'Could Only Teach 1 Daughter, Now She's No More': LSR Student's Kin | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 12 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
A second-year Mathematics student of Delhi's Lady Shri Ram college, Aishwarya Reddy ended her life on 2 November. Recovering from the shock of her sudden demise, her father opens up on their financial distress, her dreams and why he couldn't do anything to save her.
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Video: The Quint
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  • This nation is only for corrupted Politicians, bureaucrats, bank rupted industrialists,

  • RIP...from meerut knowledge track..

  • They should not be bad compatation among students they should be a good compatation and the school which the Student is they should help such students not treat them very bad the teacher should solve problems one on one then only a student life can get saved

  • Please help people around u who r in need.that help will give a good life to some one.

  • That quotation 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sucide is not an option. You have to be strong . You can't give up. I know times can be tough but that s how Life works

  • Rip... I'm going to end this capitalism and end poverty

  • Quality Education should be accessible to all

  • Someone could have helped her get a part time job. We need to introduce part time jobs for students like it is in other countries.

  • Bright students like these shud be supported so that they fulfill their dreams and help society to develop.. but we people are busy spreading hate all around or we are getting effected by it. World needs humanity.. it needs love .. RIP Aishwarya💔☹

  • We should not never give up no matter what happen in future every day is struggle. I literally feel privilege that my family is struggling every single day atlst in future I can say that yes we struggle alot that's why I am here now❤️

  • Padhana ho tho couching ki jaroorat nahi hoti .. how come she has 98 % but no common sense ..don't judge kids based on their scores

  • These are the government atrocities on other castes...no scholar ship no reservations...

  • This is really a Sad Situation for our Country. Our Governments do not focus on providing Education for backward classes. I really started crying after seeing this video as the family is suffering for their children to get educated. Today I am feeling so bad that in every field we are going backwards and totally down. Scholarship money should be provided to deprived society.

  • And some reserved categories people say general category don't need reservation. They all r rich

  • Education is not so important

  • In india every child should get education not on basis of reservation but those economocaly weak should get free education forward this to PM please

  • Im wondering what the bjp it cell guys are doing now? They go and abuse in the comment sections of videos critical to their government, now what can they say to this????

  • Politicians should focus on these basic things like providing free education and food to people rather than building temples and statues ..

  • Pathetic system. This won’t change until the new generation wipes the brain washed typical system with humble and caring way of supporting each other.

  • And they say educational minister is working 😂😂

  • Macaulay's education is all about business..

  • People should be aware of there condition and should strictly have one baby if they can't afford, I decided to not have a baby at all, in this growing world we should plan everything even if we are uneducated to sustain.

  • Ye news dikhani chahiye na ki spna Choudhary or chikara ki ,this is the real issue of India

  • Very sad, jo log paise ki keemat nahi samjhte dekhe vo ki kya se kya ho jata hey parivar ka 😠 achhi padhai karne wali bachhi ne jan de di. 😭 esa koi na kare apno ko ye saja na dein🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • The reason why education should be free. But in India it's getting expensive every year. If you can't give free atleast provide scholarships to deserving students.

  • I am feeling guilty now even though i have all the facilities n still not studying due to boredom and obviously my father also working hard for my happiness

  • Being OC and lower middle class in india is the worst condition, no economical support nor government's support , but dreams are high , depending only on dhevuni dhaya

  • இங்கே படிப்பு எப்போதோ வியாபாரம் ஆகி விட்டது"It happend every state in india , Every middle class & poor indian have this problem. But the government thinking. - "India has only mukesh ambani " இந்தியாவில் படிக்க ஆகும் செலவு அதுவும் private school ல அதிகம் but அந்த படிப்புக்கு ஏத்த வேலை கம்மி or (அறிவு அற்ற மக்கப் பண்ணி துப்பும்) வெளியில் போக விடாமல் எந்த extra caricular activi tist ம் போனால் வ- மொதல்ல படி , professor கு onnum தெரியாது. Syllabus தெரியாம சரி நாம்மலே நூலகம் போய் படிக்கலாம் நாளும் விடாம ..- lab அ கண்ணுல காட்டாத practical -na ennane தெரியாத ஒரு college படிப்பு - என்ன தன்னம்பிக்கை ய வளர்த்து விடத போகுது ..." இங்கே படிப்பு எப்போதோ வியாபாரம் ஆகி விட்டது"

