Acting is a High-Risk Profession, Like Working At a Hospital: Saif| The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 11 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
Saif Ali Khan is back to work and so is his better half Kareena Kapoor Khan. Talking about balancing home and work during pandemic the actor tells The Quint how getting back on film sets is extremely risky. "You know actors can't wear masks and film set is a very dangerous environment. But most people I have worked with have made really big efforts. People are trying their best but it's still dangerous. These are very tricky times and I feel actors definitely deserve credit for this"
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  • what a person...... even calling him stupid or idiot or no brainer feels like insult of those words...... how can he even compare....... did he ever work or enter in a covid hospital.... did he even know the struggle the pain that every doctor and hospital staff goes through..... kareena after her arrogant words in an interview and I understood she just have money and last name kapoor. now I understand both are same just money, family wealth and no brain.....

  • I pity his innocence

  • Shut up Saif. You are just acting, not saving lives. 😏

  • hm...just wanted to say LUN MERA

  • No Saif, working in that hazmat suit for hours and hours, not being able to go to the toilet or eat for hours, leaving your family at home to save others lives, isn't the same as your place where you get priveleged access to all things luxurious and regular checks. Please get off the high horse and jump back to reality.

  • I completely agree What kind of nonsense is this They have so many people working for them and they live a super privileged life... Living in a castle with servants they should be ashamed to ask for credit... Workers walked for their life 1000s of kms hungry thirsty and completely exposed they deserve 100 times more sympathy than these guys

  • kya chutiyapa he..actors are paid like a lifetimes salary of a nurse salary for just one movie..pls quint dont lower ur standards by all these.

  • We are in a film 🙂

  • What a jerk 😒

  • But medical student have to work hard to become a doctor ....I have seen those books they carry 😂😂😂

  • No one pays you crores of rupees while working in hospital

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Quint Kitna badava donhe nepotism ko

  • Acting is not a High Risk profession the crew behind the frames are at Risk not the actors. Doctors profession is highly risk due to present circumstances, So please don't do this ridiculous comparison.

  • How disrespectful to all the frontline workers who have lost their lives in this pandemic. It seems that saif suffers from delusional self-importance

  • What a tone deaf comment, he is so disattached from society. And you guys, the quint, went ahead and made that your video title. *slow claps*

  • You stayed calmed because you had big piggy bank saved Wasted ...... Ohhhh ..... Kuch bhi Fine start working in hospital ..... We don't mind atleast people will get to know how to give CPR and many more Difference is u people can take best treatment will all your money 😉😉

  • Maro isse maro 😂😂😂 not mujhe haan isse

    • @DR GURNEET KAUR ARORA Arere abhi dekha aap doctor ho? Tho 4 aur maarenge aapke liye

    • @s Y humour 🙏👍

    • Good one 🤣🤣

  • 😤🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱 *Watching few Bollywood movies* are highly *risky for us*

  • not when u r from a film family, u get ur next film b4 ur debut one releasesthat too without talent

  • We live in a so politically correct world where even a filmstar is equalled to a Doctor. Doctors will always be superior.

  • Stop trolling him guys.. he meant film crew comes across different people everyday and u never know who is infected or not... being a doctor, I din feel it offensive. He never meant to take credits away from the doctors context.

    • It's understandable to everyone here but no one should compare this way. Even people working in MNC's work with 100's of colleagues who r on rotation but no comparison ever with doctors & garbage collectors. Period

  • This intelligent charming man has all my heart .. saifu 😍

    • @s Y 😂😂

    • Just heart haa, don't share your brain

  • Anpadh hypocrite

  • We resuscitate patients ( needs close contact..)we examine patients..that needs close contact sets have 100’s of people but it is not like you go on touching people.. I love you Saif but please aag main ghee mat daalo☹️😐😑

    • @Meghna K Lol, I was supporting you. You put long statement but his silly statement didn't deserve it I meant 😒😒

    • @s Y I shared my experience! Do you have a problem with that?

    • Why such explaination? Even people in MNC's are working in 100's with rotation but no comparison with doctors

  • Good, he said this @The Quint. There won't be much views, hence he is safe..

