'Debris in Mumbai Wetlands Killing Mangroves, Raising Flood Risk' | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 17 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
#MyReport: Wetland areas ie intertidal areas in #Mumbai, especially #Wadala are getting filled up by rampant #debris dumping since 2019. Stalin Dayanand, founder of NGO Vanashakti, has filed an FIR against this reclamation of lands.
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  • Shiv Sena seems to resign

  • Thanks to people who take issue and follow up.

  • terrible situation

  • Very nice work quint! Great job Sir.

  • This fake development of factory won't help human to stay alive ,if we keep playing with the nature in this same rate

    • Human life is an endless walk Each minute counts its block Maybe kind tothe person or unkind Movement is lovelyif delight assigned If of unkind,sorrowful, is the taskdesigned For all effects, the basis is of past function A person as is in the tornado result of a malfunction The root cause is the six sins of the human The lust, anger, greed, pride, desire, and jealousy of human If of with courage and resilience may resist But with cowardness and lazy may not resist For cognitive content purity of mind attention Are the basics needed for a human to mention Unless one with conditioned soul may not get advance A clear mind is like a friend; a tainted one worth enmity to enhance A person with the path of devotional act and support Never be barren of results derived from the recount

  • I live in wadala 15 min away from imax in chawls, and yes in last 2 years more than 100 houses have been reconstructed in just my area were i live. I was just thinking where all the materials are been dumbed and today i know were. Hope the government will take action.

  • Maharashtra govt. was very happy declaring 'Aare' a forest land. Now what about this? Aur ye BMC kangana ka ghar girane me hi busy rahegi ya fir kuch aur karegi. In place of aare there should be a metro but maharashtra govt has to take credit.

    • @Atul Shetty BMC to salon se bakwas hai. To fir abhi pareshan kyun?

    • @sauron2000000 Unse hii toh pooch rhe hai. BMC kuch kaam ka nhi hai. Har saal mumbai me flooding hoti hai. Ab tak bmc ne drainage system ko thik nhi kiya. Kangana ka ghar unke liye zyada important hai

    • @Ekansh Omrey Ya fir court se pucho. Court ne rukwa diya na.

    • @Ekansh Omrey Upay unse pucho jinko vote diya.

    • @sauron2000000 Aur upay tu hi bta de aeroplane chalva de mumbai ke andar koi Jhanjhat hi ni traffic ka

  • Tabhi to cancer sardi jukam kisi tarah fail raha hy

  • this country is ruled by mindless and useless leaders be it of congress bjg and whole other shithole parties

  • Recently GHMC had installed Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste recycling plant in Hyderabad, to counter these dry waste & they're planning for another one of this one get succeed. I hope financial capital will adopt it soon.

    • What about man made Hyderabad flood?

  • India has lost vast swathes of forests due to growing population and urbanization in recent decades. As a result, Endangered elephants and tigers are killing one person a day in India as humans continue to encroach on the little habitats that these animals have left.~ India should have a 1 child policy or 0 child policy.

  • When somebody complains, they just take the name of pakistan for divertion

    • Does Maharashtra government do like that?

  • Environmental conservation is important!!! Why is no politician talking about this??????

    • Because it isn't a political issue yet. Politicians talk about issues that will garner them voters. Sadly religion is a selling point and most people keep fighting in the name of religion

    • Because they have better things to do.

  • Politicians are useless And the older generations grumble Those who are well to do debate on this Ultimately it's the common man who suffers the miseries of nature, society A harsh reality of the current era😞

    • It should be common people.. Not man Humans lack unity for centuries..

  • India govt should learn from Singapore dumping system and implement in India too.

  • The most fundamental problem with humans, the bystander effect applies so badly to un-accountable bureaucracy of India, every time we see this kinda behavior everywhere. This is a fundamental problem with police, local administration, environmental department , everybody. We need bureaucracy to be bought under more accountability of public. Pegging an annual compensation of every high grade govt office to a quarterly local public feedback can be one way. But that can happen if we talk about it more. India and Indians are too busy getting entertained on nonsense and calling it news.

  • India has lost vast swathes of forests due to growing population and urbanization in recent decades. As a result, Endangered elephants and tigers are killing one person a day in India as humans continue to encroach on the little habitats that these animals have left.~ *India should have a 1 child policy or 0 child policy.* Also if you want to be a parent then the most moral thing to do would be to adopt one of the millions of orphan children already born and waiting to be adopted from overcrowded all over India. Instead of reproducing biological children.

    • 0 child policy👍👍👍

  • until something disaster happens no one will take care. we as the young generations will suffer & lead our lives in shame. when our children or foreigners ask what are you doing we will simply blame the authorities

  • BMC 30,000 crore kidhar use krti hai.Itna jyada budget kaam bakchod wala


    • @rachana swati Well, they did not promise acche din

    • What are local mps and state government will do??? Our attitude for garbage disposal must change there should be anti dumping zones.

    • @Rishit Bhagat Streets Modiji clean karte? To BMC kya karta?

    • @Rishit Bhagat Zyada Man ki baat sun liya hoga. Usse accha padhai kar leta. Ab to Amit Malviya ke liye kaam karna hoga use.

    • @Varsha Vora It was Fadnavis 1 year back. This sheet did not accumulate in one year.

  • The Old People Don't care about the climate change . The younger generations will suffer .

    • @Alka Soli SEER CREATORS agreed :)

    • @Ravana the whole world is a mess.. so every individual action count to make it a better place 😊

    • @Alka Soli SEER CREATORS we dont loose the hope.... hope we can have them slowly... :)

    • @Ravana all those leaders belong to some particular party.. And you have various parties too.. In the end they will always go with the decisions made by the party.. Even if you vote or don't vote.. there is no much difference.. I have decided not to visit the polling booth from now onwards.. That's the best punishment I can give ...if all does that, you can see many changes

    • @RavanaYou don't want to become a politician to serve the society.. Politics is always a dirty business.. There is no such right person..