  • Yaar reservations bc obc ya sc st ke liye kyu hot vo aaram se college board bhi de And jee ya neet bhi de and 6p percent pe top karke ache college jar but ews Poor general category wale 93 pe unemployed Parties logo ko reservations ka jhasa dekar vote lekar paose kamate ke Jawarlal nehri said That this reservation should be exexuted for only 10 -20 yrs and its more 70 yrs to independence 😔😔 REST IN PEACE

  • If she is a friend of mine.. The least thing I can do is to give a smart phone to her.. And hope. I won't let her to die 😑

  • Only actor and actress get that huge amount of money for their skills... Not all professionals 🙂bitter truth

  • I studied in govt school. Govt schools are good. People should admit in govt school if they can't afford. For the sake of show off they admit in pvt schools.

    • No , not in northern part of India. There are no teachers in govt school

  • This is so sad to realise that they didn't approach college or government help, but did try to reach out to Sonu Sood. People in distress can't rely on the college or government to help them. A single man is a ray of hope for such people, but the government fails to help such meritorious students, who desperately need to continue their studies.

  • It forces me think like how depressed she was which we can't even relate 😑😑.

  • Who disliked this video..can't they see the pain of a struggling father .??

  • So sad case.....

  • Government should do something for all

  • Ye sb india jaisi country mai hi ku hota h bcz of yhn ke log srf apna soachtey h

  • There is no mistake of parents the girls mistake easily she could have got a small part time job for her studies for a laptop she gave her life it's very painful for parents

  • All the rich politicians ,actors ,actress should see this help the needy and have a heart to help them . Keeping crores of money to a single house isn't fair .💔

  • Wen the channel post such videos pls give email I'd...or any link to help...."A lost life cannot cme back...but the left can definently be saved.

  • Give scholarship to deserving ones, not on reservations

  • She used to get fellowship in the college... But that fellowship also stopped since lockdown..

  • So sad to know that... Shameful for the country, shame on the society we live.

  • What a useless girl! You don't leave you parents no matter what?! She killed herself but how about her parents?! Did she think! Too stupid and emotional

  • We cant do anything .. what we can do is atleast we can sponsor a kid for education. Instead of waiting for government

  • we are sorry sir .. we failed to save your daughter.

  • That is why musalmaan zakat datay hai....proud to be a Muslim

  • This is so sad😭😭

  • My dear al one thing remember always bad days wil cm n go not al days r same giving up is not solution we should be strong enough to face anything in life n keep hope from god n one day rainbow wil cm .......rip

  • A student and a child must not feel like this. This is very sad. I feel very sad. Sorry Aishwarya

  • I am so sorry for your loss

  • How can we help!

  • Unfortunately Here in Hyderabad According to Government Reddies belong to Forwardcommunity and dont reserve Reservation

  • I am crying 😭

  • Why didn't the school give TC to her? atleast she would have studied at a government school...

  • 😭

  • I hate it when people commit suicide..it's like being selfish...leaving your loved ones behind with double the pain. Teach kids early on that failure is natural and acceptable. That's how you learn. Watch Super 30 how kids from worst conditions try and try and not give up.

  • I wish the govt would spend more money in education and healthcare rather than building enormous statues* with our tax money. We aren't in that level where we can spend so much just for the sake of national glory yet.. First sponsor better education system, hospitals, then Propaganda.

  • These bollywood so called celebrities and cricketers need to donate more. If they can afford accessories worth lakhs I'm sure they can fund the education of deserving candidates as well.

  • This is heartbreaking 🥺😥😞Rip dea sister

  • Our education system is more like a corporate industry where everything is money and profit oriented . They won't hesitate to even destroy someone future just for money . Why the school has refused to give TC . What they get in return ??

  • This hit my heart so hard. I wish all this can be cured soon.

  • Free education and free medical care.. When will our country achieve that..!?

  • Made us emotional so sad 😟

  • This is so sad. In my state Jharkhand there are reservations for the scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes. But guess what ? The actual people(financially backwards) who should reap the benefits are nowhere to be found in my college . Most of them who take admission through reservations already belong to financially efficient families. High time ..our reservation system needs to change. It shouldn't be based on caste but on financial background.