  • NCB please look into this I think he is high af😂

  • I am not asking u to work but for one day just be in covid icu in PPE people hooked up with all kind of pipes n wires.....just observe.....u will miss your risky ac van

  • Bakwasss

  • He's right, working conditions in Bollywood are very un-Saif.

    • Gajab ka aadmi hai ye

  • Is this funny or plain stupid 😂 Docs deal with ill people day n night n they can not sit at home though Actors can sit at home.

  • I am not against working but kareena should not attend those family get togethers and party during pregnancy.

  • Dude Saif after that statement even your name can't keep you Safe :p

    • Good one

  • Abey dimag ghutno nai hy kya???? Frontline to aise kah raha hy jaise war lad raha hy!

  • Is he drunk ?

  • Forgive my French but this 'Chutiya' has gone senile.

    • 🤯😱 *Forgive my dumbnes* as I thought Doctors in ICU & garbage collectors during pandmic r at risk

  • Issko bhejo covid patients ki dhek bhaal karne mei..phir bheje mei thoda braincells aeyga

  • Wat risk.. He is an ambassador for all alcoholic brands.. Promoting shit n taking credits for other ppl on set is wat he does.. Everyone is at risk not jst actors who have their own vanity vans!

  • 199th view.

  • Half briyani

  • Ya right. Do actors make decisions on their own over a few seconds' time? Without retakes.? What are you tryna prove??

    • Without retakes yup

  • What? 😂 he must be high. My thanks and love to all the amazing people who actually risk their lives for us everyday, especially during this insane pandemic.

    • @Joyously Joyful Yes, no one needs to try, they r exposing themselves🤣

    • @s Y Exactly. I dunno what he's doing 😂😂😅 bollywood actors and actresses have seemed to slowly been going nuts during this pandemic. They've said dumb things before but damn...this is something else.

    • Apparently doctors working in ICU during pandemic r at less risk

  • Dumb

  • Please dont compare it to people working at hospitals especially with the background of promoting Something not good for health.

    • Please don't expect logic

  • Lol how can someone say something so stupid? How many actors lost their life fighting on the frontline with covid? NONE!

    • He is comparing both of them in context of COVId-19. Just like doctors are vulnerable to the disease the movie actors on film sets are also contracting Coronavirus. It is surprising that how many stupids are up-voting your comment.

    • I thought doctors in ICU during pandemic r at risk.

    • Arnab gauswami jailed due to covid

    • Exactly

  • Stay safe!

  • Films aren't a necessity... Hospitals are one of the biggest necessities... Pls don't do such stupid comparisons

    • @Wisdom Goblet You're spamming every where defending him. Must be a hardcore fan but what he said even in a casual manner is utter disgusting, period.

    • @Wisdom Goblet DOCTORS specially the NEW INTERNS are forced to work for 16 hours straight in that suffocating PPE with a extremely meagre salary of roughly 15-25 k per month. And Saif if asking us to give credit to the actors like WTF man? They actors themselves get paid a hefty amount and no body is asking them to go and shoot! The country won’t collapse if they don’t go and shoot their films but the country will if the DOCTORS stop going for work!

    • ​@Goat Khandige Saif was roughly/casually talking about the matter. He was not "absolutely" measuring the extent of contracting COVID-19.

    • @Wisdom Goblet Even in the context of Covid, doctors are at a much greater risk. In hospitals doctors are exposed to all types of patients and almost all the covid doctors come in contact with infected ppl. These ppl first of all produce third class films and they are in contact with ppl who have less chance of being infected

    • He is comparing both of them in context of COVId-19. Just like doctors are vulnerable to the disease, the movie actors on film sets are also contracting Coronavirus. It is surprising that how many stupids are up-voting your comment.

  • RIP Saif Ali Khan with this dumb stupid comment 🤣🤣

  • lol

  • & acting in Bollywood is life risking these days..

    • 🤣🤣👌 watching some of their movies are life risking for us.

  • 1st view

    • So how much u won?

  • No. No it isn't. No.