BJP Leaders and News Outlets Share Misleading Video Claiming 'Pakistan Zindabad' Chants Raised

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 11 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
BJP leaders and news outlets have shared a video claiming AIUDF supporters were shouting "Pakistan Zindabad" at the Silchar Airport. The video is misleading.
Video: The Quint
Music: BMG
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  • Dirty agenda is strong in this one. For every 100 fake news in far right, there is 101 in far left. You know you are a prestitute when you pretend to be blind not to show issues of the other side.

  • Lol, what's wrong with her eyebrows. They don't even move. Weird.

  • Look who is making news on fake news...

  • Himanta mama is famous everywhere nowadays (sir abar hahi dbo)😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • bjp has lost it all

  • Ok Bengali aunty ...

  • News Live is the Republic of Assam. Any reasonable Assamese won't even go near that channel. 😂

  • Bc ye BJP IT cell kitna niche utregi. Kya sharm nahi aati hai kya unko? Insaniyat bech di hai.

  • thoo on bjp

  • Now the video is available again.


  • Thats from my city Silchar, Assam 😂😂😂😂

  • Ab kya fayda ye news ka. BJP jeet gyi.

  • Bjp jindabad

  • Hey do fact check about a sucide letter by st worker from Maharashtra in which he has taken name of Maharashtra government. This circulate on whatsupp by many people in rural part.

  • India seriously has problem in its political parties. Don't know whether its real or not. But how long would you stick to the same old topic and move to the next one which is development. I mean its nothing but timewasting topics which we wanna listen again and again. But this ain't politics.

  • Hemanta should be dump in bangladesh his origin😂.

  • tbh himanta biswa sharma really knows how to play politics, am from silchar

  • hi I am from silchar and finding it weird to find my town in a almost mainstream media youtube channel

  • Himanta biswa sharma should be send to Bangladesh .

    • Secular chamchas & family should be send to Bangladesh and Pakistan. So that their brothers take good care of them .

  • These BJP RSS goondas are habitual liar's and biggest liar is Modi. They distort the audio and cheat people and promote communal riot's and take political gains from that.

  • Hate politics is going in my country, this was done years ago in America when America was under developed country but look at American now they're developed country because they're educated and not going in flow of political parties n leaders.

    • Par video mai toh pakistan zindabad zindabad ke naare sunayi de rahe hai or koi bhi beleive kar lega kyuki woh Assam hai or sabko pata hai Assam mai muslim kese hai.

  • For your kind information regional news channel Newslive is own by himanta biswa sharma wife Rinki bhuyan and it infact like a mouthpiece for HBS just like global times is for china

  • Why would they should pakistan jindabad in Assam, RIP logic of BJP ministers

    • @kolkata 97 dear bangladeahi hindu, even shouting Bangladesh zindabad is not crime.

    • @kolkata 97 exactly😂😂😂

    • Oh! they should have shouted Bangladesh Zindabad 🤣😂😂????

  • 5 dislike are from those bjp antinational who go to Pakistan for biryani 😂

    • @Kapil Bisht sooj gai toh marham lga le reeee 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂

    • @yadnyesh nikam bhai mere ghar k as pas b 2 librandu te , abi Bihar election k bad unhe burnol de ke Aya hu 🤣😜

    • @Kapil Bisht first of all Tera ye kachra lamba lamba msg apni dustbin me daal Jo k Tera dimag h kachra Ghar after all your are a Bhakt 🤗 👅 😂 arre baklol lirbradu are world wide associated Teri bhakti to trupm phuppha Tak hi thi wo j election haat Gaya . Sab change si wale baba ka ab Kya hoga modiya or godiya dono ka band to Biden ne Baja Diya 😂

    • @Kapil Bisht 2024 me 400+

    • @yadnyesh nikam bhai Modi ji ne v Kamal kr diya ,Bata diya kon jaichand ki aulad h or kon Desh bhkt ,😂🤣🤣,chalo axa h yar libranduo ki abi or jalani h 2024 mei ,😂🤣😭

  • 2 dislikes by bjp baktaals 😂😂😂

  • Though Whats wrong in calling pakistan zindabad? They are trying to make hatred against two countries. Thats where the war begins? These politicians are the root cause of war. And the military people have to pay the prices of it. Nationalism and patriotism is all about loving your own country not about hating others nation.

    • Why are blocking me if you want the reply?

    • @Sir Edmond Alfonso thats what division does. If you dont prefer that chant then you follow nationality over humanity. And if you follow that you dont follow humanity then.

    • @Honesty mottoyeah changes comes with evolution.and their next generation can distinguish between right and wrong.

    • @Saurav Kc Revolution with evolution, nice. Piliticianans r busy earning 4 their next 10 generations to come.

    • @Honesty motto haal saab kaa hota hae.. bass dhund ne ki jaroorat hoti hae. yinko nah sahi yinke next generation ko samjaha sakte hae. Revolution will come with evolution

  • Fake party BJP is good for nothing

  • IT cells bastards

  • RSS wants to destroy unity of this nation to gain voted

    • @big pp😂😂😂you are BJP RSS activist??? where you from???

    • @big pp 😂 where in trivandrum? You know what Only BJP won Legislative assrmby seat is in Kerala ( only bjp MLAs) is from trivandrum district and most probably you gone there there is lot of RSS sanghi terrorists compared to other parts Or may be you are lying... You felt it horrible for only one Bjp stronghold area thrn imagine what if bjp have larger audience in trivandrum how horrible will it be that's why we dont want bjp next time even for that single seat

    • @big pp you ever travelled south india or at least out of your state

    • @kolkata 97 india devided bcz of rss demand to declare india as hindu rashtra so jinnah later ask for separate nation Even the demand for separate nation comes after 1940 but Nehru and gandhi opposed it thats why you killed him. And savarkkar wrote apology letter to British govt and betrayed his nation and even he betrayed his own followers by giving where tgey hiding and. You are from North india right most probably UP or Gujarat???

