Getting Real About Pregnancy: A Doctor Explains Postpartum Depression| The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 17 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Pregnancy and Mental Health: What are the risks to a new mom? Why do some moms get postpartum depression and why do some only experience the blues? How can families help? Gynaecologist Dr Munjaal Kapadia explains.
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  • Thank you..somebody bought this up

  • There has been married couples who separated due to post partum depression in severe cases too

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    • @Shee Moheeput usually it's a difficult process, I don't think they cannot. But with the stigma attached to race, cultural heritage, etc. People tend to adopt within their races. And also, if someone is adopting, it's more practical to adopt from their own countries because it makes the most sense. However you can adopt from other countries if you want.

    • That's right, I plan on adopting one if I ever want a child.

    • Can they be adopted to foreign countries?

  • There is nothing moral about becoming pregnant since there are already millions of orphan children already born and waiting to be adopted from overcrowded orphanages all over India . Also since you can't get the consent of a child to be born in this cruel world . Nobody chose to come into existence . Rather, we were all forced into the unfortunate state of existence without our consent to have to endure all the pain and suffering that comes with it . Had we never existed we'd have never suffered . ~ ~ The Benatarian asymmetry demonstrates why it is always better never to exist , regardless of the pleasure to pain ratio in one's life . Whereas : 1. The presence of pleasure is good, and 2. The presence of pain is bad; 3. The absence of pain is good even if one does not exist to benefit from that good, but 4. The absence of pleasure is not bad unless someone already exists for which such an absence would be a deprivation . ~ Given the above, it is always a harm to come into existence and reproduction is never morally justified . For a more in depth look | highly recommend reading Better Never to Have Been : The Harm of Coming into Existence by Dr. David Benatar ( professor and chairman of philosophy at the University of Cape Town, South Africa)~ ~ Note: The above applies to all sentient beings, not only humans. They too were harmed by being brought into existence .

    • Thank you. I am glad someone feels the same :)

    • Lol what a logic. Then we are on the right path by your logic. You say if we have never existed we would never suffer pain. Then we are now destroying earth by our pollution . So destroying earth by us collectively will make sure that no one comes into existence and no one suffers pain. Lol

  • Woah dude. Good job quint!!

  • i read it as post mortem depression

  • Next, quint is going to talk about post nut clarity. And then a documentary video about how prostate orgasms are the next big thing to promote butt hole sex in india

  • What a important issue raised by quint 👏👏👏👏👏💜 ours mothers are warriors ....

    • Girls have naughty thoughts, like boys, but we're better at hiding evidence.

  • Motherhood is the most toughest job right from giving birth to raising of the Child.. Salute to all mothers🙏 and Quint job well done...we need to talk about such issues more..

  • "Her own mental health is the lowest of low priorities", this thing hits me really hard!

    • @s Y Exactly

    • Sad truth, isn't? Shame, it doesn't even get discussed

  • Very helpful, am virgin and now ready, prepared for it 😁.

  • Sooooo good to see Dr munjaal. His Instagram is @scissortongue Guys follow him he has interesting feed

  • Informative

  • 🙂👍

  • 👍👍👍

  • Sad reality which v don't even discuss, it's increasing in metropolitan cities without someone to support post delivery🙏🙏🥺 especially who have pressure to go back to work or in abusive relationship or financial crisis it can't get worse🙏🙏

  • Yesterday only I was talking to an aunty and she was boasting about her daughter in law how she doesn't complaint at all in pregnancy. She said hamare devrani ki bahu toh bahut kharab hai dard ka natak karti hai etc etc Which actually was a false labour pain that happens to a lot of women. That woman was abused by the nurse and by the entire family and is still being embarassed by people. Why do people think that the woman who stays silent while suffering is the best woman in the world And the one who speaks about it , is the worst?

    • @Sagarika Singh chutiya public h india ki

    • THIS IS SO APT. The same thing happened with a female in my family and people still gossip about her being 'fake'. I hate it.

    • Waoo mann ..need more such angles like u...

    • That's because people dread women with voice...

    • indian boomer mindset

  • Western mentality achchi he. Ab India me population deplete hoga

    • @Zu Astroboy How do you decide which is choti & which is mamuli? 🤦Ealier times due to joint family system, there used to be abundance of wisdom available on how to deal with it, which has collapsed now, so seeking expert advice is healthy. Bye

    • @Zu Astroboy Hello, even if conditions are completely normal and if the woman is in happy environment, she can still have it. I just said above mentioned problems trigger it more.

    • Connecting a mental health problem(which can happen to any woman during pregnancy) with a 'western culture' nonsense shows the condition about your thinking of your mind!

    • @s Y 👍👍👍👍👏

    • @s Y jahan tak bat he post pregnancy depression ki..ha manta hu me..magr wo specific cases me hota he agr partner barabar nahi etc. Magr women ko pehle hi darakar rakhna pregnancy ke bare kya sahi he?

  • 👍

    • Girls have naughty thoughts, like boys, but we're better at hiding evidence.