#DonaldTrump Refuses to Concede; What He Must Learn from his Predecessors

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 18 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Despite Joe Biden emerging as a clear winner, Donald Trump has refused to concede. Unlike his predecessors, who have given discerning and powerful speeches, Trump has been claiming victory and alleging fraud even days after the US elections results. Here's a look at what makes Trump different from leaders of the past.
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Video: C-SPAN/The White House/Donald J Trump/AP
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  • he didn't loose.

  • Now onwards when people want to use the phrase Sore Loser they will just say Your are a Donald Trump

  • Obama has 2 terms of peesidency where as Mr Tromp got only 1 term !!

    • Because Trump lost the second term 🙄

  • The whole world will listen to Donald Trump if he is ready to embrace the religion of Islam conceding this small defeat... Converting to Islam will save Donad Trump here and and hereafter: Allah can forgive all his sins including he the killing of Iran Major....

  • Begani shadi me Abdullah diwana. Ye haal hai hamari media ka.

  • People hates a person who speak the truth

  • Question to Concede comes after there is an official winner.

  • Trump speaks his heart out . He is straight farward . A very good quality

    • pakodaseller illiterate bhakt spotted with chai

  • Don't concede

  • Trump is a winner and he NEVER quits. Something to learn from him is to never give up and never quit !

    • @Girish kumar stop watching cartoon network kid and do some reasearch or else keep quiet and let the big guys handle things

    • @Girish kumar no son not umpire but the commentators called the decision in hasty. The umpire is still evaluating. Will have to wait until the mid of December to know the result .

    • Ha.. Haaa. Race is over.. Umpire called the winner.. Go and play your child games some other place..

  • Not refuse vote count is not over officially no want is President elect

  • I have a feeling that he is so confident that the elections were rigged because he must have done it himself and got shocked when the results did not come out in his favor.

    • I love how liberdu are trolling Trump And then Saying modi hack evm Gaade

    • @Drake Johnson exactly what I told you everyone in politics is corrupt. we will see if the elections are actually rigged. if it is then congratulations to Donald tump.

    • @Nameless same here but imagine about the person who rigged an entire election in his favour b4 becoming president then what all he can rig after becoming one.

    • @Drake Johnson Ok. I just want the right president rest does not matter

    • @Nameless wait for 2 weeks official result will be out.

  • Biden is a criminal. N the dominion machines were fraud. The Democrats r evil. Trump has the guts to not concede. They r uncovering the frauds like so many dead people voting. May God's chosen win.

  • Trump you lost now go 🏡

  • VIVA TRUMP VIVA U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Biden won by stealing and will go to jail with his friends.

    • @Girish kumar the proofs have already been submited in court kid don't worry. Have fun with cartoon network.

    • @Girish kumar Biden and his media friends are doing Chinese style politics and propaganda.

    • Submit proof in courts if they have..

  • Trump ek bar mann bhi jay lekin bhakt nhi manega.

  • You don’t concede when there is fraud. These is not india

    • @Girish kumar kid do some research and if don't find any proof ask me I will give.

    • No proofs.. Just barking...

  • The Trump voters who don't understand why Biden won so many populair votes. A lot more people voted because they are ANTI TRUMP VOTERS. And Trump did that to himself

    • @IJ Mathew mallu???hahaha mallus supporting trump..?hahah what a joke

    • Not necessarily true, there are reasonable people who doesn't like trump but still vote him on policies. Whether a person is likeable or not is irrelevant when it comes to presidency and competency. And biden doesn't fit that category. Obama wasn't a good president, but he was able to galvanize crowd, biden can't.

  • I live journalism how it always prone to cherry pick to push their narration hahaha good good do it.

  • The Iran has uranium 2449.2 kilo of uranium.that is very danger for america

  • Americans were cheated by the DEEP STATE many times in the past. In US people don't elect their president, it's done by the most faithful senator's on their behalf. Also the hacked computer software's does the counting. The Quint is the most "unbiased" among the media.

