Did Facebook Partner with EC to Access First-Time Voter Data?

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 19 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
In 2017, Facebook offered its platform to help the Election Commission of India to register first-time voters.
But did you know that Facebook offered to do this, for free? The question is, why?
Because this partnership with the EC may have helped Facebook create a huge, priceless data bank of lakhs of first-time Indian voters. Data which could be further sold by Facebook to political parties at a high price.
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Video: The Quint
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  • For all those who are sharing they don't use Facebook, it includes Instagram & WhatsApp also. Facebook. Google. Amazon. All are after data. Global destruction indeed.

  • India has become an Oligarchy.

  • Our enemy is not China or Pakistan, it's USA.... Biggest than we think

  • World's biggest terrorist organisation now in USA?.... It's really dangerous... This video reveals such information that I can't even think to digest. Google Facebook Twitter Microsoft ... Middle East based terrorist organisation is kid to them

  • Bjp kuch jada he kar raha hai... Ye sirf POLITICS NAHI HAI... YE DESTRUCTION HAI

  • It is safe for you or me

  • scary sometimes,bt i hope,future is gud🙏🏻🤩

  • Data is the most abused commodity on this planet.

  • We are living in a world where even our privacy is being selling out.

  • LMFAO. Cambridge Analytica was actually against Trump winning. It was supporting the liberal- left Nexus in the democrats More Lies from Quint.

  • Yes 😂🤣 jali na? Teri jali na? Vatican ke bhadwo

  • Your videos are good but you don't reference them at all which literally lacks credibility.

  • Nice work

  • mind hacking days have arrived

  • If the voter registration page had a pixel code at that time, they can literally track conversions and user data which in these case it is supposed to be confidential. And then this data can be used to target "lookalike" audience. Facebook Pixel product was built for better ad targeting and tracking facebook user on the website.

  • This Ec-evm Scam keeps getting worse and worse

  • We should start using alternatives asap

  • I don't think prestigious company's sell their data to anyone. If they want to sell they doesn't require EC. There are ton of FB uses in India. They will sell those.

  • Indian institutions like SC,ED,RAW,IB, EC....have been sold out to foreign corporates long back.

  • Country has gone to dogs .... Once public rights are gone are very difficult to get it back because no govt will empower citizens

  • For sure Indian election were compromised just like the US has been with their voting software . I remember how the physical copies of votes were disposed off just months after the election here which was reported by quint after asking for a RTI.

  • Dude!!!! 👌👌👌👌 Kudos to your journalism!!!!💐 Keep it up

  • This lady single handedly reforming our Democracies main organ.

  • My dad once told me , "There is nothing known as free meal" And I think that's one of the best advice I ever received.

  • 😶

  • This is a very grave issue and we must bring this video to trending plz share it like your life depends on it (which can be in long term) We don't want another Cambridge analytica type scandal

  • Excellent job by Quint 👍 After Electoral Bond series, this is another extraordinary journalistic work🙏

  • A few questions 1.did ec invite tenders before giving the project to Facebook if yes who were the competitors 2.did government invite tenders before making twitter official if yes who were the competitors 3. What does ec or government earn from facebook and twitter and Google 4. How much this tech giants earned from indian government .isn't it a rule in India that before giving projects to private companies they should invite tenders?

  • 💃 Nothing is free in this world.....💃

  • With who's consent the government is proceeding with these orders... We are no democratic country but the federal country seems more democratic

  • This happens many times .. and will happen in future as well .. as we are using a web .. build by someone ..

  • BJP will sink this country into the deep hole.

  • Sab tumhare jese dallal nahi hote.

  • those answers we will never get doesn't matter who the govt is..

  • Cambridge analytica also helped Congess in many elaections....You missed this point purposedly!No surprise....anyways

    • Agreed, every politician connection with cambridge analytical

  • Ma'am you are doing a marvellous Job, all your reporting are outstanding and eye openers to common ppl. ▪︎Why partnership with foreign private company, why cant EC initiate their own campaign and establish their own IT to collect the data??? I understand India is self-reliant. Agree?

  • So many wrong things are happening nowadays, and it's making me depressed like hell. On top of that I'm having hair loss issues these days.

  • EC should be held responsible for treason

  • Facebook manipulates elections.

  • There is already a list of voters which is available with the parties. There is no need for them to purchase it from Facebook. Useless video.

    • videos will be much usefull if u speak up about rape cases like hathrase , which was not shown completely in Indian tv channels..

  • I don't think it's hard to delete the Facebook account. You have better social media platforms !

  • This is one of the reasons i did not sign up for Facebook and Instagram

  • That's why I've deleted Facebook

  • Thank you for the information

  • Banana Republic term will be renamed soon.

  • U guys are good.keep this going.

  • Excellent work. Thanks mam for information regarding privacy issue. The EC is a puppet of Indian government.

  • Bold words that can change a nation

  • Except whatsapp, I have zero social media accounts. Unfortunately Google's mail, youtube, etc have become indespensable to our working lives. But I use ad blockers and vpn extensively. I am still leaking a lot of data, but I ponder in disbelief of how much the youth share their data and their lives in such an age.

