Delay in Scholarship Leaves JNU, Jamia & AUD Students Struggling

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 15 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Students at JNU, Jamia, and Ambedkar University Delhi say a delay in disbursal of scholarship and research funds has disrupted their education and forced them to look for odd jobs.
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  • How can we help them? Is there a way to help the students?

  • Those ppl can make statues but never help students this is terrible

  • 😭

  • India will never become a developed country till it control it's population. 16 percent of world population lives on 2 percent of area, and in one year one Australia is added to india, not gonna happen in our life time.

  • Kick out BJP, or else suffer for entire life.... We lost everything because of bjp .

  • Ask them who they voted for them what they expected???

  • Unless we invest heavily in research and development, India can't be a developed nation.


  • Ye govt hi maderchod h😭

  • This is expected as they got among top rank Universities of our country.

  • Fekuji ko PM bnake galati kr baithe hai...ab bhugto...

  • Not only JNU, JMI students are being affected . There are many students of BHU and other universities of our country who are facing these problems. And We can be also depressed ...So if you are raising your voice...then raise for us too... ....- ek bhuian

  • bhai why do you study so much if can't earn anything from the education.

  • Yrr😅what about the average general student koi scholarship nhi milti hmko

  • I am an Mphil student in jnu. My scholarship is 5000rs per month. I havent received my scholarship since January 2020. Now I am taking online tuition for students along with my thesis work and its extremely difficult to manage everything. My house has poor internet connectivity and I cant go back as university is not permitting students.

  • delayed scholarship poor paper corrections theory instead of practical knowledge lectures copying from MRslow Career only in COMPUTER SCIENCE story of South Telugu students

  • Plenty of money to recapitalize psu banks which gives thousands of crores of bad loans to Corporations. No money for scholarship, jobs and research for the best minds of the nation. Chai peelo

  • Central government has destroyed every institution from educational, health care, judicial, parliament.

  • Bhai modiraj me student ki to aise ki taise ho rhi hai Bihar walo ne bhi gaand mra li dekar inko

  • Same story for me, mphil 2nd year JNU , was staying outside campus when lockdown started. Took money from friends initially as my JRF scholarship which I am due to receive from July 2019 has not been received yet. And haven't applied for non net since July 2019 as we have to return the money to get JRF. Now I don't have any scholarship to fall back upon. So finally after a lot of difficulty, I am forced to head home back to Assam in Raha, Nagaon district to my parents house. With December being the submission date, I don't have broadband internet connection to do research and have to make to with unreliable mobile internet. God knows how I am going to submit my mphil thesis from home.

  • its problem in States also.....always delay ,delay ,delay

  • Well I would share my experience When I qualified for DST inspire After scoring first position in masters I was so hurt by the way people treated me. Leave me my M. Tech guide expert in solid state physics : no one from his lab came to even type a word of proposal when he was unwell and going through several personal problems. But I till date remember sir's gesture of anyhow submitting the proposal. Lessons are indeed very important. Sir and I really liked the competition that the research proposal faced. After all me and guide was concerned about several experiments (Msc and PhD work) precision and lack of accuracy in results due to instrument instability. Rather we both were not thinking about money at all. Luckily we did got solution to our problem though not that lucky that year . We all just need to unite morally for each other most importantly that our research comes out as an advantage for the country and accomplish the point of developed India. We need implementary and real time research. Money issue solution: A penny saved is penny earned. Regular walk and Yoga so as to avoid any medical cost. To every problem their is a solution!!

  • Ananya Pandey wala struggle hai 😂😂 Abe hostel kisliye banaye hai 😂😂 bitcoin Mai paisa waste Karne wale ab Gyan dere hai aur library ki e books chalta hai university k net sai 😂 pls bahane choro . Ye to wahi baat ho gayi Audi kharidne jaare aur paise honda city k hai aur Baki paiso k liye bolre hai hame paise do . Jnu , jamia , du ki education bahut sasti hai ek Baar check to Kar leta quint . Jo college student hoga use pata hoga ye sab

  • This is absolutely true. I have been selected for NOS scholarship November 2019. Its been almost a year I am still waiting for it.

  • I am student of Kiit University Bhubaneswa I am facing lots of difficulties on online classes but nobody cares about us our teacher teaches us only theory one semester has passed but we not done a single practical I don't know what happen with me in future because raata lagao aur pass karo toh school mai hi padhte the humm log

  • Isn't it ironic? The students who depend on the government to provide scholarship and help do not receive it from them and the people who are actually in the government need not have a degree or an education??? They just have to convince the public every five years that they are good people to govern us! What a lop sided idea of governance!

