : *Let me introduce myself*

    • Telangana : also let me introduce myself

    • I think she told "Cinemas are open almost everywhere " keeping in mind only some states didn't open

  • Where opened? Nothing in Kerala.

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  • Boycott bollywood

    • @Praveen Lakra yes if someone wants to. It's their choice

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    • @go to hell bye just tell the names of good movies which isn't a remake in Bollywood and music which hasn't been copied.

    • @go to hell bye 18+ limitation is like you tube age restriction . Anybody can watch. What about the film's adult scene posters they post in roads where children's walk ? Yes it has impact. Do you know why they ban child porn all around the world ? Do you know why Indian government banned porn sites ? All these have influence in people's mind. But Bollywood has even more important than those things. It shapes up public opinion.

    • @Dayananda Barani oh come on They have amazing directors Vikramaditya motwane,hansal mehta,zoya akhtar,ayaan mukherjee,shoojit sircar,neeraj ghaywan,shakun batra,anurag kashyap,nandita das,konkona sen sharma,anubbav sinha,vishal bhardwaj,reema kagti,anand ghandi,

    • @Dayananda Barani uggh yah cant really argue with ppl who think sex is destroying youth There is a reason why all movies have 18+ limitations on them

  • why shahrukh in this photo?

  • Bro just get one thing in the head " THE WORLD IS RUN BY GREED AND CORRUPTION "

    • @go to hell bye people are tired of no creativity in Bollywood so no one is watching shit

    • @Memcha Laishram oh come on Grow up If ppl boycott Bollywood for him then they r really dumb

  • 2nd view

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