Bihar Elections | NDA Wins, Nitish to Be CM, But What Will Change in Bihar Politics Now? | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 11 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
The Quint's 360° coverage of Bihar Election Results | 2020 Bihar election results are finally clear, Nitish Kumar is going to be the CM again, but what has changed in Bihar? The state now will have an NDA government instead of a Nitish government. How will this new combination change the face of politics in the state?
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  • Totally biased analysis. His hatred towards BJP is dripping in his analysis.

  • Aimim is the worst party they have a jihadi separatist idealogy and are worse than any othrr communal force.

  • This is a good analyasis. Opposition kuchh kam kar nahi rahi na hi logon tak pahoch rahi hai woh log soch rahe hain Bjp se naraj log unhe vote denge but woh log samajh nahi paa rahe hain ki logon ke paas koi option nahi hai jispe trust karke vote daal sake. Rahul ji ko koi seriously nahi leta aur congress apne ghar ke bahar ka leader lata nahi

  • It's like Mumbai indians winning after 5th time everyone saying like Ambani, umpires instead of accepting loss and quint is trying hard to cover instead of accepting ur failed to make modi down y becoz modi is majority ppl's leader nxt target west Bengal try ur best 😂😂😂

  • Matlab log abhi bhi chutiye ho hain... Feku ne itna bada dhoka diya logon ko Lekin Phir bhi nahi sudhar rahe hain...vipreet budhdhi vinaash kaal... Thoo hai

    • Madarse ka gyan lega to yahi hoga jaahil. Vinaash kale vipreet budhdhi hota hai aur jyada gyan chodana band kar ja pahle puncture bana samajhaya.🖕🖕

  • AIMIM did what they need to do. AIMIM is far better than INC. INC is incompetent. INC is vote cutter, not AIMIM.

  • Owaisi will do the same in Bengal. BJP smiling!

  • Evm and election commission made BJP won

  • Quit ki gaand kuch is tarah se jal rahi hai jis tarah Punjab mein parali. 😅😂

    • Bhai bhai bhai

  • Randi Rona chalu😂😂😂

  • You will see soon EC will either resign or retire and immediately he will Join BJP to grt position in parliament or Ambassador. So this all money game. Paltoram can do anything

    • They lost in MP,JHARKHAND, CHATTISGARH, KERALA,AP,TN,etc and much . Don't behave like kids . EC is independent and fair body

  • Vote katua parties like aimim are responsible for rjd congress loss.

    • Ljp ki aarti utaro jo itna seat mil gaya nhi to kahin ke nhi rahte... Aaj ke date main aimm kisko support karegi

    • @Sirin Kumar hehehehehehe... I know you are Andhbhakt, who in every comment trying to spread hatred creating Hindu Muslim atmosphere... Keep trying. LOL

    • @Arकम why will secular parties support divisive communal separatist jihadi ideology parties like aimim . They share the ideology which led to division of India.Supporting such party is like supporting bjp.Better to stay away from such parties which have nothing but hate for all communities except their own.

    • Do you know, Owaisi asked rjd for alliance, dky they denied? Watch his NDTV interview Congress is losing almost everywhere** Even in states where aimim isn't there The very first thing is, Congress should accept it then only there will be any hope for improvement

  • EVM ka khel hai nothing else

  • Now west bengal , assam,tamilnadu, kerela.elections are upcoming

    • @Chacko Francis hehe cry as much as u can coz truth always triumphs ! Jai BJP from Bengal ! Jai Sanatan Dharma 🕉️🚩

    • @Rish Wish dude, in Kerala we don't like ppl who creates communal violence. And don't forget the behavior which central government behaved to us during Kerala floods. We needed money from the central but they only gave us little. And they build a statue with 6000 crores. Even now there are many who lost their houses. Will the central government pay now. Will they?

    • @Rish Wish" rss contributed to the flooding", can u give me the source. And I showed u some reports where rss killed some ppl. And I am not new to it. My uncle was killed by rss goons. RSS is a terror organization

    • Bjp will win in Assam ,has 60-70%to win in west bengal ,if a few locals leader join bjp then has a chance for tamil nadu , can't say for kerala because many are brainwashed and prefer the current government but can so if it changes the current policies

    • @Chacko Francis even I am from Kerala and what you said about RSS is not true , during recent flooding in kerala RSS was the one that contributed a lot to save people , and what you hear about RSS killing people is untrue , those people are very kindhearted and I know it because I have interacted with one , stop believing in those fake communist paper and start looking at the real issue

  • Stop glorifying a chaiwala... Why don't you all show how they fixed the election. Even you know they would have not won with their tactics

    • Tezz rafter 😂

    • This is something like mumbai won world cup due to ambani😂😂😂

    • Let's glorify dancers

  • *How is it jaadhugari?* 🤔 locals r commenting they don't want RJD

  • Ab beta tum gyaan chodonge

    • tere baap h sare

    • Beta??

  • evm wale rone ke liye a jayegee...

  • Vote cutters😠😠😠🤬🤬🤬

  • Bjp साथ साथ छल कपट का भी सहारा लेना DNA मे है