    • @nuvvnak nacha ur moms patrons

    • Ask those who gave you funds for CAA and NRC protests

  • I don't really understand why poor people have so many children when they can't even feed them in the first place !! I'm not talking about him here, just asking in general

    • @kris nath agree

    • Even if poor people have 1 child and who happens to reach higher educational institutions then also the problem is same. Being poor is not an act of God or lack of hardwork. It's the systemic discrimination faced by section of society in any region ( I am not referring to caste here as there may by poor upper caste people also). So I urge you to have a sympathetic view of things who are poorer to your family by virtue of which they have fewer opportunities especially in such a crisis situation.

    • Maybe they think that if there are more children who could earn more money, it will improve their financial situation while completely ignoring the increased expenses of bringing them up.

  • We r also facing same problems..


    • @Sipping tea since 2002 lol logic brain cells. Do you have any biological proof of them?

    • @Sipping tea since 2002 lol NRC and CAA kal bhi tha, aaj bhi hai aur qayamat tak bhi rahega

    • @nuvvnak nacha It's okay get well soon😭. You'll get back your logic braincells soon.

    • @Sipping tea since 2002 Ask those who gave you funds for CAA and NRC protests

    • @Sipping tea since 2002 Ask those who gave you funds for CAA and NRC protests

  • It's my Story.

  • Temple in ayodhya - librandus devlopment ruk gya economy gir gayi bcz ek mandir ban gya

  • that's crazy.. 😂 Our universities are poor Ig..😌

  • Without scholarship JNU students resort to odd jobs which include anti India slogans.

  • Big salute for raising a genuine issue 🙏

  • Better make good college every where so they can stay near home . Better than scholarship give them intern job to sharp there skills. And they get paid I have not done graduation but Earn well because of time I stayed in market

  • Good for you. I will vote for bjp

  • These type of real issues really need to be in limelight.

  • This is what the government want they don't want poor people should study

  • Ye govt karti hai jaanbookar, agar bacche shiksha le lenge toh netaaon ke behkaawe mein nahin aayenge

  • UGC must release money on time

  • Bahut uchhal kud kiye the na 2014 pe ek chaiwala ko lekar? Tab nahi soche the ki chaiwala kabhi bhi education ko importance nahi denge?

  • If students want to suicide then we should let them , why to discuss about these things ????

  • If I apply for scholarships during my first year I'll receive that scholarship only during the mid of second year the system needs to change 👎

    • Aur thu apni maa b3hen ka sarpakdu

    • @Gopal Kumar lol aagaya aur ek andhliberalbhakt

    • @nuvvnak nacha psycho. Padhai mein politics kahan se aa gayi.

    • Ask those who gave you funds for CAA and NRC protests

  • Call me anything but i hate everything about scholarship why do government provide scholarship who doesn't care about country's history and values.

  • In India this is issue of students not just in Delhi , in Bihar thousands of students were not given scholarship even after government asking students for applying , and no media or anyone questioned it

  • This is part of systematic targeting by BJP government. Jaanbujkar scholarships rok kar rakhi gai hai central government ne.

  • Now just think about the students also , those who are not eligible for scholarships at all .

    • They are not eligible for scholarship, that's the point!

  • Lockdown was announced in March. Then why hold back scholarship from january? What happened to the crores of rupees donated to the PM cares fund? Still the gvt is bankrupt?

    • Election expenses madam. Chronology samajhiye. Lots of Expenses required to buy judges, ed, nia and ec

  • I am also a DST INSPIRE Fellow, who haven't received fellowship for more than a year. But, really I don't know where to start, whom to share my problems.

  • Tailor business can run on very high pace now, make Masks

    • @who am i haa lovde N95 ghar Mai banaye ga Surgical 2.5 ruppes Mai he milte hai wholesale pa gaandu

    • @sub farzi hai 20,30 and n95 masks 100-300 Mai milre hai 😂😂 . Underwear Ka mask pehenta hai kya 2.5rs😂😂😂

    • Puama Nike addidas Levi's sparx masks are available in market even surgical masks price has been reduced to 2.5 ruppes in whole sale rate

    • Hawa Mai

  • I'm a undergraduate student. This year I only got half price of scholarship. And I don't even know how can I go forward.

