An Early Diwali for Kamala Harris’ Ancestral Village in Tamil Nadu | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 9 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Thulasendrapuram in Tamil Nadu's Tiruvarur district is the village where Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris’ grandfather was born. The small village celebrated her win with firecrackers, pujas and beautiful rangolis, and takes pride in playing a small role in getting USA its first woman vice-president.
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  • My own Tamils, none of you are reason for her victory there. So let's not over react. 😂

  • Koi matalb nhi oh nhi manti indian apne aap ko

  • She dont even care. And these poor people are celebrating with their heart

    • You dont have an Idea of a Tamilians heart.. wherever they are they will remember their language and native place. Kamala has already proved it by visiting Chennai many times, and mentioning the Tamil word "Chithi" in her speech.

  • Modi sarkar & Kamala are actually cousin even they are not genetically related... Modi sarkar will increase budget for Tamilnadu starting next week.

  • Supported her till she started making dosas🤦

  • I hope she watches this at true sense she should visit her village...

  • what an irony lol not just these Tamil villagers but I can see lots of leftists and pseudo feminists celebrating kama's win as some achievement of women empowerment in the world calm down guys it took 2020 years for America to prove their women empowerment and give some recognization wherein India since the time of dawn our women lead this country, queens ruled kingdoms, waged wars, become prime minister in 1996, president in 2007 and more on we were and are ahead of the west in all ways and it's the colonial mindset that invaders left within us and the leftist's influence is making things complicated. we need to look at our identity and acknowledge it, this shows how we still see the west white world as spurious than us despite we have been great!! move on our president is Ram nath kovind and prime mister is modi chill

  • lol....jockers

  • Wait a minute 🤔???

  • 🤮🤮... idiots

  • Overaction politicians

  • bruhhh movement

  • The media doesn’t call it

  • Does she even care

  • They are celebrating for no reason. Lol

  • Biden is not president elect yet!! The votes are still being counted. Quit spreading fake news.

  • LndBhakat before US election : biden is blah blah blah and was not takin about Kamala. But now after Biden won. Kamala became bharat ki beti for lndbhakats and bjp lmao

    • Here Bhakths are the villagers who are mere opportunist, who are trying to get some name. They wouldn't have done this drama if she would have lost.

  • Haris trump harney ke baad yaad ayi aur desi hogai Sonia Gandhi videshi rahgayi wah

    • @Bala Tnx for correcting, you're right.

    • They are opportunist villagers, nothing more.

  • Let's naccho 🎼🎶

  • I'm the first

    • @S Y Who is this new S Y 😃😃

    • i am second 😂