    • @Kennedy Suantak Ricebags alway complain.

  • that party im a little bit skeptical

  • Unless they shout india murdabad there shouldn't be any issue

    • @Ram Baba ok bro

    • @Meet Shah mere comment ke niche comment kiya tha or wo bhi tag nhi kiya to esa hi laga ke muje kiya.

    • Maine bhi us chu ko reply kiya.

    • @Rawk Star - Ranveer Sher Singh ha usne tujhe nai usko hi reply kiya hai

    • @Ram Baba abe andhe kolkata 97 ko reply kiya tha tuje nhi.

  • Kalantra is most toxic politician in assam . he himself on record shout out bangladash zindabad in assam assembly in support of CAA

  • Anth bakth RSS is a threat to the Nation

  • Shameful that the Quint has to "fact check" such things on a daily basis...hate against muslims is the oldest trick in the book...BJP and GODI really have nothing else to do?

    • @Rawk Star - Ranveer Sher Singh sirf india mein nahin., US mein Trump bhi yahin karte the, aur international media bhi ismein zimmedaar hain.. India mein toh sabko pataa hain kaunsa party sabse zyaada hindu muslim karke , danga karwaake vote maangte hain. Bihar ki Munger ko hi dekhlo, kaise election ke chandh din pehle "mob violence" hui aur 3 police station jalaaya gaya..(matlab itni himmat?) Phir bhi kisi ne "aatankwaadi/terrorist" vagera nahin bola, aur to aur, kisi bhi News channel mein koi chillatha hua nahin aaya ki " yeh terrorist hain, inse humein khatra hain." Yahin to hain aakiyath. Rahi baat kisi religion ki, kisi dharm ko unke " crimes" se judge karna acha nahin bhi galat karte hain, unko sazaa milen...par ek poore dharm ke logon ko degrade nahin kareinge..sahi bole na brother?

    • @big pp par hmesha muslims ka naam leke rss/bjp ne hi fayida uthaya hai kyuki ese mahol bana rakha h ke nam to muslims ka hi ayega. Tume nhi lagta ke majority se desh barbad hai minority se nhi. Example ke tor pe ek govt organisation me 90% employees hindus hi honge or un me agar 60% bhi ghuskhor h to desh ka beda garak hi hai. Kbi police station jana or fir wha har hindu wardi pehne huye riswat leta dekha jayega.

    • @big pp haan karte hain toh. Tera baap ka khaya bencho?

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  • Nowdays its became habit for bjp leaders to share false information n mislead people.... Spreading hate...

  • Like botton not operate mam...

  • great job madam BJP India main holocaust bapwas le ayegi

    • @Aditya Nagpal if you have problem with any right person then i think you should leave our country. It also means that Problem is you not him lol

    • @Aditya Nagpal i aint supporting robi in any way but definitely opposing kolkata 97. No one can tell anyone to leave his/her very own birthplace.

    • U should say that to this robi sunny instead

    • @kolkata 97 pity on your mentality.

    • Then hurry up , leave India .

  • @TheQuint Is it true that some 5 children died due to brain death in Karnataka bcoz of online classes?

    • Thank god i always use my common sense.

    • @JeXtreme for real? HOW? How are people believing this?

    • @_SÇR3AM_ That $hi+ is widespread man

    • Bruuuuuuuh? Use your own logic 😂

  • Liberals 😂🔥

    • @Sweeta Patel aur ek bat jalne ke bare mein mene nahi kaha par Tum ne comments mein dala

    • @Sweeta Patel I can't find it in Google just drop me a link , sorry my mistake to poke inside a wasp hive , always aggressive , no thinking , just to bite someone who so ever is on it's way. Your ideology might be different than mine so be it , just I don't wanna spread hate and fight with my own countrymen . Please if you don't wanna get disturbed don't reply, it's upto u . About good things , just drop me the links

    • @Sweeta Patel tell me one good reason to support bjp (which I used to earlier) , and I will stop doing this🙏

    • @Sweeta Patel jal toh tum log rahe ho kyo ki eai video toh bjp ka propoganda expose kar raha hai. Sath mein reply se bhi darte ho, kya bat ha. Purrre din kam ke bad thoda bhakt pelne ke lye aur mazze karne ke liye ata ho comments section mein

    • @Sweeta Patel tum log toh sach bhi tolerate kar nahi sakte, itne andh bhakt ho

  • This is bad & shameful but *expose even opposition*Wo nahi hotha kya* ? 🙄🙄🙄ab hum tho reverse search nahi jaanthe

    • @Quantised Nerd Ye log dikhare tho tumhe maloom pada. Itna bhi blind math ban, vo log kya doodh peete hai?

    • Opposition kuch kare tab na expose. Bjp to aye din naya naya propoganda nikalte hai😂😂

  • Always stereotypical Muslims on Pakistan!!! Why nobody talking about Pakistani Spy/ISI agents arrested in Jaipur, Rajasthan and HAL within one month ????

  • Assam is a lost case now, atleast in Nagaland our land will be safe.

    • @SubhrD Deb what lost glory lmao your ancestors did nothing so as you will do nothing. If you try to harm india and its diversity then we indians will kick you out. Tere hindu nation pe thukne ko tyar hu aha thu hindu rastra JAI HIND. JAI BHARAT

    • @Akash saffron lol you made your own assumptions. Are you living in india/bharat?

    • Dont worry, saffron will blow there also

  • Good reporting.

  • BJP=EVM and it cell

    • Did same thing happened b4 2014?