    • @Bipin Babu that's it fool u and ur so called world are full of stupid jokers who can be fooled by even a kindergarten kid that's y cartoon network ( mainstream media ) is able to convince u any crap they want 😂😂😂

    • @Drake Johnson I have not lost job but definetly orange clown and his supporters have...the whole world can see that..haha lol

    • @Bipin Babu I guess u looking in the mirror n writing this joker. Don't worry u might have lost ur job due to lockdown poor guy I can offer u the role of joker to entertain my guys.

    • @Drake Johnson bugger off orange clown

    • @Bipin Babudo u have any proof that the election was not rigged.

  • I’m surprised many people including this host doesn’t get it..if trump manages to prove that if even a fraction of votes lets say 1000 or 5000 votes are proved to be genuinely illegal and invalid that will create a very solid ground for him to call for a re election (which I’m guessing is the best case scenario for trump) or at the very least cracks will start appearing in the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s victory and stain Biden for as long as he stays in the whitehouse.

  • Lets bring Block chain technology to EVMs and voter cards

  • Should Trump concede to pressure from the anti-american Deep state Communists & their controlled media pundits? Since many states have not yet awarded their electoral vote to either candidate, due to a recount demand, caused by the evidence of: dead people voting; testimonies of the use of fraudulent algorithms & errant software (i.e. Dominion, CIA Hammer) that would award a fake BIDEN win; evidence of fraud in unverifiable mail-in ballots; & recently found ballots electing Trump, NEWSMAX reported on 11/17/2020, a dynamic change to the current electoral vote count. Due to current investigation & recounts in battleground states, (TRUMP 232, BIDEN 223). Biden no longer has the lead. The Fake news media can now get hysterical. ~~NO CERTIFICATIONS, NO CONCESSION!~~

  • Why is fake news always pushed in the forefront. This Completely one sided. Trump march ahead, expose the frauds

  • elections were such a farce.

  • Trump must learn nothing. People must learn, to not hire kinds for adult jobs.

  • The man chosen by God. It will not be defeated by Satanic Globalism, Communism or the Red Dragon of the Apocalypse, it will be defeated. The lady will step on the head of the snake 🐍

  • Donald trump maybe hated by many but he was a honest president of America Alot of Americans are still standing for him

  • No America is next Russia

  • Trump will concede only if Biden and Obama both sucks😁😂

  • Trump needs to wear his big boy pants now and let it go

  • He has been caught in his own trap 😆

  • Trump should not concede. The election was rigged.

  • They are already better we need to teach our politicians something maybe if they can learn but I don't they will learn. They are stubborn

  • Trump the guy who pulled troops from middle east "vs" Trump the cry baby who lost the 2020 USA election

    • You guys evidently is still listen to the lamestream news media you ought to check out some other news organizations there's massive voter fraud going on in these Democrat states that held out and shut down the night of the election, but I'm not going to argue with you all you have to want to know the truth yourself, God bless you

  • Trump🥰

  • F obomber

  • Quint what happened with news stand for truth has that motto fallen to the ground, You are 100 times better than CNN dont copy them.

  • The electoral College has to vote on december 14 to elect the president. Widespread vote frauds have happened in mail in ballots, acceptance criteria in some states, counting procedures of some states and in counting centres. The democrats call for the president to concede is due to the fear of an adverse result as it happened in an court ruling on 12th december 2000 in the Bush vs Gore case awarding florida for Republicans. Why didn't you air Hillary's speech from a few days back that called for Biden to not concede even if court rules in favour of Trump leading to his win? Also there are few other ways in which the president could be elected due to this situation ( vote frauds getting exposed and the president not conceding ) which the democrats fear much as the Republicans hold majority in the Senate. All their problems would be solved if Trump concedes.

    • Let's try them (Trump) , there is answer for every thing.

  • Recounting still going, quint stop simping for kamala

  • Dolaaand trump

    • Epic 😆

  • Accepting a defeat is difficult

    • @Jyotirmaya Choudhury all good

    • @IJ Mathew Ok brother... Thanks for saying 👍🏻

    • @Jyotirmaya Choudhury that is such a bad comparison you can't compare with trump who did s fairly good job in 2016 and better than the projections on south states plus Ohio (except the one with lawsuit is still pending) vs a incompetent guy who keep loosing election after election who can't even save his own seat.