  • abeyy Politician ek din ki black money de..... saab free mey padh sakte ....Inta to karde kamse kamm tuhje hi vote karnge


  • Pattahbazi karne ka time h, lekin padahi k liye nhi

  • We all are educated, so first we have to understand the procedure of government scholarship, pension etc. This is not about any government, they already declared money. But, In this covid situation, depertments are not running properly, so files are not moving, that'swhy we can't get our money.🙏

    • Sir, that is where rbi reserves comes to effect .

    • Yes there is a certain procedure to follow in providing scholarship but this issue need a limelight and it's not only in covid things get affected but before covid too students has faced problems regarding this.

  • There is a big scam with Ishan Uday Scholarship Payment of 2017-18. They have provided Scholarship to 2018-19 Batch And 2019-20 batch And they did not provide to 2017-18 Batch.

    • Two years of payment for UGC ISHAN UDAY 2017-2018 is not done till date . What wilp be consequences of this for all the economically backward students of the North East India

  • Please cover the news on Ishan Uday Scholarship for NER. We are not getting the money from the past 2 years. 2017-2021 batch.

  • BE GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING ALLAH HAS BESTOWED UPON YOU. To Muslims- gratitude is not just saying “Oh, I’m so thankful this amazing thing happened to me. I’m so thankful I have great food, clothes and family.” But that’s not all gratitude means. We shortsightedly think that being grateful is just to voice out “Alhamdulilah”. Alhamdulilah brother, you got the job! Alhamdulilah for the food. Alhamdulilah for waking up. It’s like the word Alhamdulilah is on automation. And the truth is- that’s not enough for you to join the gratitude club. You can’t just roll out the word Alhamdulilah from your tongue and consider yourself to be a grateful Muslim. Oh no. What it truly means is to acknowledge the fact that “ALL PRAISE IS FOR ALLAH S.W.T”. Alhamdulilah. To acknowledge it. To sincerely believe it. To repeat it in sickness or health. In happiness or sorrow. In fear or safety. In any scenario Allah puts you through. And not at the end of it but right at the beginning. When the pain is unbearable. That’s gratitude. When you constantly focus on how LESS you have of something, such as knowledge, money, food, people, relationships etc… or when you’re always thinking about how many things are “going wrong” in your life, how many “problems” you have, how “tough” your life is… you are carrying a scarcity mindset. In this mindset, people choose to look past all the things that are going “right” in their life, all the MORE they have of something, all the ease and comfort they have in their life. That kind of mindset is so toxic and unproductive. Because it starts a vicious cycle: Negativity and scarcity mindset makes you overlook all the positive things in your life The good things in your life get overshadowed by all these problems you choose focus on And focusing on the problems in turn makes you even more negative and ungratefulness. There’s just no end to it.

    • Ola hu uber

    • Alhamdulillah

    • Alhamdulillah 🙏😌

  • Aajtakwale ye reports denge kya

  • All the scholarship of UGC is not given timely.

  • Ohh come on..mandir,statues,aeroplane,not to forget free covid vaccine.. now that's what maangta he bharat.. Education, scholarship, research..🙄

    • @Narcis Narcissus ohh yeah don't be sorry friend also my comments earlier of today are not showing in this comment section

    • @Nilamadhab Sahu am sorry friend, msg was intended for a certain sachin, tried to edit it, but couldn't,

    • @Nilamadhab Sahu education 5o barobar ho raha hai na, "THALI ,PLATE MARO " aur corona bhaag gaya hai na

    • @Nilamadhab Sahu thum log tho insaaniyat ke khilaf jihad karnewale sleeper cell, aur apn3 aap ko bada nationalist bolte ho


  • If u guys will study & become literate who will be their IT cell team ! Thats the main motto of this delay

  • Pls look onto ca students matter quint

  • All governments are same be it Punjab, delhi, Rajasthan , odisha Or centre. They provide scholarship only on papers.

  • I am a student from Sagore Dutta Medical college. I don't know how can i continue my study without scholarship. Thank you quint for raising this issue.

  • Like to such reporting.

  • With same struggle I have also gone through

    • You want to die?

  • Good issue taken up by quint....i myself got my scholarship after 4 months delay.

  • Thanks for raising this ISSUE.

  • Also Add CSIR PhD students. I've not received my fellowship since I joined my PhD🙄. It's been 12 months. I can't take money from my parents.. I am borrowing from friends. I just hate it.

    • @Crazy Rules lol harami admi

    • @Crazy Rules what is that?

    • @Zeeshan Oh thanks.

