Assam-Mizoram Border Dispute: Partial Movement Allowed, No Relief for Locals Yet | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 10 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
#MyReport: While the 12-day blockade caused by the inter-state boundary conflict between #Mizoram and #Assam ended on 9 November, locals in #Aizawl say the problems are far from over. Citizen reporter Embassy Lawbei reports from the capital city.
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  • The mizo people in the comment are so funny 😂




  • ILP happy...stay.

  • hahaha comment ve lo mai ang

  • Aur Bhai agaya swad

  • What a shame... We bought our stuffs... Shame on holding back what belongs to someone else. Assam is not worthy to have national highway running though their lands... What a shame... They can keep whatever belongs to them... But this is some inhuman kind of dick move blocking the national highway and stranding what already belongs to someone else.... What a losers they are... Shameless .. Can't even get my amazon order I made back in early october... We've paid and bought our stuffs... This is insane preposterous and loser move.

  • Hei hi.. mizo channel ami a.. ava ti mak ve.. hetiang em em hi chu kan nilo asin...

  • He tia chhuah hi a trul na pa 1 mah a wm lo....assam dwr twh lo in hmun dang atag a chakkhai lakluh tum mek a ni tir tur zawk lawm tige le video a lang gai lo ag mai mawl deuih2 hi in la wm le....alang ho lah hi ila hmelchhe hlom em2 mai lehghal ah.

  • Heng te chu tihchuah a ngai hleinem, kawngdang kan zawn dan te, kuthnathawh kan uar sawt dan te tih zawk a va tha ve

  • A va han ṭullo ber awm e Zahpuiawm lutuk in sapṭawng thiam dan a uih hle mai a

  • immigrant Vai zawng chhia

  • I dont feel any difficulties or scarcity. As long as i have soft leaves to eat from my homeland, i will never surrender my feeling to bow just for the sake of supplies that does not favour to feed me with love.. Block as long as you want. Before even vehicles were here, we can reach our destination as we have our feet. Spend less, save more... Thank you for teaching us lesson not to need you Assam. You help me learn to stand in my own feet. After all we are brothers an Indians and sisters as North east, even if you dont love us as blood brothers, we see you still as neighbours. Your rudeness long to punish us as you return our hospitality with selfishness..

    • @Lalrammawia Tochhawng happy to know blockade is uplifted source...northeast live channel

    • @amoal kerkar Hahaha. It is right in some ways. But we need to add a little bit more. Mizo has no problems with Assamese, its with illegal.migrant living in Barak valley of Assam state. And O think that the incident is intended to be utilise politicall for upcoming election.

    • assamese :- that is my area mizo:-😤😤😤no that is my area new delhi :-take this🖕 liars...that is my area... i just divided my land into states bcuz of ur culture differences 😂😂😂😂

  • Border problem khu permanent solution a awm ngai lo ang. Central govt tan pawh rem hleihtheih kan nih lohzia hi in chiang tawh lo ami le? Vaiho chuan he video hi an lo hmuh chuan min hrék hlawhtling an inti hle dawn a nih timak mange Kan ram hi a inher zel anga, khawchhak aṭangin châkkhai kan la tawh dawn niawm tak a nih kha. Utube ah tho hian chu kawng thar tur chu buatsaih mup mup a nih dante en tur a awm kha.

  • It's not about Assam and Mizoram Government. Its about a polymaths people of Assam's, all they wanted to do is blocking of the national highway, and movement of all the vehicles who carries daily commodities also but luckily the Mizoram government found another route to get all the necessary very soon. Literally Mizos never giving up to the enemies like who raided their villages and won't be moved their land of an inch also from the enemies, the mizo called themselves as a head hunter.

    • I thought nagas were head hunters

    • @Nick Sangtea i point of view ka man thiam chiah sorry ltk sir 🙏😄😄

    • @Mizo Ralte i hnap anih chu

    • @Nick Sangtea mizo hming pu tlak pawh i nih nek loh hi vai hming in vuah rawh

    • Mizo r not head hunter anymore they r gay hunter

  • Mizos will do business wih neighbouring nations like Bangladesh, Mysnmar. Govt of mizram is looking new

  • Ava thangtlawm thlak ve. Vaiho lawm siam intum emni 😭. Mizo chuan ato/atlawm kan hre vek. Stop sharing, stop of like this video.

    • HA HA HA HA 😂😅🤣😆😅😂

  • Assam is brutal as China. It's seems they forgot their suffering during the Bodoland insurgency

  • Ahma a buai lai tak2 ..kan dik na saptrwng poh a swi gam mang silo in tel lo pon kan wm thei tih tur lawm kawng dang a tam ltk tih lrh ve sak tur lawm

  • Tiang hi chhuah vak agailo assam ho chuan min hmusit leh zual sauih dwn nih hi tel lo poh kan wm thei tih ve tur lwm neppp hlom ltk...

  • 0:43 ka duh nu

  • Helicopter delivery

  • Avatulhranloe ram RI ah tekhan lzuhkalturalawm maniram timualphona a Ka ngai in Beng bar mahmah Kan har SA Kan hri tilan kher angailo ahma a Vai tawng alet Der silo

  • Assam is the same with other neighbors state they always take lands..they are more like China..

    • @Mizo Ralte okkk if u know they are foreigner than why are u blaming Assam and saying they are making problem with every neighboring states. Tell foreigner from Assam are making problem why use Assam

    • @Suraj debbarma assam and tripura are occupied with foreigners thats the point, pure assamese are not in barak valley most of them are illigal immigrants

    • Same goes with Mizoram I hope u know Tripura- Mizoram boarder dispute.

  • It's not Assam vs Mizoram clash..... It is rather Mizoram vs Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants clash Decide whom u r rooting for...(Mizos or Bangladeshis)

    • Economic blockade will continue until you retreat back to original position along with IRP force and maintain status quo.

    • @Nizam Uddin Uddin you know that staying at foreign country without permission is illegal just use your small brain

    • @Nizam Uddin Uddin assam also intrefear in this sitution illigal banga or Rohingya back up by assam corupted politician ...n try to take oir land fuckkk offff

    • @Nizam Uddin Uddin we do not discriminate in giving people jobs....maby we should start doing so.....

    • So why Mizoram looking for Bangladesh help?

  • Good to see Quint focussing on NorthEast issues.... Now waiting for mainstream Medias to cover