A Timeline of Rohit Sharma’s 'Injury' Controversy & The Many Unanswered Questions | The Quint

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 14 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
How does an ‘injured’ player recover and play 3 matches for his IPL franchise but then is deemed not fit enough by the BCCI to even travel with his team for an international series, just days later?
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  • Correction required : Test series starts on Dec 17 not 11

  • Because of kohli and Ravi piyakkad

  • Politics

  • Triggered Shittu Sharma fans 😂😂

  • Rohit is included in the matches in which Virat is not playing. Virat and Rohit doesnt want to share the pitch. So kohli decides to drop Rohit. Taking undue advantage of his captaincy and also making KL Rahul the VC of the Indian team. Bad Politics by Virat and BCCI.

  • Quint my Salam to you for bringing this intense matter in the public with facts..

  • Should be rohit play

  • He's out of squad because Rise of Rohit is not good for Someone's brand value 💲

  • Is virat trying to destroy rohit's career? Rohit himself said that he is absolutely fine. Still no place for him in limited overs squad where is at his best. But added to test squad where he is not that sure that too in australia... Smelling something?

  • IPL is important than all series combined in the Indian Cricket Calendar

    • 😠😠😠

  • VK managed to replace the Head coach of India Anil Kumble just for maintaining his dominance in decision making , Taking rid of Rohit Sharma would be a easy fuzzy for him

  • IPL is the most competitive tournament of cricket ever , so as a cricketer , who would want to miss best captain of the league in the playoff matches , It's like resting Ricky Ponting in the world cup final .. So Hell yeah Rohit playing Playoffs inspite of hamstring was important

  • Kohli is scared of losing his odi and T20 captaincy

  • U media create controversies. No other better work. And the genius idiots in the comments will blame kohli etc. . 😂

  • Rohit has clearly overshadowed virat in the limited overs format , so he's trying to get him out of the team just like he did to rahane and many other skilled players

  • Whatever the controversy is....he is the best batsman in the world ...

  • Rohit added in the test squad now Kohli isn't playing last 3 test matches pulled out himself from those last 3 test matches. what is going on between them Kohli doesn't want to play with him in the same team(India).

  • I think the same thing will happen with Rohit what happened with viru and Dada 😥 History is repeating 😭

    • @sauron2000000 yes

    • Viru aur Dada ka form khatam tha.

    • Yap, virus and dada ka form nahin tha

  • I think Kohli doesn't want Rohit in the team.

  • Rohit Sharma was removed intentionally from white ball as he became strong contender to be Captain

  • Paise ka chakkar babu bhaiya, paise ka chakkar

  • But I still as long as dhoni was there he tried to bridge between kohli and Rohit but now something is not right I hope they get together or else the ultimate loser will only be indian cricket 🙏

  • Who all want rohit-warner trophy🤣🤣

  • Think he dint clear the yo yo Test ...

    • Yo yo test didn't happen in 2020 because of covid

    • @Lohitha Gandham no Saha was injured in an match of SRH

    • Even saha must haven't cleared it too

  • Ipl is always fishy

  • take captaincy back from kohli and give it to rohit

  • we want dhoni back in odi

  • Kolhi BURNING hevely inside by seeing HITMAN with 🎉🏆5 IPL🏆🎊,, KOLHI NEVER WON ANY MAJOR TROPHY FROM 4YEARS NOT EVEN ☕ CUP for india..

  • Vk is scared of Rohit's success He thinks Rohit will take over his captaincy

    • 😂😂

    • No assumptions please

  • Kohli doesn't want him in one day t20 team. There is a rift between two and that's playing out in the open now

    • @Saumit Mandal bro but this is my observation Dhoni could have retired much before 2019 world cup but I think when he was there he made sure kohli and Rohit do not fight much But now with him gone I think the rift between them increased With mumbai winning 5 th cup it seems to have increased pressure on kohli

    • For now, the stature Rohit has built....not even Kohli can remove him even if he wants to. Rohit doesn't look like..but, even he is a powerhouse of Indian cricket team.

    • @Rakesh Donthi Mike hesson is still in RCB I'm a dhoni fan pls don't spread hate against kohli

    • Kohli himself grown soo powerful, remember how he removed anil kumble and also rejected Mike hesson,Tom moody and gave a commentator Ravi Shastri to coach team india.

    • Yes, there is no transparency from the BCCI on this or any other matter

  • If Rohit was captain of Indian team Surya and ishan would have definitely made into the Indian team

    • @Rakesh Donthi he will very soon just wait and watch

    • @Praful PaCMaN no my friend ishan has performed whenever he has got the chance

    • Rohit > Kohli

    • This is only season ishan performed.

    • Ishan wouldn't have

  • Virat and shastri politics in India team . Rohit Sharma the legend king of cricket god of

  • rohit Sharma the legend king of cricket god of cricket

  • I think he has fitness issues. He looks a bit bulky and that wont help in big australian grounds, especially in test matches. May be he is given time to recover to play the test matches later.

    • @s s that was a rumour bro. He himself tweeted after passing yo yo test that it was his first attempt n few news channels were spreading wrong information.

    • @Sai Yash check Google . It was in news. Not recent though. Later he cleared.

    • @s s when rohit failed yo yo test?

    • @s s but he cleared the last yo yo test in 2019 and his slip catching is Good

    • maybe he himself might have said that he needed some rest after ipl and will join the team for tests.......well cricketers do take breaks rit ?.....so maybe............

  • Either ganguly or virat may not be interested to add rohit sharma in aus team

    • It's Virat, duh. All the past two months of IPL, everybody was shitting on him while praising Rohit. Definitely got to his nerves

    • Yes

  • Her reporting is very fresh and upbeat. Unlike the other boring ones. 👍👍👍👍

  • Its true Rohit is being rested....maybe its just an excuse to give chance to young talents or experiment new combinations idk. I feel a player always wants to play for the team and because Rohit wanted to lead Mumbai indians from the front even after repeated warnng that he might get injured maybe BCCI got upset and made him out of the list. Even evry1 is chattering abt that dual captaincy thing so maybe BCCI did'nt wanted people to talk abt Rohit while Virat was on field. We even know things are not good between Virat and Rohit. Lets see what happens.

    • They want mayank hes from Karnataka and sunil joshi chief selector is also from krntka

  • He might end up like, Gambir in indian team..

    • Gambit attitude was rubbish .., Rohit is a humble man....

  • something fishy going in BCCI

    • It's all Virat. He is getting his vengeance with him because he hates being compared to Rohit

    • @ as that divider in chief Amit shahs son is heading the BCCI. Everything will be fishy... no doubt about it...

  • Why does this "news" matter so much? Is it worth reporting this elaborately?

    • It’s way better than the political junk on this channel, although it’s overdramatised, this segment was still worthwhile

    • Yes

    • Well don't bother to watch if you think so, for me it is worth it.

    • Kavya,BCCI &indian coaches is planning to spoil Rohit Sharma unnecessary.virat kohli &shastri are jealous of Rohit sharma who has better records against Australia

    • Yes