    • @Priya Sidhu try onlyfans

    • @Priya Sidhu I suggest don't do that unless you have some other job worth your credentials. Sooner or later, you will get the entire amount. Just manage it wisely. I don't know about your research and subject, but I used to teach students for JAM/JRF/GATE exams on Sundays.

  • The nda govt want to deprive the obcs' and minorties of access to education which is the basic thing for upliftment of any society.

  • DST-INSPIRE always delays their installments. I am still waiting for a 20k installment that should have been reflected to my bank acc. on Aug-Sept. 2019. I have put numerous mails and calls but no response.

  • Why are students from lower sections of society demanding scholarship ??!? What will they do with a degree ? Why can't they understand that the government has to spend that money on election campaigns, statues and mandirs. Stupid people ! P.S : This is sarcasm

    • @Rishit Bhagat Which mosque? None of the mosques in India is build by Congress. Your whataboutery makes zero sense.

    • @Nilamadhab Sahu you're right we should stop wasting money on Madarsa and masjid

    • government didn't need to care about students and the minority they need to take care about the mandir the mandirs are future of this country

  • The govt just doesn't want poor to study

  • The government is wasting money on statues and mandirs

    • @akshat yadav change the govt.... Only solution... Coz this govt is not going to answer our questions

    • @ClashwithImb I said the same thing with different words. Now, tell me should we break it down. What solution do you have?

    • @akshat yadav India is a Rich country and even BJP is very rich but they don't want to focus on Development If they wanted to we would have seen it with their 100000 of crores of money they have

    • @akshat yadav Unemployment at worst and now We are in a TECHNICAL RECESSION ACCORDING TO ECONOMISTS

    • @akshat yadav THAT MEANS IF IT IS LIKE ANY OTHER MONUMENT IT MIGHT TAKE CENTURIES TO REGAIN JUST THE MONEY. AND THAT ALSO WHEN THEY BUILT THAT ? november 2018 whilst the country GDP is decreasing , Poor is getting poorer as per capita GDP is decreasing , Growth rate is all time low , Government hiding Farmers suicide data

  • Ya they want funds so that they can use them for finding riots

    • @Varsha Vora achaa ji...I have written exams myself and never seen such high amounts of reservation? I don't know where only u saw it? People of all communities are leaving because they get paid better outside...not because of reservations. You have a wrong concept about's not mere's given to deserving individuals as a mere " PUSH " or "Empowerment"... "it's not snatching your chance and giving it to someone else" understand that u need to learn the history of India and in it the systematic oppression of the minorities since years and years. How the social, economical and political injustice have kept minorities in the low socio economic strata depriving them of necessary education, employment opportunities and adequate representation in the government and administration. For egs: In Tamil Nadu, a woman panchayat leader belonging to the SC was made to sit on the FLOOR for a panchayat meeting while others sat on chairs..and this is happening in 2020. There are many other instances that can be quoted with regard to how justice works in case of minorities...for egs Hathras Rape and murder Case...this is one case that came in the lime light...but there are thousand such cases in every part of our country.. Other countries may or may not have caste based reservation a, but our country has ugly caste based, religion based discrimination, and also discrimination against those belonging to Scheduled Tribes.. Denying that "atrocious history" is like the Germans denying the holocaust of the Jews. If u still wanna remain insensitive and ignorant...enjoy your life under the rock, because clearly you don't care

    • @Mehnu Revolution seriously.. You so blind.... Almost all the major exams in India has reserved seats of 40-60% and increasing every year... Foreign countries have abolished caste based reservation.. There has to be fair competition.. That's a major factor people quit from here..

    • @Varsha Vora's because of their greed that people leave India....because here they not paid enough...over here they sit and say stuff like reservations are shit ...blah blah....they want mandir ... Blaah blah...and then they go off to Europe or Germany or US or Canada and never come back...that's the reason. People go abroad for convenience and economic opportunities. Admit that. In India, what we get paid is apparently not enough, hence people try to leave. Blaming your privilege on minority reservation just shows why they need the reservation in the first place. It's because of people like u who.

    • @AKV THE LION haha felt the pinch of truth

    • @Varsha Vora Mil Gaya Kya 15 lakh vote diya tha na isliye Mil Gaya

  • They should fasten the process by making it online like everything has got online after COVID. And Instead of running between offices the amount should directly be sent to the students account. Also for verification they can use technology , what are we developing for then ?

  • 😥

  • This government want to get rid of the minority And they don't want the minority to be educated

  • Statue is placed there, ask will get it

  • Sarkar ko sochana chahie

  • Finally good news . Boycott Muslim