    • @arjun rai Every opposition party does this. Whether it is Trump or Rahul Gandhi 👍🏻

    • @arjun rai yeah kind off all parties do it

  • Election is not over yet. Dont make decision before it done.

    • @Ayushman Parashar tum so jao Bhai jaake raat khatam nahi hui hai suba hone (official results ) aane k baad jaagna

    • @Ayushman Parashararee bhai, Biden jeeta h lekin ye official ni h kitni baar btau😂. Mera comment pd phle vaala. Agar Trump ne concede kia hota toh usi din khtm hota scene. Lekin vo legal action k liye lawsuits file kr rha h, voter fraud k upar. Aur Vote Recount bhi chl rha h 1-2 states me. Final decision electoral members lete h, media nhi.

    • @Kaushal Joshi abe tu kaha hai result aa chuka hai kitne din phle clean majority se jita hai biden tu goggle kar

    • @Ayushman ParasharMedia jo bhi khe, official nhi h vo abhi, electoral members final krte h results, jb remaining states me recount pura hoga aur pending lawsuits jo file hue h vo resolve honge. January me pura hoga ye scene.

    • @Kaushal Joshi bhai us election ka result aagya hai do hafta phle

  • Trump is a stubborn child gv him lollipopp of power his face will shine Trump sir election held in yr tenture

    • @Granny Grunt is so than truth must come out in democracy our court will surely judge Democracy must be respected

    • They've already got overwhelming proof of voter fraud the mainstream news media is just not covering it that's why everybody on the Democratic side is in the dark when we say there's voter fraud they say something else because the mainstream news media is not reporting it! But Judicial Watch has filed suits in different states for voter fraud oh, and they're an independent group they're not paid for by anybody, other people has filed lawsuits and a lot of people at these voting places have sworn affidavits that they witnessed fraud their self even Democrats has signed affidavits in the states!!!!!

    • @Thunder Rishone never bro our democracy is not so weak evm ballot always a dispute in every democracy its ornamental 😛

    • Joe Biden is wanted by the Ukrainian government criminal

    • You are the same person I bet who said evm is every vote modi

  • What if all that Trump said were true?Just asking!!!😁😁

    • That is decided by the courts he's challenging.

  • Bloody stop praising Obama or trump they are all controlled by lobbies doesn't matter whoever it is There will be wars, invasion, death of innocents, life doesn't matter to this Zionist regime.

  • Breh the selective news reporting going on here. Either cover statements from both end and claim to be non biased, non partisian, news outlet or do what u just did n do not claim to be a non biased news outlet. On that note, the news outlets do not decide if the election is won, by, someone or not, it's state certified process, and 5 battleground states have on going tabulation or legal processes that are preventing them from declaring the results and certifying it. So Trump has every right not to concede. At least not until the electoral votes are out by December 14th. Now even me a random nobody could do that research so i doubt such a massive news outlet as Quint couldn't. So please. I love your content here, but do not be give me a biased coverage of news for other countries. Now just my personal opinion - i am personally more right leaning than left, but it, doesn't mean that i do not agree with some left policies. So i do not like to play left or right wing games. Id wish the same of Quint. Keep your content quality consistent. Currently you r severely lacking when compared to WION news outlet.

  • .....haay gazab : "DONALD-DUCK, PUTIN, CHOU-MIN &.....FEKU...!! 😎😎😄😎😎" ------waah kyaa TEAM sajee hai TAANAASHAAHON ....ki...!!..!!

  • Why should anyone concede if there is fraud? What kind of media outlet is this? Mail in voting is a complete joke..

    • @IJ Mathew yeah you were watching all this when happened? bugger of jack ass

    • @SLR BIZ exactly, on that 5 minutes they barely used 1 minute why trump not conceding but didn't gone detailed explanation, yet shamelessly portraying him not conceding defeat (which there is reasonable suspicions) as immature by comparing with other presidents and candidates

    • @Vera City true that there is no solid proof, but there is also reasonable suspicions why polling stations stop counting, then all of a sudden at 4am while everyone still sleeping 120k sudden increase, why people forced to use sharpie instead of pen in certain areas, why Republican poll watchers kicked out and covering the room with glasses.