  • Great work. Keep your investigative journalism. Some bit of hope from few.

  • Indian Election Commission is that dumb that happen when people who don't understand tech... People at every position should mandatorily understand tech working and basic knowledge on data privacy and security... In era, when EU and US doing so much to prevent privacy breach and stop making monopoly... INDIA and INDIAN are giving it for free and thinking about next super power what a dumb thought

  • Both agreement are not same..

  • Cambridge analytical scandal is very very different from what you are saying.

  • Boycotted Fb a long time ago, others are deleting Fb too. Delete it before you become a manipulated zombie.

  • last 3.5 years not using fb. i feel proud on own decisions.😎

    • @Think It sad truth

    • @Anand KV may be bro, that's very bad, That's mean india goes to Detectorship by Powerful people.

    • Instagram and whatsapp is also owned by Facebook isn't?

  • Now that's the reason why govt. Decided to put a control over digital platforms.U guys investigate a lot. . . . Good Luck👍💪

  • Keep up the good news/work alive!👍

  • This reporter always comes on stage with a serious case backed by well done research. A case which mainstream media never focuses upon. Well Done Quint and Thanks for your efforts in raising Various questions via RTI's

  • true journalism

  • Apne tashreef laat na maro data deke

  • Well done Quint.. 👍u guys really doing great job.

  • Zukerberg would not share which hotel he stayed at when he appeared before his government. Why does he or his company or companies like his want all this information from us? What has Facebook to do with me registering or not registering with the Election Commission? If this is all true then we, the Indian citizens, are the bakras/scapegoat of every Tom, Dick and Harry company that come along. The Indian government/courts should bring companies like these to heel, they are always trying to undermine our privacy and rights to choose, among other things.

  • Deleted my fb account permanently 6 months back... Fb is not safe. Privacy safety is important. We aren't understanding right now but in future all ur data will be all over internet

  • Reptalian suckerberg is planning some sinister plots.

  • The so called International News Channel "WION" won't show this. Busy attacking & spreading "Anti China" sentiments.

    • @Got It The world needs to align with China and Pakistan to take care of India. And for that pro-India channels like Wion needs to be banned

    • @Got It Exactly my point. Any media houses that shows India in a positive light needs to be banned. Its the worst country in the world and deserves to be finished off world map. All the Bhakts who support India should be thrown into prisons too

    • @393 Unit what is the point of picking up the garbage from all over the world and dumping in India when we have our problems to deal with. How it will help indian citizen by showing how world is conspiring against India ? Can Indian citizen do anything about it ? If it's issue is related to indian govt then people can question the govt and vote accordingly.

    • Correct. Wion should be banned for spreading anti-China sentiments. And they always shown India in a positive light. Very bad Indeed.

    • WION is lallantoop of ZEE News group.They will find crappy news around the world but won't find anything under their asses.

  • "alleged" ka matlab bhi pata h?

  • who said Facebook will give access to First time voters?

  • tere baap ka kya jaa raha h?

    • yha comment karne ko tere baap ka kuch chala gya tha kya ? yo aa kr dhund rha hai

  • Something is definetely wrong with what is happening in the country. But there is no much hope as of now. The blind should see first to understand. waiting for that day.

  • The great lady poonam agarwal ❤️ respect from ❤️

  • Boycott Facebook subscribe quint

  • We r not using Facebook Facebook using us delete facebook subscribe quint talk on social issues

  • Those who know face is a culprit of human beings please comment thank u to my india brother and sister and to human beings boycott godi media

  • Now reliance has a stake in fb just saying ... Might have access to jio data base so mota bhai would help the leading party with the same

  • To sell the data to EC. Boycott facebook

  • Boycott bjp boycott godi media subscribe quint ❤️

  • I didn't know. Did it happen really? I'm not even using fb and though i have a voter ID card my vote always goes to nota.

  • This is what is called Investigative Jouranllism,hardwork,effort & research.. We all should be thankful to her.

    • 𝚃𝚒𝚖𝚎𝚜 𝙽𝚘𝚠 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚁𝚎𝚙𝚞𝚋𝚕𝚒𝚌 𝚃𝚟 𝚕𝚎𝚏𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚝

    • lol

  • User Data = Black Gold of 2020,,,, Sadly there is no law regarding the protection of data in our country.

    • @Vi sil I don't care whatever your Daddy name is

    • @Just Joking yes the stupid claims Abdul make before killing people of dharmic religion.

    • @Adnan Aftab vi sil is high on drugs he is calling him Abdul ( might be his daddy name)

    • @Vi sil You need to watch social dilemma..

    • Black gold? Tf this Abdul is on

  • EC and Facebook not going to answer you fairly. Everybody knows ruling party behind this.

