Bihar Election Results | NDA vs Mahagathbandhan vs EC: The Quint Explains the Political Drama

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 10 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
The Quint's 360° coverage of Bihar Elections 2020 | Even as counting remains underway in the Bihar Assembly polls, RJD has alleged that the Nitish Kumar-led government in the state was intimidating officials and tampering with the results. The Quint's ground report on what's going on in the ground in Patna.
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Video: The Quint
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  • The deadly duo of Gujarati + sitharaman = scam 1992 The deadly duo of Gujarati + sitharaman is back scam 2020??

  • Stop the count make Bihar great again😹😹

  • खिसयानी बिल्ली खम्बा नोचे।।।🤣🤣🤣

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  • The whole day I'm so upset by results

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    • So happy for you

  • India moving closer to Authoritarianism 😐 Soon we really won't be able to differentiate between the lies. The truth won't matter to people. We will all think it's in national interest but there won't be any development, only extremist oppression will then bring people on street & hopefully then we'll finally get that no politician is working for us, we will start looking for reformers but I doubt they will live, they'd be already lynched. Then maybe ppl will start understanding the importance of dissent in this country. Through all this if there is any sector that'll be held accountable in India, that'll be Media. They are not only dancing for their political masters but have also sold their soul, History will judge you the most. Hoping to see the revolution sooner & in our lifetime. 😐

    • @BIBHUTI JENA only?? You know what is election

    • Why this negative thoughts. It is only an election.

    • True brother

  • Bjp jeete toh evm hack Wah re Wah.

  • How long till you provide subtitles?

  • Aur vaaccine se bhra truck abhi hi Bihar ki taraf muda

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  • Laalu ke londe chor h

  • Abe bewkoof..... Kyu apni hansi bnwa rha hai...

  • NDA wins 2020 bihar elections; To those cribbing about EVM tampering; When BJP/NDA Lost DELHI/RAJASTHAN/CHATISHGARH There was no issue with EVM's then is it; Heights of hypocrisy of some

  • Disappointed with results 🤧

    • @Vartika Krishna 😂😂tume koi oppose kare tho it cell wa bhai you seem to be a kiddo because you have the same rant

    • @PROUD HINDU paise fekne ka kaam toh bjp walo ka hai, advertisement mein ek saal mein 700 crore..aur tere jaise berojgar it cell walo pe bhi

    • @Anirudh K the problem with these people is they think being lefistist irrespective of wrong or right,is cool .

    • @Vartika Krishna 😂😂 nachaya ga to ak tu je aur paisa be fakega

    • Comment section mein bhakt zyada aa gye because godi media bas modi modi karta rehta...tum saare gadhe quint pe kya kare re ho😂😂

  • Sab golmaal!

    • @S Parekar Brother how do you manage time to put so many comments 😳🤣🤣

    • @Inner Soul IT WAS MANOJ JHA OF RJD WHEN HE GAVE HIS THOUGHTS ON RESULTS/TRENDS DURING SOMETIME DURING EVENING, HE STARTED SAYING/CLAIMING NITISH GOVT INTERFERING/INFLUENCING COUNTING, ABOUT THE 119 SEATS TO RJD ON CHART CLAIM TOO; WE ALL( public)SAW IT ON NDTV( thats why I said Jake ndtv dekh), Jab trends Nahi ja rahi thi MGB ke paksh main , Kuch To Bolna Parega Na, Sab Ne complaining Dekhi public nain national TV par( NDTV BIHAR ELECTIONS BROADCAST) RJD was realizing isn't doing well in the rounds at the specific time yesterday

    • @Inner Soul There's a ancient saying- alpa vidya bhayankari( little/half Knowledge is dangerous ); 1)WHY DID I ASK YOU TO WATCH NDTV's bihar elections coverage, 2)CAUSE USME TUMHARE QUESTION KA ANSWER HAI( muje Pata hai kyunkin Maine full day/night ka coverage dekha) 3ISLIYE BATA RAHA THA JAKE DEKH; KI WHY /HOW MODI/BJP /NDA ARE CLAIMING VICTORY when final result isn't out; batata hun SUN- NOON KO JO PRESS CONFERENCE EC NE KYA THA( initial rounds were counted only 20 approx % out of 4 crore were put on EC RESULT SITE) AFTER THE EC PRESS CONFERENCE NDTV REPORTER/ANCHOR DID A 1 ON 1 EXCLUSIVE WITH EC OFFICIAL & ASKED TILL WHEN WE MAY GET A CLEARER PICTURE, EC PEOPLE TOLD LATE EVENING/NIGHT; NDTV PANEL TALKED /CALCULATED THAT BY 8/9PM WHEN 3 ROUNDS ISH MAYBE DONE We will get a clearer picture of the RESULTS (USUALLY AFTER THIS THE TRENDS HOLDS CLOSE TO FINAL RESULTS) THIS IS WHEN BJP/NDA/MODI TWITTED ABOUT THEY WINNING; CAUSE THEN THE SCENARIO OF RESULTS GETS CLEARER ( not major swings/changes in votes/seats) after these rounds of counting

    • @Inner Soul when no facts remain u start calling others fools?; Typical pre set mindset

  • Jeeta to thik aur haara to dhandhli wah re lauru

    • @vansh agarwal those are called silent voters, wo log kuch nhi bolega kisko vote dega bas election k time vote deke aa jayega. Haa Lalu vala baat m bhi manta hu pr isbar lalu thori ladd rha tha CM post k liye, jo bhi kia tejasvi akele kia. Issi liye to log usse zyada troll bhi nhi kr paa rha hai. Rahi baat Nitish ka, log usse vote diye the ye soch k ki wo lalu se acha kam karega. But look at the condition, abhi same hi hai sb kuch bas halka touch up mila hai or log ussi ko development soch rha hai 😅 15 yrs satta pe reh k kya kia fir? Atleast naya kisi ko chance deke dekhta issbar. Fake promises pe hope rakh rha tha to kisi or pe hi hope rakh leta, atleast kuch naya experience milta.

    • @Anirudh K aree bhai bhai bhai ap kehna kya chate ho? 😂🙄 bhai me bihar ka ground reports ka baat kia or ap Karnataka chal gye 😅 dono jagah ka log alag hai, unlog soch bhi alag rai bhi alag. Bihar ka ground reports me zyadatar log RJD k liye chillate hue dikha gya hai, ussi ka basis pe bola. Bihar or Karnataka ka differentiate mat kro bhai 🙏🏻

    • @Wrong Dimension bhai mene jyada exitpolls nhi dekhe pr zee news m mahagathbandhan ko 119 seats batyi thi or shayad 112 seats aayi hi itne bade state m itni seats ka to antar bahut common hai NDA ko 116 btaya tha pr mili 125 hai yha bhi jyada diffrence nhi hai exitpoll or real m M bihar se nhi hu bhai pr mere bahut sare frnds bihar s he or bhai unse suna hai ki lalu k time m vh crime kitna jyada tha to ese m muje nhi lgta vote mila hoga usko Exit polls m to 3000-4000 logo pr suryev kiya jata hai or itne se log ye decide nihi kr skte ki 7 crore voters kya sochte hai

    • @Wrong Dimension toh ja na.....bol na aukad nahi Hain.....

    • @Anirudh K ground reports dekh k bhauk akhand chutiye