    • Election fraud is just a false allegation given by Trump. There is no proof of fraud anywhere that's the reason y some courts rejected his lawsuit

    • The Quint spews leftist propaganda---that's the kind of outlet it is---kind of like an Indian version of CNN, MSNBC.

  • Trump 2020❤️

    • chal bhag chaiwala fekuchand 15 lakh pakodewala

  • That's why modi and trump ki banti hai...because dono mante nahi ki wo .......samjh jao kya kehna chahta hu

    • @Miftahul Ashra I'll rather be a trumpie who certain people treats him like a clown than a senile old man who likes to sniff little kids with his son who is way worse. So thanks for " SPOTTING" me

    • @IJ Mathew trumpie spotted🤡🤡

    • @Ritik Nagpal true

    • Modi never claimed election fraud when BJP lost (and it lost in many state and local elections)

    • U forgot the fact that Obama was also a good friend of modi . During his last year of presidency Obama visited only India to meet modi and to be a chief guest in republic day parade in New Delhi .And same friendship will be there with Biden if not better .

  • Quint is all about half truths and misinfo, lets talk about Dominion voting system and Smartmatic software.

    • @vaish ramachandran Republic is biased but The Quint is no good. The Republic is biased towards Left Wing parties while the Quint hates Right Wing parties

    • They are aware of Everything but reporting that will never happen , unless Trump Exposes in his own channel !

    • Yes because news outlets like Republic TV are honest?

    • Yes... Republic banana is best🍌😂

  • But , He isnt fake ! He is TrumP ! He will expose what he feels isnt safe for the Future America , Still the battle is in the court of law and defenitely you guys will report his victory .

    • Like the lawsuits are being squashed in the courtroom across the country?

  • I don't want him to concede . It would be a great show to see him been drag out of the white House

    • @Jeva Samy I see that you admit to being willfully brainwashed and have TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). You're just another run-of-the-mill jealous, envious, hateful person. Such base human emotions---I suggest you work on improving yourself, with the help of God, if needed, so you can look in the mirror and like yourself and not feel insecure.

    • Meanwhile Joe is wanted for crimes in the Ukraine

    • Nope

    • @Vishavjeetsingh Verka yes . With Trevor noah

    • Do u watch the daily show

  • Have faith in God alone, nothing and no one else can save you. Jesus is coming soon, get born again today.

  • Stop cherry picking Quint 🤦‍♂️ with your leftist agenda

    • @Bipin Babu why the fuck you care? Mujhe jisko bi support karna hai to tujhe kyu jalti hai,? U know what I support modi, kya ukadloghe tu? Zyada se zyada nakli profile rakh ke busdil ke Tarah rice bag rice bag karte zyada kuch nahi. Saale tere aukaat be nahi hai mere se baat karthe bi?

    • hahah when did rice bag convert like you became rightist..hahaha

    • @IJ Mathew k

    • @vaish ramachandran well I care less about Republic tv cause I'm not listening to that either. Do your research independently , that's what I did rather than you doing whatabouterism (cause I called out quint ) Use your brain, on that 5 min they only used 10 to 20 seconds brief (that too on a tweet, why digging it too deep when twitter tags it false claim so people assume he's giving fake information), didn't go too detailed why trump is not conceding. But they're purposefully degrading him with a clip that other president and presidential candidates that conceding defeat is a sign of maturity (implying that trump is immature, something that CNN and MSNBC is notorious known for editing his clip ). There are questionable reasons and suspicions why its happening

    • Like Republic TV doesn’t do that.

  • Trump should opt comedy as a profession now

    • The world even us in the UK can see demon-crats are fraudulent.

    • hahahaa... definitely

    • The world even us in the UK can see demon-crats are fraudulent.

    • Do another election "a paper ballot"

  • Only about Election fraud he must learn ।।no service।। Predecessor loved doing Service for the people of America and world ।and here Democrats Predecessor r obamma

  • First viewer 🤘

    • @Arman Malik good to know😂

    • @Arshi Siddiqui 20 thank you so much..i m fulfilled now😂

    • @Arshi Siddiqui 20 😀😀😂

    • Congratukations..i hope your life is fulfilled now