    • @Mobile Time Yepp

    • @Ankit Chandra 😂😂😂 Haha I will say this to bhakts when they say "go to pakistan"Bro my family is in Airforce (B4 freedom fighters) when I was kid I used to buy india flag with my own pocket money and give to my cousins and friends for free on "INDIPENDENCE DAY" and Now I am the pakistani 🤦 bhakt brothers have failed me but I still belive in my constitution and hold it dear BTW USA nahi if u can marry one then yes or else very different ... Singapore todha muskil hai...canada saabse easy hai

    • @Muatasim Ahmed Singapore ya USA option ni hai kya? 😂

    • Le Bhakts:- go to pakistan 😂

    • Boycott godi media subscribe quint ❤️

  • If EC need funds they can acquire it from government rather than selling our data

    • Country is on the edge of bankruptcy. All thanks to gobernment's poor policies. No money to run country. we are not less than Pakistan at present situation.

  • Poonam is doing an amazing job 👌

  • sab mc hai

  • Chaiwala desh ko aur desh ki janata ko bech ke hi manega...

    • @Irfan Khan irony huh ...

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    • better than your italian aunty

  • Corona come back, aise logon ke saat rehne se khatam hojana acha hai, Mera nahi aise logon ka khatam hojana... Politicians now made India world's largest fake democratic country...

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    • @Shibnath Ghosh it seems change other wise one of us is saying something wrong . Now I will assume according to you .. you are right also according to me I am right 🤘

    • @Riya Das well something don't change according to our opinions. It remains the same.

  • US won't allow Facebook in its 100 miles vicinity. Remember, how senators torn Mark Zuckerberg apart, when he was brought to questioning. India is like home to implement failed stretegies. You're a porn star, come here and we'll make you rich and celebrity. Etc etc..

  • FB is selling data everybody is aware of it!!!

  • If a FB user can click the rgister to vote link and taken to a india govt website for register to vote, how does FB has data on whether the person did actually registered to vote ??

    • they are profiling each individual, in the beginning flag 1 and later after finished registering ask them to share if they did flag 2. so 2 times . now it can be confirmed that he/she is an un-opinionated first time voter. ready to be socially experimented with and can be painted with an opinion by targeted ad.

    • it's safe to assume that almost everyone who clicks will register since they were previously unregistered

  • OMG...

  • This kind of journalism can only make this country better

    • @Afsal Samad what a joke. Calling everyone with sloppy names if they don't support your fake narrative. Arnab is going to succeed

    • @ Krishna oza ... do not tell me Arnab is doing journalism.. he is a third rate political goon ... come on he himself is accepting .. but some dumbos like you are blind devotees ....

    • @priyanka gupta why should arnab learn anything from anyone. he has his own style of journalism and if people like him its okay. also no one should teach in todays age what is journalism is or is not.

    • 💯

    • Please try stand up comedy

  • Actually Nitin Gadkari's Son-In-Law Is Working In Facebook At Board Of Directors Post...No One Had Catch This Point...All Connections Of This Facebook & BJP Arise From There

    • @Avinash Agnihotri No, Ravish is more close to CPI , not Congress. but every other channel is owned by BJP directly or indirectly

    • @Just Joking bro mostly journalist connect to political background. Arnab goswami is from BJP , Ravish kumar brother from congress.

    • Meenakshi lekhi , BJP MP is member of social media monitoring committee. Fb India head who resigned recently had BJP connection. Rajat Sharma product of RSS and BJP is news broadcasting association chairman.

    • @shrey jauhari Yes Brother

    • @priyanka gupta yes sister...just search "Nitin Gadkari's Daughter Marriage" On MRslow

  • Indian democracy is in great dangere..same so indian people

  • Are you the one responsible for death of a soldier.. Have some shame.

  • This is why I deleted my Facebook account

    • @Vivek Ghosh I never replied to you.

    • @Just Joking I have never downloaded Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter. I have always used Duckduckgo and Brave browser. So how will they collect my data?

    • @Adithyan M B in long term it will be fruitful.

    • @Just Jokingtrue, but it can prevent further data collection

    • Deleting doesn't delete the data you already gave.

  • If YOU are using the product for FREE, YOU are the product!

    • @Viplav Chhabra Kounsa ganja phook rahe ho?

    • If we pay then also we are paid products

    • @Anime Hindisubb Flip phone use karta hun

    • Yay phir tumhara internet free hey

    • Tumhara mobile free hey kya?

  • Quit Facebook...!!

  • Good Article, plz get all the answers for people benefit

  • One thing you need understand stupids,,, FTV are now way more intelligent than olden people's so stop spreading negativity stupids

  • Who cares, data hi to le rehe hai, voting power to abhi bhi humare paas mein hai, jisko marzi usko vote do.

    • @Kuldip Mehta that's exactly what happened to me.. All the unsafe content. To see hatred. Instead I deleted fb permanently. What u said is 💯 true those content made me feel india is not safe for us anymore. It scared me. But after deleting and interacting with actual people made me feel that its just the social media and that's how it works.

    • Oh my god. It is important data. Your information. Your personal chats all are being monitored by FB. They know everything about you. They can sell the information to whoever they want. Don't you see the danger of that?!

    • Awww you summer child

    • Thats the problem my friend, by using this data, any data science marketing company can target and make content for specific users. Imagine you opening your fb account and seeing some depressing content and after a few week see a political face saying this is what india will be if the opposition won, hence one might just consider voting for them. This is what happened in trump's case. Honestly our indian youth is educated but we just try and turn a blind eye to all the stupid things in politics.