  • Our media is just busy with SSR , no one cares about real stars.......

    • @abhiani30 I agree with u .......

    • @abhiani30 oh that's right... But to be honest I am already not interested in watching any type of movie or series and I also try my best to helping others not financially because I am not financially independent yet . I help others by helping them in studies...........

    • @abhiani30 what's about her justice ????

  • this is soo sad... our country is in need of saving

  • Now I realise I am so lucky so much ...even getting all the facilities, I don't study properly .... Because I want more comfort to do study ..,......

  • She fight for education until her last breath but she take worst decision Ever😥

  • There must be atleast 10% seats from primary to 10th in private schools for only merit students who cannot afford eduaction then we can bring some change .Private schools also must feel the sense of responsibility towards the nation

  • Anyone who has Instagram account please share this video with Sony sood so that they could get help

  • This problem was created by private school and English school 👎

  • I have no word to express my feelings ... There are many children like her who think that they are burden for their family . But no one care about middle and lower class people.. but I have only one request please don't end your life your life is very precious for those people who love and cares about you at least for your family ..

  • If you cant afford education for both,why did you gave birth to them

  • Aur baki public ko quota kay dum pey .... scholarship bhi milti hai UG level say..... reservation bhi milta hai aur preservation bhi....aur woh baith kay daaru peetay hai, GC marti hai .... Reservation should ONLY be given on the basis of economic backwardness, not on the basis of caste or tribal ...should be only one generation... Best part how cleverly quit highlights issues, only side show

  • Education should be at minimal cost to everyone

  • this is the problem of genral category reservation should be banned copletely there should be equality for every one this is just not fair

  • 😖😭

  • If you are seeing my comment i can’t tell you how i am feeling right now for her, we are from same university. In this country if you won’t afford the food, shelter, cloth, education then why the hell we want this life, any specific reason, goal, ambition for living this life ? The matter of the fact is good thought, good words won’t satisfy your needs it is just seems to be an aesthetic thing but it is not an effective one.

  • Sri ram college one of the best college of India, still this is the situation in such big college. Kuch students economic condition k according free padha do kuch nahi bigdegaa. Sister bach jati hamari. greedy colleges

  • Shameful that we still don't care about our students. We just don't care about anyone but Hindutva

  • She must be proud to be a hyderabadi and she waited for a little help till her last breath but couldn't find help or support from anyone. Tis is really grt.

  • 💔

  • My daughter RIP😭😭😭😭.

  • Problem is education is bussiness in India. Its a basic right, why does it cost so much??

  • Iam stunned and fed up simultaneously to here all this pacified news about such a jewel student.This is shameful that our country do not recognise a student with talent.What we recognise only tik tok and donkey head people with zero knowledge and skills earning millions with showing just cute face. Remember one thing beuty is very subjective term.she was very beautiful in a different way she deserved better than this may her soul rest in peace and enlighten this world.

  • Higher education should be forbidden for them to maintain hindu social integrity.

  • Jar nei sei akmatro buje

  • Very bad world is so rude

  • India lost a talented young person due to poverty.......😥😥😥😥

  • This will keep happening until there are reservations based on castes and not for those who are financially unstable and actually deserve.

  • Education should be free for everyone only then everyone in the country can be educated ... But I don't think the Indian government is listening ... ?! And ending life because of it is also unacceptable she could have done a part time job and funded her education ...

  • 😫😫😫😫😫😫

  • Why couldn't they approach the Indian government and why drag Sonu sood here where actors like kangana can help too...?.Indian government has been doing a great job nowadays and they could have approached the Indian government ....

  • So?...commuting suicide is not a justification.......and people here r mourning for her act?.....this is a decision taken by coward children who have no sentiments for their parents feelings...such a selfish daughter who commuted suicide by making her parents cry for her now ...

  • When people r not financially settled why do u go for kids?...this is a common problem ....people get married for kids. ..but one has to be financially strong to have a kid.....

    • The only valid point in the whole comment section

  • 😐 It's not just her. Many students and families in Shadnagar are headed towards similar fate. 😶

  • Heartbreaking